Who Makes Crosley Refrigerators? What You Need to Know

When you are in search of a trusted brand for home appliances and found one that remains in the history since the 1st world war, you can’t look for other options. To talk about that, Crosley is the only company that is said to be the “first” in American history.

Being in the industry for quite a long time does imply a lot of trusts. But still, if you don’t know who makes Crosley refrigerators or motors then it’s really hard to keep on that trust. Well, you don’t have to worry as I am with you now.

Let’s dive into the article and answer your quest.

Who Makes Crosley Refrigerators?

Crosley products, especially the refrigerators are made by several companies but mostly the 3 musketeers- Fedders, LG, and Maytag. As of 2014, appliances aren’t provided in any specific stores and you can only buy them through a community of 3,000 independent merchants.

Stoves, air conditioners, manufactured refrigerators, freezers, laundry appliances, and dishwashers are among the appliances offered by Crosley. It is a non-profit community of independent vendors. Salvador and Conservator were the brands that were used to promote the appliances.

The Crosley brand name went out of business in 1956 but was revived in 1976 by the new Crosley Corporation.

About the Manufacturer (Crosley Appliances History)


  • Company name- Crosley Corporation.
  • Manufacturer- LG, Maytag, Fedders and more.
  • Established- 1956
  • Warranty- 10 years

Powel Crosley Jr. made his money in the automotive parts and accessories sector, before diversifying into manufacturing various consumer products and Crosley automobiles in the 1920s and 1930s. His company grew to become the world’s largest radio manufacturer in 1925.

In 1946 Crosley resumed production of compact and subcompact vehicles at its facility in Marion, Indiana On July 3, 1952, the last Crosley automobile went off the assembly line, and the business shifted its focus to other, more profitable ventures that included ownership to LG, Maytag, and Fedders.


LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics firm located in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea. LG Electronics is a part of LG Corporation, the fourth-largest chaebol in South Korea. It is frequently viewed as the pinnacle of LG Corp with the group’s chemical and battery branch LG Chem.

Home entertainment, mobile communications, home appliances & air solutions, and vehicle components are the four business units. LG Electronics acquired Zenith in 1995 and is the largest shareholder of LG Display. It marked the world’s largest display company by revenue in 2020.


Fedders is an American manufacturer of refrigerators, air conditioners, and other air-conditioning equipment. Fedders is located in the Basking Ridge portion of Bernards Township in Somerset County, New Jersey, and was founded by Theodore Fedders in 1896.

Fedders was started in 1896 by Theodore Fedder as a producer of milk cans, bread pans, and kerosene tanks. The firm began making room air conditioners in 1946. The Fedders trademark is owned by Fedders Quigan Corp., an American corporation.


Frederick Maytag, a businessman, created the Maytag Company in 1893. In 1925, Maytag Washing Machine Company became Maytag, Inc. From 1926 until his death in 1940, Frederick’s son Elmer Henry Maytag served as the company’s president.

Maytag modified the vested lifetime benefits of Maytag retirees on January 1, 2009. There is a lawsuit pending in the Southern District Court of Iowa where Whirlpool has asked for permission to change the UAW bargained benefits.

Regardless of the outcome of the litigation, the benefits in question were altered.

Where are Crosley Refrigerators Made?

Crosley corporation is an electronic manufacturing company that has its only headquarter in Louisville, Kentucky. The current Crosley first offered turntables in 1992. Crosley is now a leading marketer of turntables, radios, refrigerators, and jukeboxes in the United States.

Crosley receives a mediocre excellent rating for owner satisfaction. This Rate Queen agitator top-loader was rated as one of the best cleaners in our tests.

Are Crosley and GE the Same?

No, they are not the same company. GE has recently been included with Crosley but as a different name.

GE Appliances, part of Haier, has engaged in a deal to produce private-label refrigerators, upright freezers, chest freezers, dishwashers, gas, and electric free-standing stoves, and front-load laundry machines for Crosley Corp., distributor of Crosley-branded appliances.

GE Appliances will supply items under the Crosley Professional, Crosley, and Conservator brands as part of this agreement. These will be available at U.S. shops.

Is Crosley Made in America?

Crosley, America’s iconic manufacturer, has a long history of quality and innovation and from the early dates, they are made in the USA. They proudly provide our only branded appliances to over 3,000 independent retailers across North America.

It is regarded as one of the most dependable refrigerator brands in the United States. Broadly considered a great-value manufacturer, the corporation offers a wide choice of machines at price points that won’t prompt you to turn out your pockets.

Is Crosley a Good Refrigerator Company?

Crosley appliances come with a 10-year limited guarantee, which is one of the best in the business. Both labor and parts are covered for the first year of warranty coverage. Crosley covers years 2-10 exclusively, covering the cost of parts for their entire line of appliances.

This is an impressive warranty period, especially given the low cost of Crosley appliances.

You may feel certain that if you do require Crosley repair, the downtime will be minimal. Replacement parts are readily available in our experience. Within three days, you can receive special-order parts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who manufactures Crosley Refrigerators?

LG, Maytag, and Fedders are the most prominent owners of Crosley who provide their appliances.

Where to buy Crosley refrigerators?

There are 300 merchants from where you can buy these refrigerators.

What is the warranty of the Crosley Refrigerator?

The company gives you a warranty of 10 years straight.


Crosley is one of the longest-lasting brands in the home appliance industry. And now as GE is now owned by the corporation, it’s obvious that these two names come out on top for any compatibility.

I have talked almost all the ins and outs about Crosley regarding who makes Crosley refrigerators. Now it’s your turn to think and make a decision.


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