Things You Didn’t Know About Who Makes Lennox Air Conditioners

Lennox is a family owned company with more than 120 years of experience in the hvac field.  It is a common name in heating, ventilation and cooling industries for sure. With more than 20 subsidiary companies, Lennox stands as the best brand in North America.

But one question that always remains unanswered is- Who makes Lennox air conditioners? Lennox International, the parent company of Lennox International Inc, is the owner of Lennox air conditioner. The brand single handedly maintains all the production procedures.

In this article, I will walk you through all the possible queries you might have regarding this topic. You can question me later too if you remember anything more! Stay with me till the end to get all your answers thoroughly.

Who Makes Lennox Air Conditioners?

Lennox is a big name in the heating and cooling industry. They are not only popular for their infrastructure, but also for not letting their origin be sold. So, Lennox International, the main branch which is Iowa- based, makes all the hvac products for them.

Earlier, for almost 104 years, Lennox went on with their jobs as a private company. But this year on 29 july, they offered $8.5 million to have a share at New York Stock exchange and became a public company onwards.

Though the company started off as a climate control gadget company, gradually, it paved the way to hvac equipment. Mainly, it is a Texas based company with a global reputation. Currently, Lennox has more than 12000 employees with several branches worldwide.

About the Manufacturer

Founded in 1895, Dave Lennox was the first owner of this very brand. The company started as a general building materials supplier. But as per the reports, they have built 4 different sections of hvac- residential, commercial, and commercial refrigeration.

Ezra William Smith and Ernest Bryant were the inventors at the initial stage for this company. But their idea was to build a steel coal- fired furnace and enter into the steel industry. That’s when Dave Lennox established his Lennox Furnace Co.

During the mid 1960’s, Dave also tried to enter into the lawn and mower phase. But it didn’t work out well due to a breakage in partnership. However, the famous Lennox Kitty Track 600 was a great outcome of it. Lennox offers 3 types of ac’s to their customers- Elite, Dave lennox Signature and Merit series.

Where are Lennox Air Conditioners Made?

Lennox had its first headquarter in Marshalltown, Lowa when it was founded by dave lennox. After selling it to DW Norris, the company had a different shape along with several different manufacturing plants. Now, it has 4 plants all over the USA.

Earlier, Lennox had its main manufacturing plant in Columbus, Ohio. But it was closed due to some miscommunication in 1994. Then their main Armstrong plant was established in Bellevue but this one also collapsed in 2008.

Currently, their main plant remains in Marshalltown, lowa where the company manufactures their furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners. For the coils and air handlers, they use their Mississippi plant. And for the Merit series, Lennox prefers Coahuila, a Mexican location.

Is Lennox Better than Trane?

Trane and Lennox are neck and neck in terms of sales. Lennox sold around $3 billion worth last year, whereas Trane sold nearly a bit less. The main reason behind this was their excessive pricing.

Apart from the affordability, there are also some reasons to choose Lennox. Here’s why:

  • If you compare units of the same tonnage, Trane air conditioners are much more expensive. Their price ranges between $6000 to $8000. But for Lennox, their ac units are a bit cheaper.
  • Trane air conditioners are much louder, clocking in at 76 decibels. It is like doubling the sound of dishwashers. In contrast, if you want a quiet and energy efficient air conditioner, the Signature series of Lennox with 62 decibels is your best option.
  • Lennox air conditioners are more energy efficient. They offer you 18 SEER mostly whereas Trane only offers 13 to 14 SEER.
  • Finally, the stage operations like- single- stage or double- stage criteria is very important for an ac. On that note, Lennox offers multipurpose stages for operation. But Trane limitedly offers this point.

Are Lennox Air Conditioners Worth the Money?

Hvac equipment is a major investment all property owners must make at least once in their lifetime. The decision can be overwhelming for some. One of the most well- known brands in air conditioners has been Lennox. Is it worth the extra money to get a trusted name?

Low Noise Operation

This one is among the smartest features of air conditioners. It sometimes include- automatic reminders, energy saving mode and intelligent cooling too. When I say low-sounding ac, what I mean is the sound range within 53 to 60 decibels. And, Lennox perfectly goes on with that.

Humidity Control

Dehumidification or humidity control is a main point when you’re all set to buy an ac. It profoundly grasps less amount of oil and thus, saves your energy.

If you need a warmer ambience, the air conditioner would automatically set the thermostat higher or lower depending on the weather conditioner.


The price range starts from $2300 that itself says why and how it can lower your buying cost. Moreover, the company has a criteria of 3 types of air conditioners to make it easier for the customers to choose.

So, without any doubt, you can go on with Lennox for at least 15 to 20 years.

What is The Warranty Period of Lennox Air Conditioner?

As I have told earlier, Lennox has 3 arenas of air conditioners- Merit series, Elite series and Lennox Signature series. For the Signature collection, you’ll get a 10 years of warranty on covered equipment, and compressors. Then for a heat exchanger, you can have 20 years of warranty.

But for the Merit and Elite series, you can only claim 5 years of warranty on all parts and 20 years of warranty for heat exchangers. The good news is, this warranty period does not require any registration. You just need to follow the company’s rules and you’re done!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Lennox lifetime warranty?

For heat exchangers, the company has proposed to extend the warranty to lifetime.

Is Lennox a private company?

No, after 104 years, they declared themself as a public company.

Is Lennox made by Carrier?

No, Lennox International makes their own products.


I know that a single article is not enough to get all the information. But I have tried to cover all the queries that you might have regarding who makes Lennox air conditioners. If you want to know anything else, do ask me.


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