Who Makes Midea Air Conditioners?

As the world economy is growing faster, pricing gets a long way from a common person’s hand. Emphasizing on that note, home appliances are of great need but seems to slip away from a certain budget range. But you don’t have to worry as Midea is in town!

Do you know who makes Midea air conditioners? Midea group makes their hvac products worldwide, not considering other brands. At present, they make- coolers, heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces and so on.

Stay with me, to go a bit deeper and know the unknown facts.

Who Makes Midea Air Conditioners?

Midea America, a legacy of the Midea group, mainly produces their air conditioners. Though it is a Chinese group, still they prefer to choose the American locations to manufacture air conditioners.

Apart from only Midea products, the company owns several famous brands, namely- Toshiba, Comfee, LittleSwan, Eureka, Colmo etc. So, Midea works as a third- party brand under which the hvac equipment is made by these companies.

About the Manufacturer

He Xiangjian, the Chinese engineer, founded the Midea group in 1968. It started with only CN 5000 that eventually got listed in Shenzhen stock exchange in 2020. After 1980, Midea introduced their first electric fan and instantly got great fame.

That was the time they decided on building hvac materials, especially the air conditioners.  In 2007, the company extended its area to Vietnam- that was their first international sales acquisition.

Till today, Midea has not only become a name for all the common people, but also the owner of hundred famous hvac brands. Lastly, the brand acquired 3 major groups- Toshiba for $477 million, KUKA, and Eureka from Electrolux AB.

Where are Midea Air Conditioners Made?

Midea has been making their air conditioners in their China plant. But recently, they also preferred North Carolina as their second manufacturing area.

Each year, midea almost sells about 65 million air conditioners. For their small appliances like- steamers, blenders or rice cookers, Midea has a total of 3 factories across China. From this branch, the company gets almost a million of revenue each year.

Is Midea Owned by Carrier?

No, Midea is a solely independent brand who makes their own products. But if you are thinking about their Indian branch, then yes. There has been a joint venture of Carrier and Midea as they proceed to build a better relationship in India.

The carrier Midea India has been working jointly since 1902 with 51 countries under their umbrella. As of now, the company has 34 global production and 15000 employees with proper engineering capability.

So, Midea is a free company in China, USA and any other subsidiary countries. But in India, the owner preferred it jointly. Currently, they offer- Carrier room air conditioner, Midea room air conditioner, Midea VRF etc.

Are Midea Air Conditioners Quiet?

Not more than a year ago, there was a hype that Midea air conditioners sell loud models that damage one’s health. Though it’s partly false, still Midea considered the fact and launched their one of the best models- U shaped air conditioners.

The “U” of this series means Ultra quiet. The new feature includes some blockage that reduces noise coming from the outer compressor. Moreover, you can feel the airflow from 20 feet away and not even worry about your health anymore!

Their testing was done according to the safety precautions of ISO 3744. It was proven that U shaped Midea air conditioners are 9 times quieter. As a whole, the series offers 42dB sound which is a lot healthier and better.

Is Midea a Good Brand?

Midea is a world- class brand with more than 100 years of experience. Still, if you want to specify their features, then following are some-

Perfect Packaging

The manufacturer very nicely includes almost everything a person needs to install his/ her product in a standard way. For example- in window ac, they include the mounting bracket, a generous amount of window seal foam, a remote, some side filler foam, and hardware.

Energy Efficiency

Midea also offers an eco home mode through which you can save energy and get cooler air. The cooling capacity comes down to the lowest compared to the other brands. You can enjoy the super mode too to make the compressor work at full power.

Smart Wifi Technology

It is a revolutionary introduction of the Midea group. No other brand gave this feature at the time when Midea came up with it- that too at a reasonable price!

The best part is, if you anyhow lose the remote of this ac, you can easily control it with any smart device.

How Long is Midea Air Conditioner Warranty?

As per the rules of Midea company, they would repair, or replace the parts of your ac’s for free if they are claimed within the warranty period. But the faulty matters must be done from the manufacturer’s part, not by the owner.

They offer warranty on following systems-

  • For split wall mounted system, split duct system and cassette system, Midea offers a 5 years of warranty.
  • For portable air conditioners in residential usage, Midea offers a 2 years of warranty.
  • For dehumidifiers, you will get a 2 years of warranty, and a 1 year warranty for commercial applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who owns Midea Air conditioners?

Midea group owns and manufactures their hvac products.

Is Midea a Chinese company?

Yes, but now they have branches worldwide.

Is Midea own by GE?

No, but Midea is a supplier of the main equipment of GE.


Midea is a huge name in the heating and ventilation era which can never be replaced with any other brands. Once you know the origin behind who makes Midea air conditioners, this popularity becomes more evident.

This was all from my part. If you have any more queries, ask me in the comment section for sure.

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