Who Makes Hotpoint Appliances? Detailed Brand Information

Hotpoint appliances are some of the most reliable gadgets on the market. They’re made by a British company that has been around for over a hundred years, and they continue to produce top-quality appliances that are loved by consumers. 

Though the company is hundred years old, there is still some confusion about its owner and manufacturer. Today, I will let you know who makes Hotpoint appliances and all about these home appliance products and companies. So, let’s start.

Who Makes Hotpoint Appliances?

Earl Richardson introduced Hotpoint Appliance first in England in 1905. Now two famous companies Whirlpool and Haier make these products under the name of GE appliances locally, and Indesit company manufactures it Internationally.

There is still some confusion about the ownership of the popular domestic appliance brand. Some say this is an American brand and some say Hotpoint appliances are made and distributed by the Chinese company Haier. 

But actually who makes Appliances for Hotpoint?

The answer is very simple. Both companies are owners of Hotpoint appliances. Haier continues their Hotpoint appliances business in America in the name of GE appliances. In the same way, American company Whirlpool manages this business in Europe.

History of Hotpoint Appliances

Haier and Whirlpool are the names of companies who manage this business in two different regions of the world. But some people are curious about the person who first made the Hotpoint Appliance.

An American, namely Earl Richardson invented different electronic domestic appliances and named them Hotpoint. He established this brand in 1905 in Ontario, California. From then on, Hotpoint Appliance became a brand and won the hearts of millions of people.

So, Earl Richardson made Hotpoint Appliance first in 1905.

Who Owns Hotpoint Appliances?

The Americans know that Hotpoint Appliance is a brand of GE Appliance. Because this brand sells these products in that area. In the same way, Europeans know that Hotpoint Appliance is a brand of Whirlpool. But actually, the owner of Hotpoint Appliance is not one rather two.

One is the Whirlpool and another is Haier. Both the companies are doing their business in two different areas by different names.

So, we can say that the present owner of Hotpoint Appliance is Whirlpool and Haier.

Where are Hotpoint Appliances Made?

Hotpoint Appliances are made generally in the UK, Australia, Poland and Italy. They change their business strategy a number of times. In the same way, this brand underwent a big change that involves moving manufacturing sites. 

Once Hotpoint was completely dependent on Uk for their production. They made their washing machines in North Wales. They produced their refrigerators in Peterborough. But in the recent past, they moved from the UK. Now they are manufacturing all the products in Italy and Poland. 

They started making these countries as their manufacturing hub. They are only controlling all their selling from North Northampton shire, England. This is also their distribution center. They also have a factory in the USA in Louisville, Kentucky. This is under the GE Appliance.

Are Hotpoint Appliances Good?

This is a tough question to answer as an only user of Hotpoint Appliances. To make any comment on the quality of their products, we have to research the user experience of this brand.

We have seen the ratings of Hotpoint Appliances’s hundreds of products randomly. We find most of the products are highly rated. The refrigerators, washing machines, cookers, and heaters. 

We find most of their products have 4.5+ ratings with hugely positive reviews. Moreover, there is no record of bad experiences related to their products.  So, we can say that the Hotpoint Appliances is good enough except for some unwanted events.

Where to Buy Hotpoint Appliances?

There are a number of buying options in your hand if you love Hotpoint appliances. If we talk about offline selling options then you may use any kind of home appliance shop, Hotpoint appliances’ own showroom, or dealer and this part of Hotpoint appliances review would help you with that.

Besides those, people love online stores also. The world’s biggest e-commerce company Amazon sells Hotpoint’s products. Hotpoint also has its own website to sell its appliances. You may buy from there. 

So, if you want to buy Hotpoint appliances then you have a huge number of options to select from. You may choose any one from them. I hope you understand where to buy Hotpoint appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where are Hotpoint refrigerators made?

Hotpoint refrigerators were made in Peterborough. But now they are moving to Poland to produce more refrigerators. They have a factory there.

Is GE and Hotpoint the same company?

Yes, GE and Hotpoint are the same. GE is a sub-brand of Hotpoint. GE is only for America. 

Where are Hotpoint cookers made?

Hotpoint has two different hubs for manufacturing its products. One is Europe-based and another is America-based. Some cookers are made in Poland too.

Where are Hotpoint ovens made?

Hotpoint makes their Ovens in two factories. Some are in Poland and some are in America. The Americans are sold in that country. But others are exported to different countries of Europe.

What is the Hotpoint manufacturer warranty?

Hotpoint company offers a 12- months of warranty period. Also, you can order any of their parts if your ones stop working within 10 years.


That was all about the Hotpoint appliances reviews. We mainly discuss who makes Hotpoint appliances but besides those, we also try to give answers to some famous questions like- who sells Hotpoint appliances or who owns GE appliances.

We hope you enjoy the discussion and also get a clear idea about Hotpoint appliances manufacturer. That was all for today, thanks for reading.

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