Who Makes Carlyle Tools? Things You Didn’t Know About

If you are in need of buying wrenches, ratchet tools, or handmade products- all in one place, then without any hesitation, Carlyle is your way to go. The tools might not be high-end structuralism, but on a tight budget, you surely can trust them!

As we talked about entrusting, you should know the origin of Carlyle, right? So, who makes Carlyle tools? Where are those manufactured? And why would you buy any?

We have also looked at the answers to the above questions, and yes, we got some news on it!

Who Makes Carlyle Tools?

National Automotive Parts Association is the main owner and distributor of Carlyle tools. The company has managed to cram advertising into almost every part of our lives over the years. Carlyle is worth almost $120 billion dollars in the United States alone per year.

Carlyle Tools strives to provide the professional tradesman with an affordable, high-performance tool that is dependable in the harshest work environments by using superior technician quality and designing with input and feedback from industry technicians.

Their secret to success is putting the product in front of those who are likely to buy it. It’s a tool line that includes hand tools, pneumatic tools, and tool storage. Carlyle Tools has over 7,000 products in the Professional Hand Tool, Service Tool, Air Tool, Tool Organization/Storage, Lifting, Vehicle Shop Equipment, and Lighting categories, with more introduced every year.

About the Manufacturer

NAPA, usually known as NAPA Auto Parts, is an American retailer’s cooperative that distributes automotive replacement parts, accessories, and service items throughout North America. It was founded in 1925. NAPA operates in Canada through the Genuine Parts Company’s UAP division.

NAPA Autopro repair facilities in Canada, Mexico, and other areas in the Caribbean and Latin America. Exego Group, a significant automotive parts and accessories distributor in Australasia, was bought by Genuine Parts Company in April 2013. Repco is a brand that offers automobile accessories and parts in Australia and New Zealand.

Alliance Automotive Group (AAG) was bought by Genuine Parts Company in September 2017. AAG concentrates on light car and commercial vehicle replacement parts and is Europe’s second-largest parts distribution platform.

NAPA has another headquarter in London that employs approximately 7,500 people and operates over 1,800 company-owned and connected stores in France, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Are Carlyle Tools Made In The USA?

Except for torque wrenches, Carlyle offers a lifetime warranty. Carlyle hand tools were once manufactured exclusively in the United States but are now mostly created in China and Taiwan. The majority of the tools are imported, but the quality is good and the pricing is affordable.

Carlyle is a common fixture in America’s city and county garages, as well as numerous other venues where equipment is available at a reasonable cost. They manufacture hand-held electronic diagnostic tools for computer systems found in most modern cars and trucks at their Kenosha facility, as well as software development in the United States.

Apex Tools, a subsidiary of Carlye does not manufacture its own tools; they have their own manufacturing facility, and every Carlyle tool manufactured is unique to Carlyle.

Carlyle has always maintained the philosophy that the customer’s time was too valuable to spend going shopping for tools. Once a week, the franchisees visit their customers at work in a van laden with things for purchase.

Is Carlyle of Any Good?

As the American vehicle industry boomed in the 1920s, so did the auto repair industry and, of course, the auto parts industry. Founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1925 as a Retail Cooperative by a group of merchants headed by Mr. Carlyle Frasier, Carlyle has been a prominent player in the auto parts sector for nearly 90 years.

Let me begin by issuing a disclaimer: The difficulty of disassembling a ratchet varies greatly from model to model. Some ratchets are quite simple, while others are extremely complex. The 90-tooth mechanism gives you a good sense of what the tap is doing in relation to the workpiece.

Another remarkable aspect of the P90s is the head size. They come in at 12.5 mm thick with an extreme width of roughly 30.4 mm. That talks a lot about why you should at least try this brand once in your lifetime!

Are Carlyle Tools Guaranteed?

Traditionally, most NAPA stores featured a two-tier tool selection that included a low-cost house brand that was OEM’d by a recognized manufacturer. Sparta, NAPA Brand, and Danaher were among the house brands over the years, made by a variety of OEMs including New Britain Machine, Moore Drop Forge/Easco, and Danaher.

NAPA Professional Hand and Service Tools offer a lifetime guarantee on all non-serviceable products that are deemed to be defective in materials or workmanship, at our discretion. If the tool is defective, it will be determined by a factory inspection.

Products of Carlyle was formed in the United States and is still headquartered there. Grinders, drills, impact drivers, and reciprocating saws are among the tools produced at each of their seven US manufacturing facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Who makes Carlyle impact wrench?

NAPA, an American hand tool maker, has a business called Carlyle that manufactures and distributes tools for the industrial market.

Who owns Carlyle?

Evercraft is a budget line, but Carlyle is a step up. The majority of the tools are imported and made by Carlyle, but the quality is good and the pricing is affordable.

Where are Carlyle ratchets made?

There are several high-quality Taiwanese ratchets on the market today, but the vast majority are based on the Rotar design, and although being sold under more than 30 different brand names, they are nearly similar.


The Carlyle Tools combine the quality, functionality, and coverage that NAPA customers expect with over 2100 items in 12 primary categories. There are also some other categories we couldn’t or perhaps could cover. But we already have the best suggestions for you here!

If you want to know anything more about who makes Carlyle tools, do let us know!

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