McCormick tractors

Who Makes McCormick Tractors?

McCormick tractors are made by Argo Tractors, a family-owned Italian holding company that manufactures agricultural machinery. McCormick Tractors International Ltd. was founded in 2000 and named after the McCormick family of Chicago and Virginia in the United States.

Where Are McCormick Tractors Made?

McCormick tractors are manufactured in Italy, in the factories of Fabbrico, San Martino in Rio and Luzzara, in the province of Reggio Emilia. McCormick’s parent company, Argo Tractors, covers the entire world through 13 trading branches and 130 foreign importers.

McCormick Brand Overview

OwnerArgo SpA
FounderCyrus Hall McCormick
HeadquartersFabbrico, Italy
IndustryAgricultural machinery

McCormick Tractors Owner History

The McCormick name holds a significant place in agricultural machinery history, dating back to the 1830s when Cyrus McCormick invented the mechanical reaper, a machine that revolutionized agriculture and established the modern grain trade by beginning the mechanization of the harvesting of grain.

McCormick Farm is the name of the farm in Raphine, Virginia, USA, where Cyrus McCormick founded the McCormick Deering Company in 1831. In 1847 Cyrus moved to Chicago where he created the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company.

In 1902, this company merged with the Deering Harvester Company to form the International Harvester Company (IHC), which became the first major world group in the agricultural machinery sector. Cyrus H. McCormick Junior was its founder and became its president.

Under the leadership of Cyrus H. McCormick Jr., the agricultural machinery group began producing tractors in the early 1900s. In 2000, the Argo Group acquired the McCormick brand along with its European production facilities, including the Doncaster plant in England. This marked a new era for McCormick tractors under Argo Tractors’ ownership which is headquartered in Fabbrico, Italy.

What Kind of Tractors Does McCormick Make?

McCormick makes a variety of tractors, including agricultural, specialty, orchard, and vineyard models, as well as harvesters, planting, and tillage equipment, that range from 24 to 310 horsepower.

McCormick’s product line mainly focuses on:

  • Standard tractors: These versatile tractors are suitable for diverse farm tasks, including plowing, cultivating, and hauling. McCormick offers a range of standard tractors from the sub-compact X1.25H series with 24 horsepower to the powerful X8.680 series with up to 310 horsepower.
  • Specialist tractors: McCormick also caters to specific agricultural applications with specialized tractors. Examples include the narrow vineyard tractors like the V series and the orchard tractors like the G series, designed for maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • High-clearance tractors: These tractors feature increased ground clearance, making them ideal for tasks like spraying crops or working in uneven terrain. The McCormick TTX series falls into this category.

McCormick tractors are known for incorporating innovative technology, focusing on operator comfort, and prioritizing fuel efficiency. They are positioned as a premium brand within the Argo Tractors portfolio, targeting professional farmers seeking high-performance and reliable machinery.

Is McCormick a Good Tractor Brand?

McCormick is a good tractor brand that has a long-standing reputation for quality, durability, and innovation. Consumers report that McCormick has consistently delivered top-notch agricultural equipment to farmers worldwide since the 19th century.

McCormick tractors enjoy a strong reputation within the agricultural community. They are consistently praised for their:

  • Robust build quality and reliable performance: McCormick tractors are known for their durability and ability to withstand demanding agricultural tasks.
  • Advanced technology: The brand incorporates innovations like engine management systems, precision guidance systems, and user-friendly operator interfaces.
  • Operator comfort: McCormick tractors prioritize operator comfort with features like ergonomic design, comfortable seating, and air conditioning in many models.
  • Fuel efficiency: The brand focuses on optimizing fuel efficiency to reduce operational costs for farmers.

While McCormick tractors boast a strong reputation, some potential drawbacks should be considered before making a purchase decision:

  • Limited Dealer Network: Compared to some major tractor brands, McCormick has a smaller dealer network, particularly in North America. This can translate to fewer service options and longer wait times for parts and repairs, especially in remote areas.
  • Higher Price Point: McCormick tractors are generally positioned as premium products, and this often reflects in their higher price tags compared to some competitors.
  • Limited Model Availability: Depending on your specific needs and preferences, you might find that McCormick’s model range doesn’t offer as many options compared to larger brands. This could be a limitation, especially if you require a highly specialized tractor for a specific agricultural niche.
  • Brand Identity Shift: Since the brand’s acquisition by Argo Tractors, some long-time McCormick users have expressed concerns about a shift in brand identity. This can involve concerns about changes in parts sourcing, manufacturing processes, or overall product quality compared to the historical reputation of McCormick tractors.

It’s always recommended to thoroughly research different brands, compare features and specifications, and consult with experienced users or qualified dealers before making a decision. This will allow you to weigh the pros and cons of McCormick tractors against other options and find the best fit for your specific needs and budget.

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