Who Makes Carrier Air Conditioner?

If you look for the list of hvac companies that has been on the market for more than a 100 years, Carrier would come first. Carrier is a USA based company with expertise in residential and commercial cooling products.

But who makes Carrier air conditioners? Well, it’s none other than United Technology Corporation. As per the confidential reports, UTC acquired Carrier in July of 1979. With that, UTC got the ownership of Carrier, as well as its subsidiaries like- Payne or ICP.

In this article, I’ll talk more on Carrier hvac products and their usage. My article would also provide you with an insight on whether or not to buy any air conditioner from Carrier. So, stay tuned!

Who Makes Carrier Air Conditioners?

United Technologies Corporation or UTC is the sole owner and manufacturer of the Carrier hvac products. Among several items of Carrier, such as- furnaces, heat pumps, coolers and air conditioners, the most demandable one is the ac’s.

Carrier was founded in 1915 by Willis Carrier. Initially, the owner did all the manufacturing procedures at Syracuse, New York. Then gradually, it started to serve almost 170 countries and became a multinational sensation within next 50 years.

Carrier manufactures some common yet unique products like- fire & security, ventilation, cooling, refrigerators etc. with the help of more than 56000 employees. In 2020, the company had a revenue of $17.46 billion that itself says why it’s the best choice for anyone.

About the Manufacturer

United Technologies Corportaion is mainly known for its aerospace manufacturing plants and the world- class centre of research. It is also a great military contractor in the United States with an origin of aircraft machineries. Pratt & Whitney founded it in 1925.

The brand was a hit since their establishment but as any other companies, it also lost its popularity near the mid 1970’s. After witnessing a massive change in their profit, Pratt & Whitney decided to change its vision from aircraft to hvac.

In 1975, United Aircraft changed its name to Unted Technologies after buying all the Otis elevator. Then in 1983, UTC acquired Carrier and started its most successful journey towards air conditioners. Till now, it is considered as one of the most privileged companies with highest hvac equipment.

Where are Carrier Air Conditioners Made?

Carrier started its hvac journey with a view to controlling humidity within a printing press. Having that in mind, Carrier produced the first ever commercial air conditioner. At that time, it was known as Carrier Engineering company who used to make their products at Texas.

However, Carrier’s headquarter is situated at Colliersville, Tenn. So, most of their products like- Heat pumps, coolers, furnaces are now manufactred in that county. But for air conditioners, Carrier prefer Indianapolis, Indiana county as the humidity suits well there.

Recently, the CEO of Carrier announced that they would be transferring their Indiana plant to Mexico. The reason is that- most of the ingridients that Carrier use for air conditioners are ordered from Northern part of Mexico. So, moving there would be a safe option for them.

Which is Better Trane or Carrier?

Trane and Carrier both are decent hvac companies with a hefty price tag. But as the debate goes on, I must give you an idea on which one should be your prefererence.

Following are some differences regarding the two-

  1. Energy Efficiency : Carrier offers mostly 21 SEER air conditioners that gets high mark for reliability too.

But Trane can only give you an SEER rating up to 20.

  1. Energy Star Certified : Carrier ac’s are Star Energy rated, and some with plus. So, you can get tax credits for buying a Carrier air conditioner.

You’ll get same type of quality in Trane- Energy certified precisely.

  1. Affordability: Carrier has budget units that are more affordable.

Trane air conditioners are pricey, but they are self- made. Whereas Carrier offers price according to the companies they acquire.

  1. Warranty : Carrier covers a lot of the parts for the first few years, but not labor and refrigerant. Carrier does have a two year warranty on labor, but not on all types.

On the other hand, Trane’s warranty lasts a lot longer, and parts like compressor are actually under warranty for extra two years!

  1. Sound level : Some of the Carrier two stage air conditioners might as well be mislabeled single stage ac’s, as the second stage often fails to vary its speed. It makes the whole thing louder than it has to be.

But Trane air conditioners are built just the opposite to offer longevity and these ac’s are exceptionally calm.

Is Carrier Air Conditioner a Good Brand?

Whether a brand is good or not depends on the usage of the customers. Also, it depends on the situation where you’ll buy it. With no doubt, carrier is a famous global brand with 100 years of experience, but if you don’t know its features yet- that’s of no use.

Here are some reasons why I call Carrier the best-

Inverter Rotary Compressor

This type of compressors are much more energy efficient in comparison to normal air compressors. You’ll get a cleaner air with quiet ambience. But you need to cope up with the high initial cost and special maintenance cost with it.

Hybridjet Technology

In this technology, you can enjoy the fatsest indoor cooling method. Carrier has introduced this technology first in the Northern world, now known as- 4 in 1 inverter. It also helps to keep a balance with variable speed and power.

Refregerant Leakage Detector

It is a common scenerio to experience sudden sound change or extra electricity bill at home. Most of the time, it happens because of the leakage of your air conditioner. The recent model that Carrier launched the previous year solves this issue with leakage detector.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Carrier AC made in China?

No, Carrier is an American brand.

What is the warranty of Carrier air conditioners?

10 years on limited parts.

Does Carrier use aluminium coils?

Yes, and these coils help them ensure their durability.


That was all from my part on who makes Carrier air conditioners. But as I told earlier, this might not be enough to make a decision. So, if you want to know anything else, do let me know!

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