Who Makes American Standard Air Conditioners?

If I ask you your choosing technique regarding any AC’s, can you reply in just one sentence? Most probably not. This technique includes all the steps from its origin to customer review. But in the case of American Standard Ac, you can trust blindly once you’re done reading this article!

Who makes American Standard air conditioners? Trane, the most common name that goes with American, is the subsidiary company who made products for American standards until 2018. But now, Ingersoll Rand has taken over both of them.

I will be taking you to the most confusing areas of this typical brand to let you know the ultimate facts. Stay with me and ask your questions if you are not satisfied.

Who Makes American Standard Air Conditioners?

The robust Ingersoll Rand acquired American Standard in 2019. They relaunched it in a new way and since then, IRis the only manufacturer of American Standard. Not only that, both of the companies share the same plants and employees within the US and overseas.

As the main headquarters of American Standard is situated in Texas, most of their works are planted towards the Northern part. At present, they have 4 main offices and dealers in North Florida.  A report says that Ingersoll spent $10.1 billion to buy these 2 companies.

They have like 1000 employees all over the world and 120 years of experience to handle these. Each of them has an engineering background with a huge level of experience. If you check their customer reviews, you’ll see how clearly you can trust the brand.

About the IRis

Ingersoll Rand, also now known as Trane Technologies, has emerged from a minimal drill company to today’s one of the popular brands of industrial phenomenon. It was founded in 1871 by Simon Ingersoll and introduced the world’s first electronic motor.

From the very first time, Ingersoll was known to be a name with inventory ideas. Following that trend, IR acquired several companies and became a multinational hype near the early 2000s. Now, the company has 2 branches of work- Industrial and Science Technologies.

Ingersoll opened its partnership with Gardner Denver recently and announced to erase its earlier name. Now, the company is known as Trane Technologies under which the Rand products, Trane elements and American Standard equipment are produced.

Where are American Standard Air Conditioners Made?

American Standard Air conditioners are manufactured in Tyler, Texas. Though they have more than 4 dealers in Florida and quite more in the Southern areas, it still seems quite less for a company like them. Not to mention, Trane and American Standard share the same plant.

Apart from their main office atTexas, American Standard also has plants in New Jersey, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida, and Missouri. They produce their equipment in 3 lines- Platinum (where the best products are delivered), Gold (these products are better but not best), and Silver (the minimal ones).

The Platinum ones have their own Climatuff Compressor whereas the silver products own a Copeland compressor. As per the reports of US News and World, American Standard is rated as 3.6 out of 5.

What are The American Standard Air Conditioner Prices?

Pricing is a mandatory factor when you are out buying your hvac equipment. And more importantly, if it’s Air conditioners, then it is a must without any hesitation.

Generally, an average American AC would range between $2500 to $3000. But it also depends on its furnaces or pumps too.

Gas Furnace Unit

  • American Standard S8B1 – $3400 to  $5000
  • American Standard S9X1– $4500 to $7000
  • American Standard S8X1- $3400 to $5000
  • American Standard S9X2- $5000 to $8000

Heat Pump Unit

  • American Standard Silver 14- $5500 to $8000
  • American Standard Silver 15– $6500 to $8600
  • American Standard Silver 16– $6,800 to $9,600
  • American Standard Gold 17– $8,400-11,600

Here, Silver means a good AC with minimum range, and silver means a better one with higher facilities.

How Long Does an American Standard Air Conditioner Last?

It normally lasts upto 15 years, and even 20 years sometimes. Also, when you buy an air conditioner from the inhouse store or from any dealer, you will get a registration form to fill up. After completing the steps written on the form, you will get your warranty for a specific time.

But this warranty period would start 60 days after the installation. Following are the warranty options-

Base Limited Warranty

If any fault occurs from the manufacturer’s part, this warranty ensures to offer you a replacement free of cost. But it does not include the labor costs. It continues to last up to 5 years.

Registered Limited Warranty

It is an advanced method that works if you register your product within 60 days of installation. This warranty would cover any defective parts up to 10 years of buying.

Other Extension

If you are not satisfied with the earlier 2 options and want something that would include all the additional costs, this is the ultimate way for you. But to extend the warranty period and claim this one, you need to check out their regulations .

Should You Buy an American Standard Air Conditioner?

If you want a suggestion on why you need an American AC, I won’t suggest it directly. Yes, there remain some problems with this brand, such as- they sometimes fail to uphold the quality control standards of Trane, motors freeze up and are prone to leaks.

But Goodman or Coleman is just the same too! So, if you are really into buying, consider the following facts of this Standard brand-

  1. These AC’s do not create any unnecessary noise or does not produce any hazardous gas that affects your health.
  2. Offers lowered energy consumption. Runs at a capacity higher than 70%.
  3. Rust resistant coating helps the ac last for a longer time.
  4. The AC’s come with spin fin coil construction for added durability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is the American Standard the same as Trane?

Yes, they both are the same company with the same manufacturing plants.

Is American Standard a good AC brand?

For sure as it stands among the top 5 brands of AC.

How long do American Standard AC units last?

Nearly 20 years.

Final Words

That was all for today’s part. Don’t forget to let me know your queries on who makes American Standard air conditioners! Stay tuned for our new updates.


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