Vision and Mission

To educate the public about who makes and owns popular brands of products.


Who’s Query was founded in 2022 to be an online encyclopedia for product owners and manufacturers with the ultimate goal of helping the general public find out who makes popular brands in the global market.

By making this a top priority, Who’s Query has helped thousands of people discover which companies and manufacturers produce and own brands across a multitude of categories, including appliances, food, motor vehicles, outdoor equipment, tools, TVs, shoes, and more.

This type of information is important for consumers to know because some companies have a multi-brand marketing strategy that positions themselves within the same market to reduce competition or to address separate target audiences.

Editorial Process

We take great pride in the content published on the Who’s Query website and its online media channels. All content is produced independently and held to the highest standards of quality. Writers combine their expertise and knowledge about product manufacturers, owners, and distributors with in-depth research to provide complete accuracy and facts for readers. When applicable, trustworthy sources are vetted and cited. The Who’s Query editorial team reviews and fact-checks all content before publishing to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information for each company and brand.

Contacting Us

Feel free to contact us with any suggestions, comments, or corrections you have about the Who’s Query website or its online media channels.