Who Makes Goodman Air Conditioners? Things You Need to Know

Goodman stands as the 3rd ranked AC unit among the HVAC brands in 2021. This statement surely talks a lot about the purpose of this article. But to elaborate on that note- do you know who makes Goodman air conditioners?

Some of you may know, and some of you may not. More importantly, have you questioned yourself where these AC’s are manufactured? If not, this is the time you should.

This article is not only about which AC is perfect for you, but it’s on why you need to make the perfect decision for your Air conditioner choice. Stay in the article to find out every detail.

Who Makes Goodman Air Conditioners?

Goodman used to make their household products themselves until 2011. But in 2012, the renowned company Daikin Industries Limited bought them and has been producing the Goodman series since then. Daikin revolutionizes the HVAC industry to the best value in today’s market.

Daikin Limited or DIL is a globally famous company standing as a Fortune 1000 company. Since 2012, the founder Herald V. Goodman has started growing the Goodman industry from Texas and now it has more than 10 branches. They provide high-quality and unique products at a low cost to maintain their fame.

Committing themselves to excellence and goodness, Daikin Industries Limited now stands as the sole owner of Goodman. The owner also announced to go on with this partnership for another decade.

About the Goodman Air Conditioners Manufacturer


  • Company Name- Goodman
  • Headquarter- Houston, Texas
  • Established- 1954
  • Manufacturer- Daikin Industries Ltd

Daikin Limited is the founder of Goodman HVAC company and they established it in 1954. Their business was firstly focused on only the Houston and Texas area but later it spread out worldwide. At the near end of 1960, the brand became one of the most popular names in the USA.

 In late 1975, the founder of Daikin, Horald, started their HVAC exploration. Their first partnership was with Goodman that focused on air conditioners, air duct and plastic blades. But in 1982, the company came into light only because of their AC products.

However, their Texas technology park made history when Goodman’s parent company kept its Global commitment. It was the largest investment of Daikin that opened the door of a new facility in 2016. Today, about 10000 employees work in their Texas office.

Are Trane and Goodman the Same Company?

When people talk about HVAC products, all they think of is Carrier, Rheem, Lennox. But as the brands tend to offer a higher budget, commoners are still confused to buy. So, the next best option they get is Trane and Goodman.

Judging from the present perspective, both of the brands offer some great market values. People have a misconception that both of the brands fall under the same company- but it’s not. If I talk about SEER, cooling capacity and compression quality, both of the brands stand differently.

SEER ranks Trane as a basic performer whereas Goodman shows a better outcome with 18 to 19 range. Goodman also outnames Trane in terms of cooling method or variability in fans. But Trane surely stands at the top in terms of compressor- be it single, two stage or more.

Where are Goodman AC Units Made?

The Goodman brand of heating and cooling products was founded by Harold v and is one of the first ISO Certified brands in America. Having 4 + stars in 5, people’s trust seems to be reflected in this very company. For their expertise in the HVAC sector and taking in hand every production responsibility, this brand is now a “Name”.

Their main office is located outside the center of Texas. The 4.2M square feet office is the main Technology park from where their cooling, heating and other HVAC gadgets are manufactured. It is now the largest building in the USA that works as an HVAC core center.

Other than the production, this building also takes care of the logistics, quality, Engineering and efficiency. The company manufactures their products here and distributes them thoroughly in Northern America.

Are Goodman Ac Units Energy Efficient?

In this 21st century, everything is so surely available except from the quality you are looking for. Same goes for the HVAC products- you will find many but still would be confused. To go with the safest option, I would suggest you to go with Goodman.

 There is not one but quite a few reasons why you can blindly trust them-

  1. Firstly, the brand has won many awards and ISO 9001 and 14001 certified authority is surely one of its finery. ISO is an internationally recognised and independent source of declaring the best product. So, you do have a chance!
  1. Secondly, when most of the HVAC companies were busy investing outside their capital, Goodman gave a huge effort and invested $400M in their local office. That office in Houston is now known to be the largest HVAC office in the US.
  2. Goodman offers a handful of experienced technicians who are best at heat transferring method, cooling system and Ac maintenance. They also offer free consultation anytime you need.

These are just a few reasons to think once more. You can also check out their official site for a more detailed idea.

How Long Will a Goodman AC Last?

Goodman offers several warranty periods based on which product you’re buying. In general, their offer ranges between- 2 years, 10 years, 20 years and lifetime. From the laser customer reviews, you can expect a lifetime of 10 to 15 years.

For the compressors, you can claim a lifetime warranty, Lifetime heat Exchange warranty for 2 years, Replacement of any parts for 20 years and 10 years of warranty for parts.

All you need to do is register on their site while buying the products. But if you’re from Quebec or California, you don’t need an online registration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where to buy Goodman AC units?

You can buy on Amazon or Panasonic, but best to seek the local dealers.

How much are Goodman Ac units?

Its price ranges from $3188 to $4275.

How long do Goodman Air conditioners last?

At least 10 to 15 years.

Final Words

It’s never easy to make a decision based on a single article. But as you know who makes Good Air conditioners now, I hope it would help you on that note.

You can ask for anything if you are confused. That’s all for today, stay safe!


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