Do you Know Who Makes Airtemp Air Conditioners?

Remember the time when you were struggling to buy an AC with efficiency and affordability both but couldn’t find any? Well, I also have been on that part. To get rid of that situation, today I am here to introduce you to the recent best with 4.8 rating- Airtemp Air Conditioners.

But who makes Airtemp Air Conditioners? As of now, Nortek company manufactures Airtemp HVAC products. They produce the gadgets and R.E. Michel Co. Inc. sells those as the retailer mainly.

Don’t worry if you are still confused. I am here to walk you through all your confusions and queries. So, let’s get into it!

Who Makes Airtemp Air Conditioners?

In 2022, Nortek makes the Airtemp products and those are marketed by R.E. Michel Co. Since 2012, they have been doing this job with manufacturing- heat pumps, oil furnaces, coils and air handlers.

Charles Neeson was the founder and later CEO of Airtemp corporation that got its name through Chrysler Engineers. They were the first at that time of 1935 and 1936 who started making coolers for railroad cars. But because of some miscommunication, it ended up being AC’s in 1938.

Feddders also got the authority for some time after 1975, but it was Nortek who claimed ownership in the early 2000’s. Now, Airtemp stands as one of the most popular yet affordable HVAC companies in the USA.

About the Manufacturer

Nortek Global, also known as Nordyne is a manufacturer of Heating, cooling and Furnaces providers. In 1919, when the air pollution got so drastic at St. Louis, that was the time when the founder of Nortek Global started this company.

Their first challenge was to build something that might relieve the city people a bit- as villagers refused to offer any wood to them. From that time, it started off as an Oil Heating Company and finally ended up as a popular HVAC name throughout the world.

Now, they have a great association with brands like- Maytag, Frigidaire, Gibson, Intertherm, Reznon and many others. In 2002, they introduced SmartLite® technology to enhance their product durability. Their recent 23 SEER hallmark also got huge in the eyes of the HVAC industry.

Where is Airtemp Air Conditioner Manufactured?

Airtemp is mainly based in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. So, most of the HVAC equipment is made there. But recently, the owner Jorge Habib announced that he will have another branch in Florida, USA. So, the USA might be another manufacturing plant too.

For the tremendous performance since the last ten years, AIrtemp has remarkably gained a huge place in the Northern part of America. It is named as the Volkswagen provider of AC units for its high revenue of the last 5 years. It talks a lot how careful they are about their production!

Jorge also said that their new location in Bay County, Florida would be an open place for the customers who are still confused about their products. Working firmly in locations like- Port Panama city, BayEDA, and CareerSource, the company is now dedicated to expanding branches worldwide.

What is The Most Common Problem with Airtemp Air Conditioners?

Well, recently, there has been news of Airtemp having problems in its heat pump systems. I am not saying it’s false but the way you handle it might get on your nerves. In their low voltage circuit, some customers are having a short.

So, what’s the solution? The solution is really simple. Here’s the deal:

  • First, check the voltage if it’s below 24. Check across G and common and see if it’s showing any weird number rather than 24. If the answer is yes, then there is a short on the low voltage side.
  • Now, go to the back part and check the contractors for the electric heat kit. Most of the time, the coil of the left one goes really low and that’s why it cannot energize the right one.
  • After being sure of the coil voltage, unhook the coil of the specific contractor that is causing a heat problem. Then adjust a new one onto that and check the voltage of both gadgets.

Hopefully, this will be the end of your problem! However, this is not an Airtemp problem- it can happen with any heating equipment. But if you are new into this field, I would suggest you not to do it alone, hire a technician instead.

Airtemp Vs. Goodman: Which One is Better?

Both of the brands are famous for their efficiency and brand value. But if you need to see the differences, here are the specifications-


It is a split- system Air Conditioner system with 2 available models. Their AC’s have the best refreshing air with Micr- channel coil to provide you with the best ambience. Their prices vary between $1300 and $2700.


Goodman offers more than 5 styles with different high- efficiency features. It has high- efficiency compressors to offer you a good and comfortable home. But if you are on a tight budget, you can skip this one.

Is Airtemp Air Conditioner Worth Your Expectations?

If we talk about qualities, Airtemp would surely offer a bunch of attributes to choose from. First, it has more than 20 years of experience in this industry with a couple of awards on its list.

Moreover, their retrofit services offer the customers a wide range of networks in 30 locations. It proves how dedicated they are to you! And not to mention, Airtemp has 10 years of warranty as well as affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the warranty period of Airtemp?

10 years.

Who is Airtemp made by?

Nortek is the owner and R.E. Michel provides the marketer.

Where is Airtemp headquartered?

Yucatan, Mexico.


As a seeker of best Air conditioners it’s really important to know the above features. That was all from my part then. If you need to know anything more on who makes Airtemp Air Conditioners, let me know soon.


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