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Who Makes Metabo Tools?

Metabo tools are made by two separate entities, depending on the region: Koki Holdings America Ltd., in North America, and Metabo GmbH, in Europe.

  • North America: In North America, Metabo tools are owned by Koki Holdings America Ltd., a subsidiary of Koki Holdings Co., Ltd., a Japanese company based in Tokyo. Koki Holdings acquired the North American rights to the Metabo brand in 2018 and rebranded the existing Hitachi power tools under the Metabo name. These tools are primarily manufactured in China and other Asian countries.
  • Europe: In Europe and most other international markets, Metabo tools are owned and manufactured by Metabo GmbH, a German company headquartered in Nürtingen, Germany. Established in 1924, Metabo GmbH has a long history of innovation and specializes in professional-grade power tools.

Where Are Metabo Tools Made?

Metabo tools are manufactured in Nürtingen, Germany, China, and other Asian countries. The origin of a Metabo tool depends on the brand owner: Metabo GmbH or Koki Holdings America Ltd., designated Metabo HPT.

Metabo GmbH (Europe):

  • Germany: A significant portion of Metabo GmbH’s tools are manufactured in their own facilities in Nürtingen. These tools generally represent the brand’s premium line and boast higher quality standards and stricter quality control.
  • Eastern Europe: Some tools are also produced in Eastern European countries like Poland or Romania, leveraging their proximity to the European market and potentially lower production costs.

Metabo HPT (North America):

  • China and other Asian countries: The majority of Metabo HPT tools are manufactured in China and other Asian countries, like Vietnam and Thailand. These tools focus on being budget-friendly options for DIY users and occasional users.

It’s crucial to understand that both companies maintain their own production networks and do not share manufacturing facilities. Each company adheres to its own quality control standards and manufacturing processes.

Metabo Brand Overview

OwnerKoki Holdings America Ltd. and Metabo GmbH
FounderAlbert Schnizler
HeadquartersTokyo, Japan (Metabo HPT)
Nürtingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (Metabo GmbH)
IndustryPower tools

Metabo Tools Owner History

Europe (Metabo GmbH):

  • 1924: Metabo GmbH is founded in Nürtingen, Germany, by Albert Schnizler.
  • 1950s-1960s: Expansion into new tool categories and international markets.
  • 1990s-2000s: Continued focus on innovation and development of high-performance tools.
  • Present: Remains a leading manufacturer of professional power tools in Europe.

North America (Metabo HPT):

  • 1964: Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. is founded in Japan.
  • 1978: Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd. acquires the rights to distribute Hitachi power tools in North America.
  • 2018: Koki Holdings acquires the North American rights to the Metabo brand and rebrands Hitachi power tools as Metabo HPT.
  • Present: Focuses on offering budget-friendly and user-friendly options for DIY and occasional users in North America.

What Kind of Tools Does Metabo Make?

Metabo GmbH (Europe):

  • Focuses on professional-grade power tools for demanding applications in construction, metalworking, and other industries.
  • Product range: cordless and corded drills, impact drivers, saws, grinders, sanders, demolition hammers, and various specialty tools.
  • Known for: durability, high performance, innovative features, and focus on user ergonomics.

Metabo HPT (North America):

  • Wide range of tools for DIYers: including both power tools and hand tools, targeted towards DIY users and occasional professionals.
  • Product range: cordless and corded drills, impact drivers, saws, multi-tools, grinders, hand tools, and accessories.
  • Known for: affordability, user-friendliness, and basic functionality.

It’s important to note that some overlap exists between the Metabo brands. Certain tools might be offered under both brands with slight variations in specifications or features.

Is Metabo a Good Tools Brand?

Metabo is a good tool brand that has a long history of producing high-quality power tools with a focus on durability and precision. However, determining if Metabo is a “good” brand for you depends on the specific brand (Europe vs. North America) and your needs.

Metabo GmbH (Europe):

  • Pros: Excellent quality, durability, high performance, innovative features, and excellent customer service.
  • Cons: Premium price point, limited availability outside Europe, potentially overkill for casual users.

Metabo HPT (North America):

  • Pros: Affordable, user-friendly, decent value for basic DIY projects, readily available in North America.
  • Cons: Lower quality compared to Metabo GmbH, limited durability for demanding use, might not offer the same level of performance or advanced features as professional-grade brands.

Overall, Metabo GmbH offers exceptional professional-grade tools suitable for demanding tasks and harsh environments. However, their premium price and limited availability might not be ideal for everyone. Metabo HPT caters to a different audience, focusing on affordability and user-friendliness for DIY projects and occasional use. While they offer decent value, they lack the durability and performance of professional-grade options.

Ultimately, the best Metabo brand depends on your needs and budget. If you require top-of-the-line tools for professional use, Metabo GmbH (Europe) could be a great choice. But for casual DIY projects or budget-conscious users, Metabo HPT (North America) might be a more suitable option.

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