Who Makes Maytag Appliances? Don’t Look any Further Before Reading This

Looking for a reliable and affordable appliance brand? Maytag is a great option. From laundry and kitchen appliances to vacuums and more, Maytag is the perfect fit for your needs. This brand has been popular for so long. But do you know what Maytag is and who makes Maytag Appliances?

In this discussion, I am going to talk about the luxury appliances brand Maytag. My main focus will be popular questions on Maytag including manufacturer, owner, their servicing policy, and many more. With that, the last part will help you to make a buying decision. So, let’s start.

Who Makes Maytag Appliances

Maytag appliances are made by Whirlpool Corporation, a major American corporation. Whirlpool Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of major home appliances.

The company has more than 100 manufacturing and technology research centers around the globe. Headquartered in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Whirlpool Corporation operates in more than 170 countries. In 2015, the company generated annual sales of approximately $21 billion.

Whirlpool Corporation is the biggest brand in the world in the field of appliances and this is the number one brand on all sides. I am saying everything about the manufacturer of Maytag Appliances because this will tell you about who is making the products. This will reveal to you the quality of Maytag Appliances and its owner.

Where is Maytag Appliances Made?

Maytag appliances are mainly made in the United States. The Maytag Company is a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation.  That’s why these appliances are made in the factories of Whirlpool Corporation. Some of the factories of Whirlpool Corporation are located in Ontario, Canada, Italy, and France too.

Maytag Appliances offers a wide range of unique products including linens dryers, microwave ovens, cooktops, and many more things that we need in our daily life. All these products need different types of plants to manufacture. That’s why different plants are used to make Maytag Appliances. And these plants are located in different countries.

But if we look at the number of plants based on countries then we will find the name of the USA. Mainly these Maytag Appliances are made in America. The percentage of production in the other countries is low but not least.


Company name- Maytag Appliances

Established- 1893

Manufacturer- Whirlpool corportaion

Manufacturing country- USA

Headquarter- Benton Harbor, Michigan

Who Owns Maytag Appliance Company?

If you live in the United States, chances are you’ve owned or at least used a Maytag appliance. The company has been around for over a century and is known for its durable, reliable products. But who actually owns Maytag? The answer may surprise you if you don’t know that.

The top appliances manufacturer Whirlpool Corporation is the owner of Maytag Appliance. Not only the owner, from research to manufacturing and then marketing everything is done by this company about Maytag Appliance.

But the first owner of Maytag Appliance was not Whirlpool, there was a person named Frederick Maytag who founded Maytag Appliances as a washing machine company in 1893. Later, the ownership changed many times. Finally, the present owner comes.

Are Maytag Appliances Good

Maytag appliances are considered to be good. We know Maytag appliances are manufactured by Whirlpool Corporation, which is one of the best companies in the world. Whirlpool Corporation has earned a reputation for manufacturing durable and reliable products. They have made many innovations in their products and have provided consumers with quality products.

Maytag appliances are trusted for their quality and durability. They are one of the most reliable appliances that are available in the market. To give you an idea of how good Maytag Appliances are, I have arranged some good qualities of this brand. These are enough to force you to buy from Maytag Appliances.

  • Maytag Appliances have a long-lasting life.
  • This brand has many features which make them more reliable and user-friendly.
  • Their appliances are easy to maintain and repair.
  • The best thing about Maytag Appliances is that they are affordable so it can be a good idea to buy from them.
  • Maytag Appliances have many options and specifications available so that the consumer finds their choice easily. 

But most importantly they are durable enough too. These 5 things help make these appliances stand out among competitors with their quality characteristics such as quality of build, durability, etc.

Who Sells Maytag Appliances?

Maytag Appliances is one of the best brands in the market and all of its products are reliable. It is also one of the most recognized brand names in the market. But some people still don’t know who sells their appliances.

There are so many options for you to buy Maytag Appliances from. Among them, online sellers are the most popular. You can buy Maytag appliances from any of the leading online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, etc. They are the best sellers of Maytag Appliances online.

Are Maytag Appliances Reliable?

I already told you that Maytag Appliances is a good brand for home appliances. I hope you get the answer there about its reliability. But do you know why Maytag appliances are reliable? There are so many reasons behind calling it a reliable brand. Among them, the product quality is the main.

But besides quality, the after-selling care of Maytag is impressive. You will get full support of any product problem and appliances setup from Maytag. There is no reason for tension. The warranty policy is also long and customer friendly. So, considering all these sides, you may rely on Maytag Appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Are Maytag Appliances made in the USA?

Yes, Maytag Appliances is a brand that sells its products worldwide but its manufacturing plants are based in the USA. Some other countries also make Maytag Appliances.

Does Whirlpool make Maytag Appliances?

Yes, Whirlpool makes all the products of Maytag Appliances. Not only making but Whirlpool also researches products, makes designs, collects raw materials, makes products, checks the quality, sells them, and finally cares for the customers.

Does Lowes sell Maytag Appliances?

Lowes is a retail company. They sell most products online. They also sell Maytag Appliances.

Is Whirlpool-owned by China?

This is a rumour. Some people believe so. But actually Whirlpool, the owner of Maytag is an American company and its owner is from America.


Maytag appliances are one of the best in their category. They have a good reputation for quality and durability. If you are in the market for a new appliance, Maytag should be one of your top brands to consider. That was all for today. I hope now you know many things about this brand including who makes Maytag appliances. Thanks for reading from us. Bye for today.

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