Who Makes Milwaukee Tools? Things You Need To Know

As a customer, you’d always want a guarantee of your choosable tools before you buy those, right? And what could be better than having equipment specification ratings from the federal government?

Well, Milwaukee tools are the one and only of the few tools that have this speciality. But do you know who makes Milwaukee tools? Or where are those made? If not, then this article is just for you! If you are really on a go-to buy a preferable market power tool, stay with us!

Who Makes Milwaukee tools?

Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. (TTI), ttigroup.com, is a subsidiary of Milwaukee Electric Tool that makes Milwaukee tools. The company itself also produces some of their signature tools and they have been one of the top listed brands of this era.

Milwaukee Tool has led the industry in both durability and performance since its founding in 1924. Milwaukee continues to lead with a focus on providing innovative, trade-specific solutions, as evidenced by its unwavering commitment to the trades.

Milwaukee is committed to delivering a steady stream of advanced solutions for the trades that offer increased productivity and unmatched durability, whether it’s through their leadership in LITHIUM-ION technology, time-saving accessories, or innovative hand tool products.

About the Manufacturer

Techtronic Industries Company Limited is a rapidly expanding global leader in Power Tools, Accessories, and Floorcare for DIY, professional, and industrial users in the home improvement, and infrastructure industries.

Through superior environmentally friendly cordless technology, the Company is committed to accelerating the transformation of these industries. TTI brands such as MILWAUKEE, RYOBI, and HOOVER are known around the world for their rich history and cordless product platforms.

TTI was founded in 1985 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (“SEHK”) in 1990. It is a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Index. With record global sales of US$9.8 billion in 2022 and over 48,000 employees, the company has a strong brand portfolio.

Are Milwaukee Tools Made In The USA?

Only a small percentage of Milwaukee’s products are made in the United States. They also have manufacturing facilities in China and Europe. Brookfield, Wisconsin, and three cities in Mississippi: Greenwood, Jackson, and Olive Branch, are where their main American facilities are located.

Milwaukee Tool is expanding its manufacturing footprint in the United States in addition to expanding internationally in December of this year. They announced a major expansion of their Mississippi factories, which will result in the creation of over 600 new jobs in those cities.

They also appear to be committed to maintaining strong roots in Wisconsin, as evidenced by recent facility expansions. However, for the time being, their most popular products are made in another country. China manufactures the majority of their cordless power drills and circular saws.

Milwaukee Vs Dewalt – Which Brand is Better?



Milwaukee Tool began as an American power tool manufacturer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, prior to 1924. The company has a long history of producing power tools for tradespeople in the United States. It has been a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries (TTI).


DeWalt is an American company that sells power tools to the construction, manufacturing, and woodworking industries all over the world. Stanley Black & Decker is the parent company of the DeWalt brand. Irwin Tools, Craftsman, Lenox,and a number of other brands are all owned by this parent company.



The majority of the company’s research and development is done in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Milwaukee Tool and its parent company, TTI, produce tools and accessories all over the world, but primarily in Asia, Mexico, Europe, and the United States.


The company has recently made some progress in bringing more of its manufacturing back to the United States, at least in part. DeWalt announced in December 2013 that it would be assembling certain products in the United States using parts imported from Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


In general, after reviewing and using hundreds of tools from both companies, Milwaukee Tools is slightly more expensive on average. This is due to the company’s focus on specialized trade tools.

In addition, their cordless tool kits are more likely to include higher-capacity, advanced batteries. The pricing skews upward a little when you consider the volume of very trade-specific tools. DeWalt may offer a few more options for those tools in the lower price ranges.

Are Milwaukee Tools Worth Your Money?

With a team of certified technicians on hand to help, it prides itself on providing premium customer service. Every one of their products is designed to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction. When you buy one of their devices, they frequently offer lifetime customer support.

Another core mission of Champion Power Equipment is to create new and improved products that anticipate customer needs. Their U.S. engineering team recently released Dual Fuel technology and remote start for portable generators, demonstrating their commitment to product innovation.

They also make home standby generators, engines, winches, and log splitters, in addition to their large selection of portable generators.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Are DeWalt and Milwaukee the same company?

Dewalt is owned by Stanley Black & Decker, and Milwaukee Tool is owned by Techtronic Industries (TTI). There is no notable cross-pollination, collaboration, or collaboration between these companies.

Are Milwaukee tools owned by China?

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is a power tool developer, manufacturer, and marketer based in the United States.

Where are these tools made?

The manufacturing equipments are made in Greenwood, Mississippi, Jackson, Mississippi, and Mukwonago, Wisconsin


One of the best cords we have seen on the market is Milwaukee’s. The features and build quality haven’t changed in years, but those who aren’t looking for portability will still prefer it. We have discussed all the related topics regarding who makes Milwaukee tools.

Now it’s up to you what to decide!

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