Who Makes Rheem Air Conditioners: Check This Out Before Buying

When you are back home from a tiring schedule, the first thing you’d look for is your AC. But when you turn it on and need to think twice about why you have bought this, what’s the use of it?

To know and be sure of what you are buying, Rheem is the best choice for an air conditioner. This American brand has been on the verge of electronic pledge for over 10 years and running smoothly till now.

 This article and I will talk about all the important features regarding who makes Rheem AC, their manufacturing process and so on. So, stay tuned.

Who Makes Rheem Air Conditioners?

The sole manufacturer of this brand is Paloma Industries. Rheem operates its products under the name of “Ruud” brand, a secondary company of Paloma. Rheem comes at the first ten names in the American HVAC companies that have been running for over 10 years now.

Their famous products include- water heaters, air conditioners, household finances etc. It is a mid-ranged product that does not serve only a specific group of people like other brands. So, if you are a middle-class person or have a vast budget Rheem would never fail you.

Having about 1,0000 employees till 2021, Rheem is pledged to serve with their utmost dedication.

About the Rheem Air Conditioners Manufacturer


  • Company name- Rheem
  • Headquarters- Atlanta, Georgia
  • Manufacturing areas- Georgia, Middle East
  • Established- 1925

The company was founded by the famous Rheem brothers Richard “R.S” Rheem and Donald “D.L” Rheem. Their origin comes from William. S. Rheem, the retired president of Standard Oil Company Of California. Partnering with Pacific galvanizing, Rheem started acquiring its HVAC production in 1925.

Going through different phases in 1930, 1931 and 1939, Rheem became the largest manufacturer in the USA in 1941. Talking of the air conditioner, its market value was about 16% which dropped to 5% in 2000. At the end of 2008, the United States Department of Energy declared Rheem as the fifth company in order with 12% of market value.

As of 2021 the company has a revenue of US $5 Billion with more than 10000 employees. It is now known as the largest supplier of water heating and A.C tools in the United States.

Where is Rheem Air Conditioner Made?

Rheem products, ranging from plumbing, and heating to cooling methods are all manufactured and generated in the USA. It’s main headquarter is in Atlanta, Georgia and Rheem is a private company of the Rheem brothers.

Rheem mainly serves in Georgia but they have wide domination in the outer part too. For example- the brand regulates its production in North and South America, Australia and the Middle East. It was founded in California and later changed its headquarters in the Atlantic part l.

Rheem works under different names and companies, namely- Rheem, Rheem water, Rheem Air, Ruud etc. So, they do have a wide area of serving, but in different names.

Which is Better: Rheem or Carrier?

Carrier and Rheem are quite similar Air conditioners but not the same. If you stick to the reputation then both are perfect but if you need the quality, make sure to know the differences.

Carrier has a more unique style and design compared to Rheem. It has a better SEER rating too when talking about performance. Nextly, Rheem is more preferable if you are looking for affordability and guarantee.

Rheem air conditioners are easy to find, use, cheaper and don’t need a time to time maintenance. You can also find its subsidiary parts in your nearest markets. So, both are different brands and I would suggest going with Rheem.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Rheem Air Conditioner?

Rheem Air conditioners are known for many reasons and its longevity is surely one of those. Their AC’s generally have a lifetime of 15 years that sometimes go up to 20 years. This time period is longer than any of the HVAC products present in the market.

However, it’s obvious that not only air conditioners but every electronic gadget in the surrounding industry do not have a specific lifetime. It’s the SEER reviews and customer support that claims Rheem to be the highest satisfactory AC. Then to maintain this, the company suggest to-

  1. Clean the coin in time.
  2. Keep the filters cleaned regularly.
  3. Have a proper maintenance service each year.

Is Rheem a Good Air Conditioner Brand?

Rheem is a popular brand in the USA and abroad for many years- that talks about how concerned its owners are about each and every detail. As per their calculation, the brand might have thousands of competitors, but it’s its uniqueness that keeps them alive.

Another best part of Rheem is that they have shown their beauty in the outworld and got many International and national awards in the electronic company. A new addition to that is, their sustainability effort. Every year they create a new format to keep that energy efficient.

With the motto of “A Greater Degree of Good”, Rheem, along with the co-partners are committed to serving with prosperity thoroughly. They have a goal to achieve each and every word of their motto within 2025, and the sustainability report of 2021 surely supports it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who sells Rheem AC parts?

You can get ac parts from Amazon, Walmart and subsidiaries of the Ruud brand.

Is Rheem a good AC system?

Yes, they have different branches in North, South America and have 100 years of experience.

Where are Rheem AC made?

Mainly in Atlanta, Georgia but secondarily in Australia and the Middle East.

Who owns Rheem AC?

Rheem brothers of Paloma Industries own Rheem ac.


Ac is a must, not a fancy need, especially if you live in a summer-based area. In locations like- the USA or Asia or even Eastern parts of the world people ought to have air conditioners.

To help you on that note, I have discussed the important features of Rheem, regarding who makes Rheem Air conditioners. If you still need to know anything, don’t hesitate and ask in the comment section.


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