Who Makes Allied Air Conditioners? Detailed Brand Information

When you see an entire business depended on hiring talents and still see it growing, you can’t question any trust issues, right? Yes, I’m talking about Allied AC units. And when you have reached its intro art, you are surely on the right page.

Who makes Allied air conditioners? Lennox International Inc. is the sole owner and manufacturer of this company. The brand provides several models of compact residential and commercial Air conditioners with the highest warranty available.

In this article, I’ll be talking about the origin, headquarter and its relative queries. So, if you are on the same page like me, don’t hesitate to dive in!

Who Makes Allied Air Conditioners?

Lennox International, also known as “LII” has now all the authority of Allied air conditioners. Allied is a subsidiary of Lennox who provides all types of Heating and Cooling equipment for them. 

Allied comes combinely as 7 brands namely-  Armstrong Air™, AirEase®, Concord®, Ducane™, Allied™, Allied Commercial™ and Magic-Pak®. They have popularity mostly in North America,more specifically in New York. It works on its private plants but mostly, Allied depends on distant retailers as they believe in them.

They have 5 branches across Northern part of USA where their built- in materials and talented engineers trigger the manufacturing strategy. When Lennox acquired Allied, they believed in their supremacy and that decision made them one of the highest AC units of today.

About the Allied Air Conditioners Manufacturer

When anyone talks about HVAC industry, they can never skip Lennox from their list as the most trustworthy as well as global brand. Lennox started its journey in 1895 with the famous Dave Lennox, the founder and former CEO. It has an S & P 400 index which is largely followed throughout the US.

After a drastic change of ownership in 1904, the company tried its luck in garden, lawn mower industry. But in 1971, its gas cylinder division was bought by Worthington and Lennox remained in HVAC only. As of now, it has acquired brands like- Kysor, Heatcraft, Chandler etc.

Lennox International Inc. is headquartered at Richardson, Texas, USA. With more than 12000 employees, this building materials and HVAC company now operates in more than 5 areas throughout the Northern part.It has 3 divisions- Residential HVAC, Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration.

Where are Allied Air Conditioners Made?

Allied Air is mainly headquartered in West Columbia, S.C., and is a subsidiary group of Lennox International. Their manufacturing area is profoundly located at Orangeburg, in the midst of S.C., where all types of HVAC products are made.

For last 16 years, this county is the main producing plant for the Heating and Cooling equipment of Allied Air. So, they are a welcome project for South Carolina and about 3 new brands of that area has already gotten into business with them!

The CEO has also announced plans to open 2 new plants for manufacturing projects as they are struggling to meet the customer needs. As per his perception, their company would look forward to finding allies in the Southern area now as it is their origin.

Is Allied Part of Lennox?

Yes, Allied Air is a part and divisional area of Lennox as the company was sold to them quite a few years ago. Both of them work differently but their main equipment and motto is the same- growing HVAC units.

Here’s how it gets clear-

  1. Lennox is mainly popular in North America, its broad origin area. In contrast, Allied Air is located in South Carolina.
  2. All the gadgets that Allied Air makes go straight for the recommendation of Lennox and they also get a huge percentage on the sales too.

So, Allied is surely a part of them, but it has its own land of production with specific tendencies.

What is the Standard Warranty for Allied Air?

Allied Air offers you a great warranty period on covered, uncovered and extended parts. But they also have a caution list on why and how they would serve you those offers. Following are the parts where you can claim warranty-

Compressor and Covered Parts

Compressor is the sole triggering of an Air Conditioner and Allied Air gives you a 5 year warranty on that note. If you are installing it in your residential area, then your warranty period starts from the day of your original buying.

Then the covered parts and gadgets have a warranty of 1 year. During this time, if you get a defective product or part as a result of manufacturing problems, you will get a free return of your products.

Heat Exchanger & Extended Parts

It again depends if the exchanger is covered or not. For the covered heat exchanger, you will get a 20 year warranty. But you need to verify the original date, otherwise the warranty will start after 6 months after the given date.

Remember, the LF24 model is excluded from this area as its infrastructure is quite different. For the extended parts, you can claim a 5 year warranty.

Are Allied Air Conditioners Good?

Allied Air always trusts on quality rather than convenience. Their “No- Compromise” rule in terms of appointing technicians and engineers guarantees on that. You still might be wondering about making a decision- and it’s fine.

Here’s how you can trust on Allied Air-

  • Easy installation of furnace, regulator and compressor.
  • Professional technicians with years of experience.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Competitive in terms of pricing, yet in budget.
  • Highest rated HVAC company in NW suburbs and Chicago.
  • Warranty comes in at least 1 year to maximum 50 years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who makes Allied Air?

Lennox International Inc.

How do I check my Allied HVAC equipment warranty?

Go to the website and you’ll find the details.

Is Allied commercial the same as Lennox?

It is a subsidiary group of Lennox but both have different areas to serve.


Allied Enterprise is surely a broad company to summarize in a single article. But I have done my utmost research to bring you the most demandable results whenever you think about who makes Allied Air Conditioners.

So, stay well and stay with Allied!


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