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Who Makes RBX Shoes?

RBX shoes are made by RBX Active, a brand that caters to individuals seeking attire for an active lifestyle. RBX was founded in 2010 by Eli Yedid, with headquarters in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA.

Where Are RBX Shoes Made?

RBX shoes are manufactured in various countries, depending on the style of the shoe. Known locations for RBX shoe production include China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Here’s an overview of RBX’s diverse manufacturing partnership locations:

  • China: A significant portion of RBX shoes are manufactured in China, leveraging the country’s established footwear production infrastructure and cost-effectiveness.
  • Vietnam: Skilled manufacturers in Vietnam contribute to specific RBX lines, known for their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.
  • Other locations: Depending on the model and specialty features, production might occur in other countries like Indonesia or Thailand.

RBX Brand Overview

OwnerRBX Active
FounderEli Yedid
HeadquartersPottstown, Pennsylvania, USA
IndustryFootwear and accessories

RBX Active Owner History

The history of the RBX brand began in the early 2000s when founder Eli Yedid made it a personal mission to democratize health and wellness. Initially known as Rugged Bear X-Treme™, the brand evolved into RBX Active, built on the idea that being healthy and active should not be a luxury, but rather a basic need.

Founded in 2010, RBX Active spent five years in the wholesale market before expanding its reach directly to consumers through an online store in 2015. Just one year later, in 2016, RBX celebrated the grand opening of its first retail store at The Tanger Outlet Mall located in Deer Park, New York.

Since then, the brand has expanded its footwear range, catering to diverse activities and user needs. They’ve also maintained their commitment to affordability and value, offering high-quality shoes at competitive prices.

RBX shoes are not made by Reebok, as some people may think. RBX is a separate brand with its own identity and style that produces athletic and casual footwear for men, women, and children. 

Today, RBX remains a leading provider of activewear and footwear, continuously evolving with trends and customer demands while staying true to its core values of affordability and accessibility.

What Kind of Shoes Does RBX Make?

RBX makes a variety of shoes that cater to a broad spectrum of athletic needs and preferences, offering:

  • Running shoes: Designed for various running styles, from cushioned road shoes to lightweight trail runners.
  • Training shoes: Versatile options for gym workouts, cross-training, and general fitness activities.
  • Casual shoes: Stylish and comfortable sneakers for everyday wear and leisure activities.

Furthermore, RBX categorizes their shoes into distinct lines:

  • X-Knit: High-performance shoes with advanced features and technologies for serious athletes.
  • Active: Well-rounded and affordable options for various activities and fitness levels.
  • Essentials: Basic and budget-friendly styles for everyday wear and light exercise.

This segmentation allows you to choose the perfect shoes based on your activity level, desired features, and budget.

Is RBX a Good Shoe Brand?

RBX is a good shoe brand that is comfortable, affordable, and suitable for various purposes for people with an active lifestyle. Many customers report being satisfied with the comfort and durability of their RBX footwear, and the brand has received mostly positive reviews

Here’s a breakdown of the positive aspects of RBX shoes:

  • Affordability: A central tenet of the RBX brand is offering quality footwear at accessible prices. Compared to top athletic brands, RBX shoes often provide similar features and performance at a lower cost, making them attractive to budget-conscious consumers.
  • Variety: Catering to diverse needs and preferences, RBX offers a wide range of shoes, from performance-oriented running shoes to comfortable walking shoes and stylish casual sneakers. This variety ensures you can find a suitable RBX shoe for your specific activity and desired look.
  • Comfort: Many RBX models prioritize comfort, incorporating features like breathable mesh uppers, cushioned midsoles, and supportive outsoles. This focus on comfort makes them suitable for prolonged wear and various activities, helping you stay comfortable on your feet.
  • Durability: While not known for premium materials, RBX shoes are generally built to withstand regular use. They utilize materials and construction methods that provide decent durability for the price point, ensuring they last a reasonable amount of time.

Depending on the line and model, you might find additional features like:

  • X-Knit Technology: In their high-performance lines, RBX utilizes X-Knit technology, a breathable and supportive knitted upper for a sock-like fit and enhanced comfort.
  • Performance Features: Running shoes might have features like responsive cushioning, high-traction outsoles, and stability elements for specific running styles.
  • Lightweight Design: Some models prioritize lightweight construction for a more agile and comfortable feel.
  • Style Options: Beyond performance, RBX offers stylish casual shoes that combine comfort with trendy aesthetics for everyday wear.

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