Did you Know Who Makes LG Air Conditioners?

LG, or Lucky Goldstar is a famous choice when it comes to refrigerators, right? But if you still don’t know about their Air conditioners and believe in the rumor that it has sold its 90% share, you’re missing the best hvac choice of your life.

Who makes LG air conditioners? LG Electronics USA, Inc.,the main core of LG solely produces their Air conditioners. It is mainly a South- Korean company that started its journey by building the first inverter South- Korean AC.

In this article, I will walk you through the most confusing yet tricky queries regarding these air conditioners. SO, stay tight on your seat and let’s start!

Who Makes LG Air Conditioners?

LG Electronics, based in South- Korea, is the main manufacturer and producer of LG hvac products. The founder Koo in- hwoi, from the very beginning has ensured a technology based office that gained public fame and trust in just a few years.

Recently, the company has opened a new branch outside Atlanta, in the midst of ALPHARETTA. It shows that their US based project is shining towards the bright end and the CEO William Cho has confirmed they are expanding the deal with the US soon.

As for the products, LG specializes in- electronics, information technology, chemicals, power generations and of course telecommunications. Apart from branches in the US, LG has a great supervision of their hvac products in China, and Thailand too.

About the LG Air Conditioners Manufacturer

LG was founded by the first CEO and owner Koo in Hwoi, and started off as Lak Hui chemical group. Koo wanted to try his fortune in the plastic industry and created the “Goldstar” group. Luckily, it went well and both combinely got the name- “Lucky Gold”.

Lucky group used to produce household items like- soap, detergents and house initials. On the other hand, Gold subsidiary got higher and higher popularity by attending plastic equipment, as well as electronics, namely- the first Radio in South Korea.

In 2022, LG got the rank of 5th place in the mobile industry, 2nd in the refrigeration market and 4th as an AC producing brand. It is now an international brand that shares a big market with the US, China, Thailand.

Where are LG Air Conditioners Made?

LG’s main office is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. So, most of their hvac products are manufactured there. But since the last few years, they have opened new plants in the US, China too where 90% of their ac’s are made now.

The mainstream of LG started from 2016 when the revenue was not even near to a billion- seems unrealistic from today’s marketplace no? Towards the 4th quarter in the year of 2021, its home application revenue jumped rapidly and became $5.87 billion.

As a whole, the production value of LG went to 12.21 million in 2021 that was the highest in the last 5 years. After Washing machine, refrigerators, this Air conditioner industry is now leading to becoming the best AC brand of 2022.

LG Vs. Samsung: Which Air Conditioner Should You Buy?

LG and Samsung both of the brands are tech giants and come in the same price in the market. So, a debate between which one is better is surely the talk of the town. More importantly, both of the brands have recently launched their new model with specific features.

Samsung AC

  • Smart inverter compressor.
  • 5 in 1 convertible models.
  • Offers wifi connectivity, and triple protection plus for voltage fluctuations.
  • To enrich your comfort, the Samsung AC’s have an auto cleaning function too.
  • Smart installation and error detection policy with golden coloured copper material.

LG or Lucky Gold AC

  • Dual inverter technology- set it to 100%, 80% or 40% capacity. AI mode is also added in the 6 invert convertible option.
  • Wifi connectivity with 6 in 1 convertible modes.
  • Protection against voltage fluctuations.
  • Error detection, as well low gas detection.
  • 100% copper coating with black colored coating.

What is The Warranty of LG Air Conditioners?

LG air conditioners come in specific models with their own better version from earlier. If you compare the new models to the ones that were launched in the early 2000s, you will see that yourself!

In terms of warranty also the company focused on giving it a new feature. Now, LG gives 3 types of warranty- 1 year, 5 years and 10 years.

1 a year warranty is a comprehensive warranty for the closed parts, 10 years of warranty on the compressor and 5 years warranty for PCB.

Are the LG Air Conditioners Worth Your Expectations?

Nowadays, when anyone talks on LG Air conditioners, they only prefer it as the first brand to offer dual inverter technology. With an auto cleansing and error system, LG is comparable to none. But apart from that, following are some features to rely on:

Dual Rotary Compressor

Compressor is the heart of any Air conditioner. So, the technicians of Lucky Gold focused on that part and launched their dual rotary feature recently.

The main advantage of a rotary compressor is, it can work efficiently in high and low temperatures. It also improves the rotation mode and torque of the AC’s by saving up to 70%.

Fastest Cooling

Another great feature of this AC is, you can set your AC temperature to the option of “Himalayan cooling” and it will cool your room within 5 to 10 minutes only.

If you check the temperature with a thermo detector, you’ll see the same in any corner of your house.

Gold Fin Condenser

Most often, people get too attached to the indoor capacity that they forget to check the 2nd most important feature- the outdoor.

At LG, you will find Gold fin condenser that ensures your AC is protected from corrode, or rust.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long do LG Ac’s last?

Up to 10 years almost.

Who owns LG air conditioners?

LG Electronics USA, Inc.

Does LG make good air conditioners?

The answer is yes, as they are the top rated hvac manufacturer.

Final Words

That was all from today. If you need to know anything more on who makes LG Air conditioners, do knock me and tell me your confusions. I am always here to make your queries my concern!


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