The Ultimate Guide to Who Makes Payne Air Conditioners

Payne is a family owned company that started its journey as the first one to introduce forced and down- discharged furnaces. Mostly known as the distributor of outdoor equipment, Payne has been succesful in leaving a footstep for all th hvac companies in the USA.

But do you know who makes payne air conditioners? As of now, Carrier is the owner of Payne industries. They started acquiring Payne products with their Heating pumps. But now, Carrier makes almost all the hvac gadgets, including- heating, ac, coolers etc.

In this article, I will be walking you through all the relevant topics regarding Payne air conditioner, its pros and cons, as well as a guide on choosing the best ones. Stay with me to find out your misconceptions!

Who Makes Payne Air Conditioners?

Carrier has got the ownership of Payne in 1974. Not after too long, they started delivering Payne goods under ther name and air conditioner was main among those products. But the good news is, carrier improvised these goods and nearly doubled the revenue.

D.W. Payne was the first CEO as well as founder of the Payne company. They started it when Payne was back in LA, establishing his gravity- type furnaces. After 1932, the company introduced first ever forced- furnaces, and down- discharged furnaces.

In 1950, Payne again brought a new sensation in the hvac market, known as- horizontal forced furnaces. But after a gruesome change in the ownership, Payne sold its authority to Carrier in 1974. Since the, Carrier fulfills all the responsibility to manufacture and deliver Payne ac’s.

About the Payne Air Conditioners Manufacturer

Carrier is a multinational company, mainly based in USA. For more than a century, Carrier has topped the world ranking in terms of hvac products. In 2022, Carrier is marked as the topmost hvac brand in the US, and 350th in the world. Bryant, a subsidiary of it has ranked 2nd position.

Carrier works in 4 categories- Residential hvac, Commercial hvac, Fire & security, and Cold chain. Recently, the company has taken a new initiative named as- Ecohome project.  Under the Inflation Reduction act, this program helps the hvac contractors to reduce their tax credit pressure.

Moreover, the latest partnership of famous athlete  Russell with Carrier brand has created a new era of hvac. As he is a player himself, Russell properly understands the importance of healthy environment that answers why they collaborated. In 2022, Carrier promised to bring new updates to make life easier.

Where are Payne Air Conditioners Made?

Payne is regarded as one of the most affordable air conditioners in the automotive market. Payne was acquired by Carrier in 1974. Initially Payne had its manufacturing plant Los Angels, CA but later on, the company started their consturction in Florida, US.

After 1979, when Untied Technologies Corporation got the ownership, Payne began to manufacture their equipment in Farmington, Connecticut, United States. UTC also as the authority of Otis elevators, Pratt & Whitney engines etc.

For more than 100 years, Payne has been succesful in creating an image of legacy. So there is no doubt in their safety procedures or construction process. However, after Russell collaborated, this trust has nearly double!

Are Payne and Carrier the Same?

No, Payne and carrier are totaly different companies with some specefic characterstics of their own. Though carrier acquired Payne in the 1970’s, the air conditioners of Payne still remains the mainstream of Payne. Following our some reasons why you can’t call them equieanent-


Payne was founded in 1914 that answers its expertise of 100 years. The company offers unmatched energy efficiency with 11- 12.2 ratio. Another feature of Payne is that its sound level is 73 decibeles.

Some of its air conditioners, 17PA17NA for example is a residential air conditioner that got the Energy Star recognition recently. To give it a proper protection from weather calamities the Payne air conditioners have mostly have a tight wire throughout the outer part of the compressor.


If you are looking for an air conditioner with the highest effeiciency and SEER rating then carrier is your first option. This brand offers SEER rating upto 26 with multi- modeled compressors. Its sound quality is lower than Payne ones- 51 decibels.

Carrier air conditioners are inverter- driven, with single, two and variable speed compressors. The best part of these air conditionars that you will get an air purification included with some recently introduced models.

Are Payne Air Conditioners Worth Your Expectations?

There is a misconception among the new hvac owners that Payne air conditioners tend to break down after some years of buying. I’m not saying that Payne would serve you with lifelong warranty, but I assure you that the problems with Payne are repairable.

Here are some reasons why you should rethink about buying a Payne air conditioner.

  • It has been in the hvac market since last 100 years.
  • As the highest rating of air conditioners is the ENERGY STAR certification, almost half of the Payne AC models are ENERGY STAR certified.
  • These air conditionars are very much affordable. The price range is between $2800 to $5500 with installation cost.
  • With a very reasonable price you can get SEER upto 17.

What is The Warranty Period of Payne Air Conditioners

Most of the Payne air conditioners have a limited warranty on parts for 10 years. This warranty is available for furnace and heat pumps to. Other equipments like- compressors, heat exchangers may have a longer time of warranty.

So you can easily trust on their products and be tension free for the next 10 years! Don’t miss the steps they suggest you to take to terms of claiming the warranty!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I know if my AC is still under warranty?

Simply go to the official website of Payne, and look for the warranty information.

Are Payne air conditioners reliable?

Yes, as it maintains decency in terms of offering SEER unite and affordability.

How long is Payne warranty?

The have a limited warranty of 10 years after your installation.


Home is where you find peace, an air conditioner is the equipment that ensures your inner peace. This was all about who makes Payne air conditioners. If you have any more query on this topic don’t hesitate to ask.

For now, just go with my suggestion and think once more about Payne to get your ultimate is!


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