Who Makes General Tires? History and FAQs

General Tires is a tire brand that is making tires for a long time. They have a parent company that is popular in the tire industry. And they have 100 years of experience in making tires. The manufacturer is one of the best names in the tire industry. Do you know which brand that is? Who makes General Tires?

In this discussion, I am going to reveal everything about this. This article is going to help the would-be buyers of General tire by providing all the information related to this brand. You will know about the manufacturer and producing place, and also some qualities of this brand. So, let’s start the discussion.

Who Makes General Tire?

Continental Tire the Americas, LLC makes General tires for their customers. Now, this is the main point of the discussion. We all are waiting to know who makes General tire. The full name of this organization is given above but some people called it Continental Tire in short.

General itself is a popular brand. It is known all over the world for quality tires. Nothing extra need to introduce this brand. But Continental Tire is also more popular as a tire producer. The parent organization Continental doing the same thing for more than 100 years. So, no one has any doubt about the quality of its tires.

Some people want only American manufacturers for their vehicles. They only trust these brands who are local American. In that case, General tires is one step ahead. Because this brand is completely American. You will be able to know about General Tire’s location in the next section.

Who Owns General Tires?

There were few owners of General tires at the beginning of the establishment of this brand. William Francis O’Neil, Winfred E. Fouse, and a few of his friends founded this brand. Then it’s name was The General Tire & Rubber Co. So, they can be said to be the founding owner of this tire brand.

But later the ownership changed. The big name Continental AG takes the share of this brand. They started making General tire more popular and promising. Now, this organization is the owner of the General tire brand. If I go deeper to find the owner, then I will find another big name that is the owner of Continental AG. The name is Schaeffler Group.

Where Are General Tires Made?

As we know Continental Tire the Americas, LLC makes General tires. So, all the tires of General brand are made in the factories of Continental Tires. There are five factories of Continental Tires in the USA. They are in the five different states of this country. All the tires of General tires are made in the USA.

These five states where General Tires are made are Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, and Illinois. The headquarter and distribution center of this brand are also in this country. So, from research to distribution, everything of General tires is done in the USA. This is the center of this tire brand.

Are General Tires Any Good?

The common question that comes to mind of people who are trying General tires for the first time is that is General tires good? This question can be answered in a number of ways. There are lots of things that is good about this brand. If you look at the customers’ reviews of General Tires’ products then this will be clear to you.

There are plenty of reviews online that say they’re a great tire. But there are also reviews that say they’re not a great tire. It seems like the company is all over the place with how their tires perform, but at the end of the day, it’s going to come down to personal preference and what you need for your vehicle.

All the things are good about this tire brand and everything are good enough to buy for your vehicle. If you also think that they try the following tires. They are ready to change your driving experience. If you like, then buy one. The following link will help you.

Alternatives of General Tires

The qualities that General Tires has are enough to impress all the vehicle owners who want a good brand for their vehicle. All the features of this brand are worth buying. But if you think something is missing in this brand and you want more then you may look for an alternative to General tires.

Among the strong competitors of General Tires, Yokohama, GT Radial are the strongest. They are very close with this brand too in all respect. You may read about them before making aby buying decision. To read all about them, click on the names. The following fives are also very good alternatives to General Tires.

  • Mickey Thompson Tires
  • Sentury Tires
  • Fullway Tires
  • Thunderer Tires
  • Supermax Tires

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who makes general grabber tires?

General Grabber Tire is a sub-brand or subsection of General tires. So, like General Tires, Continental AG makes General Grabber Tires.

Who makes general altimax tires?

Like General Grabber, General Altimax is also a sub-brand or subsection of parent brand General. And Continental AG makes this tire too because this is the manufacturer of all General Tires.

Is General Tire still made in America?

From the beginning to till now, General Tires are made in America. So, yes, still general tires are made in America.

Are General tires made by Michelin?

No, Michelin does not make General Tires. This brand has less connection with General tires. And Continental AG has a direct connection. It is known that Continental AG makes General Tires.


The most expected question of who makes General tires has been solved. I hope you now know the manufacturer of this tire brand. All the information given here is to provide a buying guide to the would-be buyers of General tires. After reading this, you will be able to make a buying decision. There is nothing wrong with General tires. So, you must try this brand.

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