Crosley appliances

Who Makes Crosley Appliances?

Crosley appliances are made by Whirlpool (laundry appliances) and GE Appliances (kitchen appliances). The Crosley brand is sold exclusively to independent dealers and rent-to-own stores, and not in “big box” retail chains.

Where Are Crosley Appliances Made?

Crosley appliances and manufactured by GE Appliances and Whirlpool in their facilities across the world. These trusted brands and a group of distributors proudly serve Crosley appliances to the US, Canadian, and Latin American markets. 

Since Crosley doesn’t own its own manufacturing facilities, the location of production depends on the specific appliance and the chosen manufacturer. The specific origin of a Crosley appliance varies based on the type, brand it falls under (Whirlpool or GE Appliances), and the chosen manufacturing location. Check the product label or contact customer service to get the specific details for your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, etc.

Crosley Brand Overview

OwnerCrosley Corporation
FounderPowel Crosley Jr.
HeadquartersConcord, North Carolina, US
IndustryMajor appliances

Crosley Appliance Owner History

The Crosley brand boasts a unique history:

  • 1920s: Powel Crosley Jr. establishes the Crosley Radio Corporation, known for its affordable radios.
  • 1930s: Crosley expands into refrigerators and other household appliances, popularizing features like adjustable door shelves.
  • 1950s-1980s: Crosley faces financial challenges and changes ownership several times.
  • 1994: Acquired by Maytag Corporation, which later merges with Whirlpool Corporation.
  • 2018: GE Appliances entered into a contract to manufacture private-label refrigerators, upright freezers, chest freezers, dishwashers, gas and electric free-standing ranges, and front-load laundry machines for Crosley Corporation.

While the Crosley name might have a vintage charm, the brand is not directly manufactured by a single company but rather distributed and marketed by Whirlpool and GE Appliances. Today, Crosley acts as a brand name for appliances produced by established manufacturers that can capture global market share.

What Kind of Appliances Does Crosley Make?

Crosley makes a variety of appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, ranges, dishwashers, air conditioners, and other appliances.

Their product line mainly includes:

  • Kitchen Appliances: Refrigerators, ranges, cooktops, microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, kettles, and countertop appliances.
  • Laundry Appliances: Washing machines and dryers.
  • Home Comfort: Window air conditioners.

Is Crosley a Good Appliance Brand?

Crosley is a good appliance brand that offers outstanding quality and service. Customers report that the Crosley brand is affordable, reliable, and backed by an excellent warranty. 

Through the years, Crosley has become a household name throughout America, gaining most of its success with independent dealers and rent-to-own stores.

As with any brand, evaluating whether Crosley is “good” depends on your priorities. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons:


  • Unique aesthetics: The retro design with a modern twist appeals to those who appreciate vintage style in their appliances.
  • Competitive pricing: Generally more affordable than high-end brands while offering a distinct look.
  • Established manufacturers: Backed by the production expertise of Whirlpool and GE Appliances.


  • Limited selection: Doesn’t cover all appliance categories and may lack specific features compared to broader brands.
  • Reliance on third-party manufacturing: Performance and quality may vary depending on the specific manufacturer and model.
  • Mixed reviews: User experiences can vary, with some reporting minor issues or inconsistencies, which may be due to multiple manufacturers.

Overall, Crosley caters to a specific audience seeking retro-inspired appliances at a competitive price point. While backed by established manufacturers, consider researching individual models and user reviews to assess performance and quality before making a purchase. It’s crucial to weigh the unique design element against potential limitations in selection and features to determine if Crosley aligns with your priorities.

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