THOR kitchen appliances

Who Makes THOR Appliances?

THOR appliances are made by THOR Kitchen, an American company based in Ontario, California, USA. THOR owns the entire process of designing, manufacturing, and warehousing their appliances. 

Where Are THOR Appliances Made?

THOR appliances are manufactured in China but are built with American and European components. THOR Kitchen owns the production facilities and supervises the entire process from design to manufacturing to quality control.

To leverage global expertise and cost-effectiveness, THOR utilizes a strategic manufacturing network:

  • China: The primary manufacturing hub resides in Guangdong, China, where a dedicated factory produces most THOR appliances. This facility adheres to strict quality control standards and utilizes advanced technologies to ensure consistent quality.
  • United States: To cater to the North American market and support local businesses, specific components are sourced from the US.
  • Europe: Similar to the US, European countries are sourced for components to manufacture kitchen appliances that meet European standards.

Examples of components sourced from around the world include:

  • Safety Valves from Spain.
  • Thermostats from American manufacturers.
  • Dual Ring Top Burners from Germany.
  • Single Ring Sealed Burners from Italy.

THOR Kitchen Brand Overview

OwnerTHOR Kitchen
FoundersKyle You and Ken Yang
HeadquartersOntario, California, US
IndustryKitchen appliances

THOR Appliance Owner History

The THOR appliance brand was launched in 2015 by Kyle You and Ken Yang, who were driven by the vision of offering professional-grade appliances for home kitchens. Unlike established brands catering to diverse price points, THOR aimed to bridge the gap between high-end commercial equipment and accessible home appliances.

THOR’s motto is: “Professional design and powerful performance at a practical price.” A full suite of kitchen appliances by THOR, including a professional stainless steel range, range hood, refrigerator, and stainless steel dishwasher can be purchased for under $5,500.

THOR’s early success fueled expansion, introducing new product lines and innovative features. Today, THOR remains a dedicated player in the premium kitchen appliance market for homeowners, constantly evolving to meet the demands of the home chef seeking restaurant-quality cooking experiences in their kitchens.

What Kind of Appliances Does THOR Make?

THOR makes a variety of kitchen appliances including ranges, cooktops, ventilation hoods, dishwashers, wine coolers, ice makers, and refrigerators.

Here’s a breakdown of THOR’s product lineup for catering to a range of culinary endeavors:

  • Ranges: Gas, electric, and dual-fuel ranges in various sizes and configurations, featuring powerful burners, spacious ovens, and professional-grade construction.
  • Wall ovens: Single and double wall ovens equipped with advanced cooking modes, precise temperature control, and ample capacity for large meals.
  • Cooktops: Gas and electric cooktops with diverse burner configurations and high-performance capabilities.
  • Range hoods: Powerful ventilation systems designed to efficiently eliminate cooking odors and smoke.
  • Refrigerators: Premium refrigerators and freezers boasting sleek designs, innovative features, and spacious storage for all your culinary needs.
  • Dishwashers: Includes useful features like a multiple filtration system for optimal performance using less water and energy.
  • Wine coolers: Offering a wide range of models for wine preservation requirements and personal taste.
  • Ice makers: To keep plenty of fresh ice on hand 

Furthermore, THOR categorizes its appliances into distinct lines:

  • Professional: High-end models offering the most power, features, and professional-grade construction.
  • Pro-Style: Combines professional performance with sleek design and user-friendly features.
  • Kitchen Series: More affordable options with core functionalities and stylish aesthetics.

This diversity empowers you to find the perfect THOR appliance to match your kitchen, cooking style, and budget.

Is THOR a Good Appliance Brand?

THOR is a good appliance brand that is considered to be one of the highest-quality brands on the market for home kitchen appliances. THOR appliances are built to high standards and can last under heavy daily use.

Customer reviews are positive and highlight the professional design, exceptional performance, and affordability of THOR appliances. The brand has also been featured on popular networks such as HGTV, CNET, Forbes, and A&E.

THOR appliances come with a two-year warranty that covers defects in the materials and workmanship of your new THOR Kitchen products.

Ultimately, thorough research, comparing features and performance ratings, and factoring in your budget and cooking needs will help you decide if THOR aligns with your expectations.

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