Do You Know Who Makes Beko Appliances? Things to check before buying

When it comes to appliances, Beko is always a reliable choice. From ovens and microwaves to dishwashers and washing machines, Beko has a product that is perfect for you. But you will be surprised once you know who makes Beko Appliances, but why?

Beko gains love from people around the world for their quality service in home appliances and consumer electronics. You might know about this brand a lot but there is something more that you need to know before you buy their appliances.

Aiming that, this discussion is designed. You will know all about Beko appliances here. So, let’s explore.

Who Makes Beko Appliances?

Koç Holding makes Beko appliances. This is the parent organization of Koc. One more name is associated with this brand- Arçelik A.Ş. Arçelik A.Ş. makes Beko appliances under the observation of Koç Holding.

However, there is a twist in the tale. Koç Holding and Arçelik A.Ş. are the main names as a manufacturer of these appliances, but these are not the only one. These appliances are made by more different brands. Not all Beko products come from the same manufacturer or name brand. One such example is the Tata Group of India.

Whoever the manufacturer may be, Koç Holding and Arçelik A.Ş. both play the main role there.  They control the quality of Beko products. For this reason, the users of Beko are satisfied with their product quality. If you are the probable buyer of them then you will also be satisfied with their products.

Where Are Beko Appliances Made?

Although Beko has factories around the world but most of their productions are manufactured in Turkey’s countryside. In these factories, they are producing their appliances, ovens, TVs, and other products.

Beko is a Turkish company. So it is expected that most of their products are made in this country and it is true. The headquarter of Beko appliances is in Istanbul. That’s why most of the appliances are made in this city of Turkey. But the other big cities are not far behind, they also produce Beko products.

Besides, Turkey, Beko has branches in so many countries of Asia, Europe and America. Some other countries, namely- the USA, India, Italy, and Egypt are the main who work as the behind forces of Beko.


Company Name- Beko Appliances

Headquartered- Istanbul, Turkey

Owner- Koc Holding, Arcelik A.S.

Established- 1955

Who Owns Beko Appliances?

Unlike other brands and companies, Beko is owned by a single person. There is no share behind the ownership of this brand (If has, then that is not exposed). The owner is Vehbi Koç. He is a Turkish entrepreneur and philanthropist.

He founded this brand in 1955 by the name of Beko Elektronik A.Ş. There was a co-founder too. His name was Leon Bejerano. But now Vehbi Koç and Leon Bejerano, none of them are controlling this business directly.

Vehbi Koc’s company Koç Holding does everything from manufacturing to marketing and finally after-sell services of Beko Appliances. There are some key people of Koç Holding who are growing the business. But the root of this brand is still in the hands of Vehbi Koç.

Are Beko Appliances Any Good?

Beko Appliances are excellent products that are guaranteed by their customers because these have been built on solid research. The appliances of Beko have performed well in the market as they got the best ratings and reviews from consumers. Now, these appliances get a strong position in the mind and homes of customers.

But what makes these appliances good? Let’s see some qualities that Beko possesses:

  • Beko appliances are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • The quality of the materials used in Beko products is exceptional, giving you peace of mind.
  • They have a variety of products to suit every need from stylish ranges to practical microwaves and washing machines.
  • Award-winning service and research team work behind every step of Beko Appliances.
  • Their appliances are designed to give you a better life at home.
  • They archive the best quality at the most affordable prices.
  • Good customer service, available for all your queries 24/7.

After knowing the good qualities of this appliances brand, I think it becomes easier for you to make a buying decision. If you want to buy the best product from the Beko brand then you may try the following ones. These are the most selling appliances from Beko.

Where to Buy Beko Appliances?

Now you know Beko Appliances reviews and why those are worth your money and expectations. After knowing the good qualities of Beko, you might be searching to buy the appliance then you should search for a trusted seller. Getting a trusted seller to buy Beko products is very easy- let’s see.

There are so many other online sellers. Among them, Walmart, Best Buy, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, and many more are trusted and popular. If don’t want to buy online then you have many more options to buy from.

Beko Appliances has there own sellers in the big cities of Europe and America. You may buy these appliances from there. With that, other unofficial sellers of home and kitchen appliances sell Beko products. You have plenty of options to buy these appliances.

Are Beko Appliances Safe?

In the history of Beko appliances, one incident came before us that create confusion about the safety of Beko products. That was in 2016. A person called Mishell Moloney died when his drying machine caught fire. That incident raised questions about them and their safety.

But that was an accident, and the cause was a faulty electric connection according to the Beko authority. Except that, there is no big safety issue with their appliances. They are high quality and safe too. We can tag Beko as safe appliances producer.

How to Register Beko Appliances?

If it is your first time buying Beko products, then you need to register or certify them. There are so many reasons to register your Beko products. First of all, registering them will notify your ownership of that product to the authority. With that, it will help to get warranty and guarantee advantages.

Registering a Beko appliance is quite easy. All you have to visit the official website of Beko by clicking the link below. After that, you have to complete all the steps by providing all the necessary information about you and your product. Then you have to submit all info.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who Sells Beko Appliances?

Mainly Beko dealers sell their appliances. With them, some unofficial appliances sellers and online stores sell these appliances.

Are Beko Appliances Reliable?

Yes, from quality to customer service all are good about Beko appliances. Their products are long-lasting too. You can rely on them.

Are Beko Kitchen Appliances Any Good?

Beko Kitchen is one of their best products. These appliances are good in quality and low in price. They can be said good for so many reasons.


There is no doubt that Beko is a well-known brand for household appliances and consumer electronics. After reading the above discussion, you now know who makes Beko Appliances, where are they made, their quality, and many more important things.

I hope you enjoy the discussion. To buy products from them, visit a local dealer or buy from the given products. They are best of best. Thanks for reading.

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