Do you Know Who Makes Premium Levella Refrigerator?

Are you looking to upgrade your life with some quality appliances? I think Premium Levella will be the best brand for that. Levella also has refrigerators that are designed with the modern family in mind. 

It has a sleek design and comes standard with many features that are sure to make your life easier. Though it is an old brand, many people don’t know who makes Premium Levella Refrigerator. Here, I am going to have a closer look at this brand’s refrigerators and answer all these questions that people want to know. So, let’s start.

Who Makes Premium Levella Refrigerator?

Premium Levella makes its own refrigerators as its official website announces itself as the highest quality manufacturer of its refrigerators.

But there is a rumor that the Premium Levella refrigerator is a premium quality appliance made by the well-known French brand, Bauknecht. But it is not confirmed by any side. If we leave the manufacturer of these refrigerators aside, their quality will impress us. 

They have various unique features that set it apart from other refrigerators in the market and make it ideal for those who are looking for a high-quality product. Some of these features include its sleek design, smart functions, and waterless cooling system.

Where Are Premium Levella Refrigerators Made?

As the manufacturer of these refrigerators, the manufacturing place is also not publicly announced by the authority. Levella refrigerators are made in the United States by Levella, a leading manufacturer of high-quality appliances.

Though the manufacturing places are not known to anyone, it is thought that Levella makes all their refrigerators in the main hub of their business. That is in Florida in the USA. This is the business location of this brand according to their official Facebook page.

Who Owns Premium Levella Refrigerator?

Since 1979, the Premium Levella is involved in the appliances manufacturing and sale. Since then, this brand is thought to be the owner of itself. But recently, they announce Precision Trading Corporation as their owner organization. But there is very less evidence that supports this information.

There is some more information about the ownership of this refrigerator brand. According to some sources, celebrity chef Rachael Ray owns this brand. But nobody confirms this remark. 

Are Premium Levella Refrigerators Good?

Now come to the main point of this discussion, because everyone wants to know the quality of their refrigerators. In one word, yes, Premium Levella refrigerators are very good for commercial and domestic uses.

This is a difficult question to answer as the quality of a Premium Levella refrigerator will vary depending on factors such as price and features. That being said, most reviewers seem to recommend that premium Levella refrigerators are reliable and offer great value for the money.

They tend to be more reasonably priced than other brands of high-end refrigerators, and many users say that they have never had any issues with them. Additionally, some people report that these appliances cooling systems are very powerful and able to keep food cold even in high humidity environments.

So, it will be a wise decision to go for the Premium Levella refrigerators. There are some popular models of this brand that are listed below. You may know about them from the links.

Premium Levella Refrigerator Customer Service

Premium Levella is committed to providing excellent customer service, and they want you to be satisfied with your experience. If you have any questions or concerns about your refrigerator or any other aspect of their product line, you may reach out to them.

There are two methods to talk to them about any of your problems or queries. One is a phone call and another one is mailing. You may also ask questions from their official website. Their customer service number is 305 592 4500. The mail address that they use to help customers is

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is Premium Levella Refrigerator Not Cooling?

One common complaint against Premium Levella refrigerator’s cooling system. There might be a problem with the evaporator coils if your fridge is also facing this issue. Try contacting the customer care of this brand for a solution.

Is Premium Levella A Good Brand?

There are so many good things about the Premium Levella brand. There are some bad sides too. But as a brand, it can be said good for better service. The bad are exceptions.


That was all about the manufacturer of Premium Levella refrigerators. Though the whole discussion was full of confusion I tried to give you real and verified information. There is a shortage of sources from which I give you information. Because Premium Levella discloses very low about them.

I hope now you know who makes Premium Levella refrigerators and where are they made. If you are looking for a quality appliance for your family, this brand can be a good choice. Thanks for reading.

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