Do You Know Who Makes Thor Appliances?

In the field of home appliances, the name Thor is very much used and discussed but less known. Like the mythical and movie character, Thor Appliances are popular but unlike them, this brand has less marketing. After all, this is a giant brand in its field, and the organization that makes Thor Appliances is a big name in kitchen appliances.

Though this is most used but less known, I am going to express this brand to you. I will answer some of the most asked questions related to this brand including its manufacturer, making place, owner, and many more. So, if you are interested then you should read till the end.

Who Makes Thor Appliances?

The American kitchen appliances manufacturer Thor Kitchen makes Thor Appliances. We can say Thor themselves makes their appliances because this is a single brand and their only business is making appliances.

Nothing much is known about this brand. But what is known to all is Thor Kitchen is an American brand which is located in Southern California of the USA. Thor Kitchen has been making appliances since 1980. At the beginning of its journey, it was under the ownership of Airstream. But now, this is an individual brand.

The name and fame Thor Kitchen or Appliances earned by producing quality products will keep their name in the minds of their customers. After knowing who makes Thor Appliances, you might be thinking about where Thor appliances are made. Let’s see that in the next section.

Where Are Thor Appliances Made?

If we look at the country-based customer base of Their Appliances then we will find the names of North American and European countries on the top. Especially Canada, America. But do you know that Thor Appliances are not made in these countries? They are imported from other parts of the world.

Most of the products of Thor Appliances are made in different countries of Asia. But it is not clearly stated by the Thor Kitchen authority. That may be Indonesia, China, Singapore or India. Though there is no clear information about this and the authorities also keep this confidential.

But wherever they are made that doesn’t matter. The appliances are made with quality material and with strict observation. The responsible authority works 24 hours to ensure that the customers get quality appliances. So, you may think about this brand seriously and may make a buying decision.


Company name- Thor Appliances

Established- 1980

Manufacturer- Thor Kitchen

Headquarter- South California, USA

Who Owns Thor Appliances?

The manufacturer and marketer of Thor Appliances is a popular kitchen appliances maker Thor Kitchen is the owner of this home appliance brand. After success in the field of kitchen appliances, this company increased its working scope and space. They started Thor Appliances to make home products. The year was 1980.

So, Thor kitchen is the main owner of Thor Appliances. But do you know who owns the parent company? There is no clear information about it. But according to some sources, Kyle You is leading the manufacturing section of this brand. That means he is the manufacturing director. On the other hand, Shaun Lin is the products development manager. The roles are not like owners but their responsibilities are huge.

Are Thor Appliances Good?

To get actual info about the quality of Thor Appliances, you need to use them. Otherwise, you will have to depend on other people’s opinions. In that case, the opinion varies from person to person. That’s why they are not very reliable. But I have researched the product quality of Thor appliances and compared my own opinion.

My research says that the product design, safety, build material, lifetime all are more than average. The goodwill always goes with the name of this brand. Customers of most of their products are also much satisfied with their performance. So, I think we should appreciate this brand as a good one.

If you are searching for a good home appliance brand that is at the same time high quality, reliable and low cost then you may go for Thor Appliances. Here are some products of this brand that are most popular. You may go for them.

How Are Thor Appliances Rated?

This quest can be explained in so many ways. If you talk about the customer’s product rating on e-commerce sites then I have to say that, these ratings are worthy and they deserve it. Because people rate a product based on its quality. The average rating of Thor’s products has 4 ratings out of 5. This is really smart.

But if you mean overall brand rating then I have to say that, people are rating Thor Appliances inadequately. The service they provide at a low cost is really amazing. Moreover, there is very little discussion on this brand. But it should get more attention.

Who Sells Thor Appliances?

Thor is still a small brand to give a dealer in every city of all the countries of the world. But in most big cities, you will find their sellers or dealers. They are the main sellers of Thor Appliances. But the number is still small. In that case, you may have to depend on other sellers of home and kitchen appliances.

There is another group of sellers who sell Thor Appliances. They sell them online. These sellers use platforms like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and many more. If you want to buy these products and search sellers, then you may visit the links above. They also sell Thor Appliances.

Who Services Thor Appliances?

I have seen so many people blaming the servicing and warranty provider of Thor Appliances. The servicing and warranty policy of Thor Appliances says that it is their responsibility to service all kinds of problems with their products and also ensure warranty service.

But as I said, there is a shortage of dealers of this brand in most of the cities of the world. So, customers find no responsible person to care about their problems. That’s why they have to go to another city or to the office of Thor. So, you have to keep this thing in mind. But they will gradually solve this problem by thinking about the problems of their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Is Thor a good brand for Kitchen Appliances?

Thor is having a very good time as a kitchen appliance brand. And people also love this brand. So, we can say that Thor is a good brand for Kitchen Appliances.

Are Thor Appliances made in China?

Yes, some of Thor Appliances’ products are made in China. The percentage of Chinese products in Thor is more than all other countries.

Does Thor make an electric range?

Yes, Thor has some products that are electric. The number of these products is little now. But it will increase gradually.

When was Thor Kitchen established?

Thor Kitchen brand started its journey in 1980 as a brand. After that, they are flourishing every day. So, 1980 is the founding year of Thor Kitchen.


After the successful ending of the discussion, I hope you get the answer to the question of who makes Thor Appliances. I think Thor as a brand of home and kitchen appliance manufacturer wins your heart. If that is true then you may go for a buying decision. The products are really good and serve customers with a good reputation.

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