Who Makes Amana Air Conditioners?

When you’ve repeatedly been upset with the durability of your AC units, and given up your expectations, this is your preferable article. When it comes to warranty, none can compete with the mighty Amana brand. And I am here to talk every inch of it!

Who makes Amana Air conditioners? Daikin Industries Ltd., the parent company to Goodman, is the sole manufacturer of Amana products. Since 1997, the company has been producing Amana goods in their headquarters and in 2 more centers in the USA.

In this article, I’ll walk you through all the possible queries you might have regarding this brand and its subsidiaries. Be on this page if you’re also an automotive freak like me!

Who Makes Amana Air Conditioners?

The Amana brand was acquired by Goodman in 1997. Then in 2001, Maytag got the ownership from Goodman. Lastly, the Daikin Industries bought Amana and now, all their products are made by them only.

Amana started as a side- by- side refrigerator company in 1949. Gradually, it became the entrepreneur of Deep freezers, HVAC units and revolutionary tubular heat exchanger. With more than 90 years of experience in this industry, Amana still continues its legacy worldwide.

About the Manufacturer

Daikin Industries is a Japanese company who expertise in HVAC gadgets. It is headquartered in Osaka and has almost 10 branches in the world including – Middle east, Latin America, India,Australia, US etc.

Akira Yamada, the founder of Daikin established the company in 1924. At present, the CEO is Masanori Togawa who is operating about 84,870 employees now in 2022. They are also the inventors of Variable Refrigerant Flow who introduced split systems in the HVAC era.

Daikin Texas Industrial park is their newest invention which is also the fifth largest plant since 2017. After acquiring African factories in 2006, it now deals with Eastern countries too. As of now, Daikin stands as the most renowned HVAC company to have the highest customer satisfaction.

How Can You Find Out The Exact Air Conditioner Size in Amana?

If you are all set to buy an AC, but you are not sure about the size, trust me, all your efforts are in vain. To get a precise amount of cooling technology within your room area, it’s really important to know the perfect size. Following are some sizes of Amana Ac’s where it gets better-

1.5 Tons

In general, 1.5 ton Ac is a great choice for a room sizing up to 160 sq ft. In terms of Amana, it offers you both inverter and split technology, especially if you are buying a window one. According to the Energy Efficiency Ratio, 1.5 ton is a cool option for the industrial areas too.

The tonnage rating of these Ac’s go up and down depending on the inverter speed. So, initially, this size takes a huge credit on saving your money!

3 Tons

As I have already discussed about 1.5 tons and 2 tons, now the question might arrive- why would you go for a 3 ton if other ones are good enough? Well, if you have a real big house with 1800 or even 2000 sq ft of space, my suggestion is to go for this one.

Though the area can be covered with a 2 ton AC, when you have an additional garage, you would mind not having a separate AC unit there. It also saves you from extra cooling installation that helps in durability further.

5 Tons

5 tons AC’s generally cover a huge area of almost 3000 sqft. Having about 60,000 BTU, you can expect at least 10 years of warranty from Amana in this regard. It is also suitable for less power usage like- 4.45- 4.35kW.

But remember, this is the highest limit of AC if you calculate from the initial sizes. So, it might cost you more than your expected budget. Then again, if you are thinking of durability, there is no second call on Amana!

Does an Old Amana AC Consume More Electricity as It Ages?

Well, it depends on the energy efficiency parameter and compressor whether to expect a durable lifetime or not. But as time passes by, it’s true that most of the AC units (including Amana) become less energy efficient. Here are the reasons-

Compressor Failure

Most of the time, it’s the compressor that gets halfway done towards your extra electricity bill. After about 10 to 12 years, its efficiency gets slower and it takes double the electricity than earlier.

Though depending on the usage it can be less or more, but most commonly, its the main component used in compressors and condensers that creates the problem.

Introducing Newer Technology

This failure was not even a topic before introducing the newest HVAC technologies. The newer technologies like in Samsung or Gree gives a tough competition to these earlier ones. You can change the compressor in time if you want to have a better result.

But then again, newer ones come with additional tactics!

Should You Buy an Amana Air Conditioner?

If you are a new- bee in the HVAC market, then Amana is not a good option. Amana comes with a good option of AC models, but each with specific instructions on error codes and settings. So, using it for the first time can cause problems.

For example- Amana AC’s get troublesome in cooling when the room temperature goes beyond 40 degree fahrenheit. Also,the setting system is also a bit tricky. But other than that, you will get the longest 10 years warranty in any of the Amana AC- it surely talks a lot about the answer!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Amana the same as whirlpool?

No, but Whirpool does produce some HVAC products under Amana.

How long is the lifetime of Amana AC’s?

About 10 years.

Who manufactures Amana?

Daikin Industries Ltd.

Where is Amana AC manufactured?

In Houston, Texas.

Are Goodman and Amana air conditioners the same?

To say precisely, yes. As Goodman bought Amana in 1997, I can say Goodman is the parent company.


That was all about Amana Air Conditioners and its relevant topics. It was all from my experience- to say briefly. So, if you want to know anything apart from who makes Amana Air Conditioners, do let me know in the comment section.

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