Who Makes Fullway Tires? A Detailed Brand Information

Fullway is a popular brand in the field of tire manufacturing. They have a number of competitors but very few can dominate over them. In this situation, they are becoming more popular day by day. The popularity raises a question in the mind of general people. They want to know who makes Fullway Tires.

In today’s discussion, I will talk about this tire brand. We will know who makes Fullway Tires, who owns this brand, where Fullway tires are manufactured, and finally where to buy this tire. This discussion is going to help the new buyers mainly. So, without any delay, let’s start.

Who Makes Fullway Tires?

Qingdao Fullrun Tyre Corp Ltd makes Fullway Tires. This is a China-based company that is completely dedicated to producing quality tires for different types of vehicles. The main production is based in the city of Qingdao of China.

So, the popular tire producer Qingdao Fullrun Tyre Corp Ltd makes Full way tires. The full name of the company is that. But people call this company Fullway as a short form. Their tires also have the name “Fullway”.

As Qingdao Fullrun Tyre Corp Ltd and Fullway, are the same, so we can say that Fullway makes their own tires and distributes them around the world. The main manufacturing site of this brand is China. They control their business from this country.

Who Owns Fullway Tires?

The owner company of Fullway Tire is Qingdao Fullrun Tyre Corp Ltd. They are the manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of this tire. There is no name of any person as the owner of this brand. Maybe the company is not owned by any single person.

Like most other brands and companies, Fullway Tire is also owned by shareholders. The shareholders are also not known. But I can help you by providing the names of two responsible people of this brand. Zijin Liu is a legal representative of this company and Zhizhong Yan is the supervisor.

Where Are Fullway Tires Made?

Fullway tires are made by one small size company Qingdao Fullrun Tyre Corp Ltd. This is a small company in China. All the activities of this company like production, marketing, and distribution all are done in this country. So Fullway tires are made in China.

The main factory of this company is located in Qingdao. This is a small port city in China. There are a number of factories of Fullway Tires in this city. This tire manufacturer is still growing. They started their business in 2003. That’s why the production is not so high.

But the officials of this tire brand think that the way Fullway is growing, it will spread its factories in different parts of the world like Europe and America. But now, Fullway tires are made in China.

Are Fullway Tires Good?

Till now, the number of users is using Fullway tires. Taking their opinion, there is nothing to be concerned about about the quality of this tire brand. People are satisfied with the service of Fullway tires and their price.

If you judge a tire then you will find a number of qualities a good tire should have. These qualities make a tire good. Most of the good qualities are found in the products of Fullway Tire. These tires have a very good brake quality and long-lasting service. Besides these, Fullway tires are all-season friendly.

I have researched a number of products of this brand on different online sellers. There is a very good user experience of this brand. They are mostly satisfied with the price of these tires. People normally avoid Chinese tires in Europe and America. But Fullway has a groundbreaking success in these countries.

Where To Buy Fullway Tires?

There are a number of ways to buy Fullway tires. Some are offline and some are online. You may buy their tires from any of these options. But I personally think offline buying will be best for you if you know less about tires. In that case, your mechanic or experienced friend will be able to help.

But buying online is thought to be risky for new buyers. But there are some advantages too. If you buy Fullway tires online then you will be able to see the reviews of other buyers and thus you will be able to judge a tire. So, you may buy Fullway tires both offline and online.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Are Fullway HP108 Tires Good?

Fullway HP108 Tire has an asymmetrical design, thread pattern with 3 distinct elements, and a 4-wide longitudinal groove design to provide you a year-long service in sports cars. So, we can say the Fullway HP108 is a very good tire.

Are Fullway Tires Run Flats?

There are a number of models of Fullway tires. Among these models, some run-flat and some are not. So there is no random answer to this question.

Who Makes Fullway HP108?

Fullway HP108 is a product of Fullway tires. So, it is easily understandable who makes this tire. Qingdao Fullrun Tyre Corp Ltd makes Fullway HP108 tires.


That was all about who makes Fullway tires. We tried to answer this question and some more questions related to this one. All these questions are related to the needs of buyers of Fullway Tires. If you are going to buy this brand tire for the first time then this article will help you a lot by giving all the necessary information about the root of Fullway Tire.

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