Who Makes AC Pro Air Conditioners?

If you’re thinking of buying an air conditioner of your own, but don’t have any specific clue on which ac is the best, then fear not! Since the beginning of modern technology, many brands of hvac have emerged into the flow. But if I talk about stability- AC Pro comes first.

So, who makes AC Pro air conditioners? Lennox, the multinational brand situated in Northern AMerica manufactures these air conditioners. This very brand is rebranded as AC Pro in Southern California, Southern Nevada and parts of Arizona.

In this article, we will talk about the origin, outcome and your choice of features regarding this AC. So, stay tuned to be updated.

Who Makes AC Pro Air Conditioners?

AC Pro started off as a side business in 1984 and crossed out all the limitations and got into today’s competitive marketplace with 30 years of experience. Now, Lennox has acquired the company and works as their official owner group.

The first CEO and owner Dion began this journey as a mechanical insulation company. Soon after, he brought it in a new form of only hvac unit that included- furnaces, pipes, insulation gadgets and so on.

Each of the items listed by them are all best selling products of the last decade. The owner gives profound supervision to the fledgling entrepreneurs so that there is no scope for faulty environment.But from the start till these 40 long years, AC Pro has worked on only one motto- the user friendly feature for customers.

About the AC Pro Air Conditioners Manufacturer

Dave Lennox founded the very popular company Lennox which was first known as the Lennox Furnace Co. It was just a cold- way establishment that took off its weary way in between the 1800s to 1965.

In the midst, Dave also tried to give the company a subsidiary of lawn and garden equipment. They introduced a crawler tractor named- Lennox Kitty Track 600.  But it did not go well with the hype and eventually, Lennox was sold to Worthington Industries.

Then in 1973, luck turned for Lennox after acquiring commercial refrigeration products from several branded firms like-  Heatcraft, including the Larkin, Bohn, Chandler, and Climate Control. Standing in 2022, Lennox has achieved the place among first ten hvac units of USA.

Where is The AC Pro Air Conditioner Manufactured?

All in all, AC Pro has not one, infact 2 manufacturing plants for their hvac equipment. Their first plant is located at Fontana, California and second one is at the famous county Las Vegas.

The main strategy behind establishing these 2 plants was to combine the manufacturing process. As AC Pro has a lot of custom made metal products to deliver its better to keep a close connection between the two.

Another advantage the owner thinks of is their new policy of “next day delivery” and pick- up choices. Bothe of the locations enhance this policy and ensure a quick delivery to satisfy the customers.

Lennox Vs. AC Pro- Which One Should You Buy?

In terms of usage and durability, both of the brands have a quite famous stand in the marketplace. But as a buyer, you must know what feature you need before you decide on a specific one. Following are some attributes that work as catalysts-

Energy Efficiency

Lennox is a better option here as it offers google assistant and Alexa both. Then again, if you are looking for better customer service, it’s surely the AC pro air conditioners.

Lennox ac’s have dehumidifier, and inverter technology. You can get this feature in any size starting from 1 ton. However, AC Pro air conditioners have a special feature of anti- viral filters apart from those, which surely is the basic need of every household now.


One faulty feature that you’ll find in Lennox is that- they still use the copper coiled condensers. Though all the other companies are emerging day by day, this very brand still lacks in this topic.

But for AC Pro, you can expect a longer activity in terms of condensers as they offer aluminum coils on their infrastructure.


Lennox air conditioners come in different ranges from 14 SEER to 26 SEER. So, their pricing varies quite a bit as the specialities change. On an usual note, the price fluctuates in between $3000 to $7500.

Now for AC Pro, you will get the Ac’s at a lower price. Such as- 1.5 tons is not more than $2000, and even bigger ones come quite in an affordable range. But you can choose your AC Pro one that goes up to 24 SEER too.

Why Should You Buy an AC Pro Air Conditioner?

As I have already talked about why and why you should not buy these ac’s, it’s high time I pointed out some reasons behind it. Here’s why-

  • The outer structure is made with galvanized steel, mostly with stainless to maintain a precise protection from hazardous ambience.
  • A unique louvered cabinet to provide extra safety to the condenser.
  • The compressors are made with a sound blanket to reduce noise in your room.
  • Offers dehumidifier and anti- viral filters.
  • Comes in a cost- effective price (student- friendly too!).
  • 10 to 12 years of warranty on different parts of the Air conditioners.

How Long Does The AC Pro Air Conditioner Work?

If you take proper care of your AC units, none of the ac’s of any brand would last less than a year- be it AC Pro or Lenno. Though the additional features like- heating capacity or auto- cleaning procedure might make a difference, it’s kind of the same for all.

However, AC Pro air conditioners have a general warranty of 10 years on their limited parts. But after initial installation of 1 year, this warranty period is prolonged to 30 more days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who makes the AC Pro brand?

Lennox is their sole manufacturer.

How long does it take for AC Pro to work?

Normally it takes 5 to 6 days. But not more than 2 weeks at best.

Where are AC Pro air conditioners made?

They have 2 plants in California and Nevada.


First, I want you to remember that it’s just an informative post to help you choose your preferable AC unit. Now you may be wondering, “How can a single post trigger me towards a brand?”

Well, I am going to tell you that yes, this one article is not enough. But more than enough if you know who makes AC Pro air conditioners. If you have any more questions, do let me know!


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