AC Pro air conditioners and furnaces

Who Makes AC Pro Air Conditioners & Furnaces?

AC Pro air conditioners and furnaces are made by Lennox, a multinational brand based in North America. Lennox acquired AC Pro and now operates it as a subsidiary, with AC Pro HVAC units mainly distributed in Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Arizona markets.

Where Are AC Pro Air Conditioners & Furnaces Made?

AC Pro air conditioners and furnaces are manufactured in two production facilities: one in Fontana, California and another in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Fontana, California: Primarily manufactures gas furnaces and air handlers.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: Focuses on producing packaged systems and light commercial equipment.

The product label typically indicates the origin. However, regardless of the manufacturing location, AC Pro maintains strict quality control standards throughout the process.

AC Pro Brand Overview

OwnerLennox International Inc.
FounderDion Quinn
HeadquartersFontana, California, US

AC Pro HVAC Owner History

The history of AC Pro air conditioning and heating systems began in 1984 when Dion Quinn founded Material Supply Incorporated (MSI), which focused on supply sales. In 20210, MSI refocused to unveil AC Pro in 2010 as a contractor referral service for homeowners. The company also began specializing in pipe and furnace insulation for HVAC contractors.

Recognizing the market demand for quality equipment, AC Pro soon transitioned to distribution, establishing itself as a trusted supplier in the Southwest. Lennox International Inc. eventually purchased the AC Pro brand and the company now operates as a Lennox subsidiary.

Today, AC Pro remains a family-owned company, still led by Dion Quinn and his wife, Petra. They emphasize strong relationships with contractors and customer service, reflecting their long-standing industry experience.

What Kind of HVAC Systems Does AC Pro Make?

AC Pro caters to both residential and commercial needs, offering:

  • Air Conditioners: Split systems, packaged units, and ductless mini-splits, ranging from basic to high-efficiency models.
  • Furnaces: Gas, electric, and dual-fuel furnaces, including variable-speed and multi-stage options.
  • Heat Pumps: Both air-source and geothermal heat pumps for efficient heating and cooling.
  • Indoor Air Quality Products: Air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers to improve your home’s air quality.

Is AC Pro a Good Air Conditioning & Heating Brand?

AC Pro is a good air conditioning and heating brand with quality HVAC systems and service. Some AC Pro branded units are manufactured by Lennox which is one of the best HVAC companies regarding energy savings for heating and cooling units.

However, deciding if AC Pro is the right brand for you requires looking beyond the company’s surface. Consider these points:


  • Direct control over some manufacturing: Ensures quality and allows for competitive pricing on self-manufactured systems.
  • Focus on contractor relationships: Can guarantee better installation and service experiences.
  • Variety of products and tiers: Caters to diverse needs and budgets.
  • Strong presence in the Southwest: Offers regional expertise and understanding of local climate needs.


  • Limited brand awareness outside the Southwest: There are fewer online reviews and comparisons outside of this region in the United States.
  • Reliance on partner brands for some parts: Consistency might vary depending on the partner.
  • Focuses more on distribution: May not have the same research and development resources as dedicated HVAC manufacturers.

Ultimately, researching specific models, comparing features and warranties, and consulting local contractors experienced with AC Pro products will give you the best insight into their suitability for your needs. Remember, comfort and reliability are essential when choosing HVAC systems, so don’t hesitate to do your due diligence before making a decision.

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