Who Makes Snap-On Tools? Why Should You Buy Any?

The transportation industry that includes all types of automotive along with high-end equipment is quite difficult to find, right? But here we are with Snap-on tools to get you out of that dilemma! Snap-on Incorporated is an American manufacturer of high-end tools and equipment.

For professional usage in the transportation industry, including automotive, heavy-duty, equipment,  you can’t think of anything else without it. But do you know who makes Snap-on tools?

To answer that, we are here to drag you into the solutions!

Who Makes Snap-On Tools?

The J.H. Williams Tool Group is a business of Snap-on that manufactures and distributes industrial tools. The group includes Bahco and CDI Torque Products, in addition to the Williams brand from which it came.

Then Murphy, North Carolina, produces pneumatic and cordless tools for Snap-on. Conway, Arkansas produces wheel balancers and tire changers. Torque manufactures and assembles its goods in the City of Industry, California. In its Algona, Iowa facility, the company makes tool storage cabinets.

Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann started the Snap-on Wrench Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1920. Ten sockets that “snapped on” to five interchangeable handles were made and marketed by the company. “5 do the work of 50,” the company’s slogan read.

About The Manufacturer

Williams & Diamond, a drop forging company, was formed in Flushing, Queens, in 1882 by James Harvey Williams and Matthew Diamond. In 1884, the company moved to Brooklyn, and in 1887, it was renamed J.H. Williams & Co.

One of the earliest companies to offer mass-produced drop-forged hand tools was the business. In 1914, a second factory opened in Buffalo, New York which is currently home to GM’s Tonawanda Engine plan.

Snap-on purchased the company in 1993, and it was rebranded by Snap-on Industrial Brands in 2011. In comparison to the previous J.H. Williams Tool Group Catalog 317, the new Williams, Bahco, and CDI product additions to Catalog 1 represent a 47 per cent increase in SKUs.

Where Are Snap-On Tools Made?

Snap-on is a $2.6 billion S&P 500 company headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that was founded in 1920. It has factories in Elkmont, Alabama, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Murphy, North Carolina, produces pneumatic and cordless tools.

Snap-on is a global innovator, manufacturer, and marketer of professional tools, diagnostics, equipment, software, and service solutions. For automotive dealerships and repair facilities, as well as customers in industry, government, agriculture, and natural resources.

Franchisees, company-direct, distribution, and Web-based channels are used to sell the company’s products and services. Penske Racing teams in the NASCAR Cup Series, Xfinity Series, and IndyCar have all been sponsored by the firm with whom Snap-on got linked in 1979.

Are Snap-On Tools Made In The USA?

Only a few Snap-On tools are still manufactured in the United States. The majority of their hand tools are still manufactured in Milwaukee and other U.S. locales, but products like their cordless power drill kit are manufactured in China and other nations. More information is provided below.

The following is a list of all of Snap-current On’s manufacturing facilities in the United States:

  • Algona, Iowa
  • Carol Stream, Illinois
  • City of Industry, California
  • Conway, Arkansas
  • Elizabethton, Tennessee
  • Elkmont, Alabama

Do Snap-On Tools Have a Lifetime Warranty?

The warranty on SNAP-ON brand hand tools and tool storage units is a LIFETIME warranty that lasts as long as you own the tool. The warranty period for SNAP-ON brand meters, power tools, and electronic diagnostic products is ONE YEAR from the date of purchase.

Customers purchasing the Product for personal use can access warranty information by calling the Snap-on Customer Care Center at 1-877-762-7664 or emailing in their personal mail. Snap-on shall repair or replace its Products that fail to meet the personal use warranty criteria.

The company will give a refund by repaying or crediting the Customer with an amount equivalent to the purchase price of such Products, at its discretion, throughout the applicable length of the applicable personal use warranty.

Are The Snap-On Tools Worth Your Money?

Snap-On has long been a fixture of American work belts, most widely known for their wrenches and other hand tools. They’ve increased their product range over the years and presently largely focus on equipment for transportation industries like automotive, aviation, heavy-duty vehicles, military and defense, railroads, and marine.

The Snap-on brand is a sign of professionalism that inspires confidence in individuals who conduct important jobs for which second best is not an option. It is praised by specialists who do such work since we assist them in resolving key issues.

As a result, they associate the Snap-on® brand with a sense of pride and dignity, making Snap-on a name they want to claim.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Are Kobalt Tools made by Snap-On?

As J.H.Williams became Snap-On Tools in 2003, the Danaher Corporation took over the manufacturing of Kobalt tools.

Does Harbor Freight own Snap-On?

Unless someone can provide substantial evidence to the contrary, it’s safe to assume that Harbor Freight does not own Snap-on Tools.

Where are snap-on tools made?

Snap-on Inc. maintains plants in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Elizabethton, Tennessee, and Elkmont, Alabama.

What other brands does Snap-On make?

You can check out the tool brands which are owned by Snap-on:

Does Snap-On own Bahco?

Bahco is a Swedish hand tool manufacturer that is now owned by SNA Europe, a Snap-on subsidiary.


Snap-on has a lower-end tool brand called Blue-Point that sells more cheap hand tools. Snap-On began approximately a century ago in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has since expanded to employ over 12,000 people.

So, you can easily understand why and how useful the tools are! Now, if you need to know anything more regarding who makes Snap-on tools, don’t hesitate to ask!

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