Who Makes Metabo Tools? Should You Buy This One?

When we talk about the mechanism industry or automotive proceedings, North American background is quite not happening in that space, isn’t it? But if we talk about a new brand, Metabo, then it actually gets along with that too!

Metabo is the North American subsidiary of Koki Holdings Co, Ltd. that started its journey in between the 1900s and ’20s and has famously grounded as one of the most favourite brands of now. But do you know who makes Metabo tools? Or where is the manufacturing place?

To have a proper answer and clarify your confusions, stay within the article without any doubt!

Who Makes Metabo Tools?

Koki Holdings America Ltd is the company that holds the sole ownership of Metabo tools. The company’s headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. Koki Holdings Co. Ltd produces over 1000 different power tool models, with a focus on compact technology.

The Metabo HPT brand is united by a shared thread of technology. It’s what sets Metabo HPT apart in terms of design and longevity. Metabo HPT has been at the forefront of innovative technologies that have improved people’s lives all over the world since its inception.

This knowledge is shared globally by all Metabo HPT divisions and is incorporated into applications that benefit a wide range of products. Metabo HPT designs innovative and durable products for pros that expect more.

About The Manufacturer

Koki Co., Ltd. was created as a manufacturer of coal mining machinery and equipment as well as electric power tools, with a capital of ¥30 million in 1940. Hitachi Koki was first listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities.

The company primarily manufactures and sells electric tools. The company operates in two different business segments. Electric tools for metal and wood processing, construction, and home usage, as well as cordless tools, air tools, laser-ranging gear, and accessories, are all part of the Electric Tool section.

Ultracentrifuges, cooled centrifuges, tiny size centrifuges, and industrial continuous ultracentrifuges are among the products manufactured and sold by the Life Science section. The Company had 47 subsidiaries as of March 31, 2014.

The Building Material and Supplies Dealers Industry is home to Koki Holdings America Ltd., which is based in Braselton, Georgia. Koki Holdings America Ltd. employs 175 people across all of its sites and generates sales of $96.95 million (USD). It is a corporate family consisting of 149 firms.

Is Metabo Made By Hitachi?

Metabo HPT became the new brand name for Koki Holdings America, which was previously part of the Hitachi group, in October 2018. In North America, the tools are the same, but they have a new name.

They’ve been a leader in the power tool industry for almost 70 years, with products like the sliding miter saw and cordless impact driver. They manufacture long-lasting power tools for professionals all throughout North America and Canada.

For more than 70 years, research and development have been a cornerstone of our firm, contributing to a number of firsts in the power tool market, like the Metabo HPT Antique Drill and Grinder. Koki Holdings Co, Ltd teamed with KKR, a major global investment firm, in April 2017 which used identical tools but had a different brand.

Where Are Metabo Tools Manufactured?

Metabo tools are the epitome of German engineering and innovation. Since 1924, they’ve been inventing creative concepts in Nürtingen, Germany, plant, then turning them into ground-breaking equipment and accessories for professional users all over the world.

They are also a solid partner for various industries because of the exceptional level of service before and after the sale-

  • A wide range of products is available, including proprietary battery pack technology.
  • Production facilities and procedures that are on par with the best in the world
  • At every level of production, their personnel places a strong emphasis on quality.

Are Metabo And Bosch The Same?

Both Bosch and Metabo offer a diverse product line. If you’re looking for a high-quality tool, Bosch is the brand to go with. They provide fantastic things of exceptional quality. They have also been at the forefront of several current technologies.

The wireless charging system for power tool batteries is the most contemporary feature.

This reduces the number of such parts, resulting in cost savings in the long term. Both the manufacturers give warranty for their tools. But both are different. Bosch’s warranty procedure is much more straightforward. All of their privately owned tools come with a one-year warranty. Although it is brief, it can be extended to three years.

If you’re on a tight budget, however, Metabo is the way to go. Even if the pricing difference between Bosch and Metabo is minimal, Metabo has the upper hand. They accomplish this accomplishment by providing tools with interchangeable parts.

Is Metabo a Quality Tool?

Metabo tools are regarded for being durable, dependable, and flexible, making them a good choice for the homeowner who does a lot of housework.

Manufacturing of all installations, facilities and clamping devices for our assembly and production systems falls under the category of production equipment building. Major components of production equipment include repairs, changes, and maintenance for molds and tools.

All essential work is completed swiftly at their Nürtingen facility by our own trained and experienced team.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Is Metabo made by Hitachi?

In October 2018, Metabo HPT made a new declaration. They became the new brand name for Koki Holdings America which is formerly part of the Hitachi group.

Are Metabo tools made in China?

Metabo manufactures in its factories in Nürtingen and Shanghai. However, the majority are made in the United States.

Is Metabo made in America?

Metabo HPT is a brand of Koki Holdings America Ltd, which is the North American affiliate of Koki Holdings Co, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


The Metabo HPT 10 inch Miter Saw is a compact mitre saw with outstanding cutting capabilities. This professional tool is ideal for the building site, workshop, or job site because it is ultra-quick, accurate, and simple to use.

And now as you have known about who makes Metabo tools, it’s easier to choose your options!

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