Who Makes Winia Refrigerators? Should You Buy One?

Electronic suppliers have got their name through the hands of USA properties, but they got distinct fame with South Korean industries. Winia electronics, also known as Daewoo Electronics is a well-known South Korean brand that offers hundreds of home appliances.

Though it has grown since 1971, one question still remains unanswered, “Who makes Winia Refrigerators? Or where are Winia refrigerators made?

Well, your waiting period is over. Let’s dive into the article to satisfy our thirst.

Who Makes Winia Refrigerators?

Winia refrigerators are made formerly by its parent company Daewoo Electronics. Established in 1974, the Daewoo group has launched 100+ products with Winia and refrigerators are surly of a successful one.

The CEO of Daewoo has recently declared to earn the topmost position in the electronics industry by capturing North and South America. Their recent plant in Mexico and Central America symbolizes the exact thing.

As of now, the company has almost increased its sales up to 20% (2022 statistics).

About the Winia Refrigerators Manufacturer


  • Company name- Winia Electronics
  • Manufacturing company- Daewoo Electronics
  • Parent country- South Korea
  • Headquartered- Gangnam- gu, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Established- 1974

Kim Woo-choong created the Daewoo Group in March 1967. He was the son of the Daegu Province Governor. During the 1960s, after the demise of the Syngman Rhee government, the new government of Park Chung Hee intervened to foster growth and development in the country.

In exchange for a company’s political support, it enhanced access to resources and gave protection from competition to the chaebol. The third and fourth of the five-year plans occurred from 1973 to 1981. The country’s workforce was in high demand during this time.

Other countries’ competition began to erode South Korea’s competitive advantage. Consumer electronics, computers, telecommunication devices, construction equipment, buildings, and musical instruments were all created by the Daewoo Group in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Where are Winia Refrigerators Made?

The main headquarter of Winia Electronics is at Gangnam- gu, Seoul, South Korea. But in an interview in 2019, the CEO has declared to have a line of manufacturing properties in Mexico and China too.

The company has always been popular with its manufacturing plans and while distributing the production house, it again becomes evident. Their first plant Gwangju in Korea is now based on manufacturing large and high-end products.

Then their Chinese plants produce relatively small and medium-sized products. And the Mexican plant is rested for serving its USA-focused customers. Till now, Winia electronics have 120 nationwide companies with 11 branches, all over the world.

Is Daewoo Appliance Still in Business?

The Daewoo Group bought Saehan Motor in 1978 and formed Daewoo Motor Co., Ltd., although the Daewoo Motor moniker didn’t emerge until 1983. The Daewoo Motor brand appeared in the UK in 1995. It was the only manufacturer at the time that didn’t use traditional dealerships, instead of owning and operating its own retail network.

It was previously regarded as one of the top ten automotive manufacturers in the world. Due to financial difficulty, Daewoo’s automotive arm, Daewoo Motor, was sold to General Motors in 2001.

The Daewoo nameplate continued in South Korea and Vietnam until 2011. The former Daewoo plants are currently producing GM automobiles for the Asian market.

Winia Refrigerator Review- Are they worth your money?

Winia Refrigerator manual or their cooling system- anything would draw you closer to buying one. Their new 18-cubic-foot refrigerator has lots of storage capacity and movable glass shelves to help with organization. Crisper drawers keep food fresh and crisp while also separating goods!

Energy and Storage Sufficiency

Efforts to cut down on energy usage Electrical usage per cubic foot of usable storage space. With the same annual energy expenditure, Winia fridge models with more storage space may be more energy efficient than one without.

The open shelf and easily adjustable door bins allow you to customize the design to meet your specific needs. The door shelves have been ingeniously created to handle a variety of beverage containers, up to and including gallon-sized containers.

To prolong the freshness of produce and vegetables placed in transparent crisper bins, the temperature and humidity are kept at a constant level. Its Multi Air Flow Cooling system keeps temperatures consistent by uniformly cooling the air space and reaching even the most remote locations.

Temperature Control

To prolong the freshness of produce and vegetables placed in transparent crisper bins, the temperature and humidity are kept at a constant level. Its Multi Air Flow Cooling technology keeps temperatures consistent by uniformly cooling the air space and reaching even the most remote locations.

The installation of a temperature sensor improves performance in a wide range of operating conditions. Fruit and vegetables stay fresher for longer in crisper drawers with humidity control.

Four broad, adjustable door bins and a permanent, full-width lower door bin are perfect for keeping up to a gallon of beverages. Temperatures are kept steady thanks to the Multi Air Flow conditioning system.

What is Winia Refrigerator’s Warranty?

Depending on the model, Winia refrigerator gives you a warranty from 1 year to 10 years. Their recent addition of  LED lighting provides natural lighting via the cooler inside and has a smudge-resistant stainless steel coating that cleans the wind and increases lifetime.

Refrigerator and freezer shelves can be customized too to meet your specific storage requirements. It’s easy to see what’s on dairy shelves because they’re clear and covered, and they also help keep food spreadable.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Which refrigerator brand is reliable?

Based on my experience research, the most Reliable Refrigerator Brands are- GE, Daewoo, Bosch, Whirlpool, KitchenAid.

How long should a Winia refrigerator last?

According to customer reviews, their refrigerators last for about 10 to 20 years.

Are Daewoo fridges still made?

Yes and they now produce air-conditioning units, refrigerators, and washing machines that are distributed globally


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