Who Makes Matco Tools? Why Do People Love This Brand?

Having over 13,000 different tools, Matco is the brand name that stands on its own irrespective of its relativity with other high-end brands. They have 10+ branches all over the world and that’s what shows their strength as a company.

But one question that reminds me of the backside, who makes Matco tools? Where are those manufactured? Is it worth buying? We know you have this confusion, and it’s totally fine!

If you are eager to find out the answers like us, stay in the article and be with us!

Who Makes Matco Tools?

Vontier Corporation is the sole owner which is, a $3 billion S&P 500 global industrial technology business focused on better transportation and mobility. Matco is delighted to assist their distributors in realizing their dreams of owning a successful business.

In addition to their high-quality automobile repair equipment, diagnostic scan tools, and toolboxes built in the United States, Matco is renowned for its automotive products worldwide. Matco offers the best-in-class service for premium tools, storage, and equipment to mechanics and auto enthusiasts.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Global Traffic Technologies, Teletrac Navman, Matco Tools, and Hennessy Industries are five operational firms that are unified by a great purpose: mobilizing the future to create a better society.

About the Manufacturer

Vontier began operation in 1946 and, since 1979, They have supplied their automotive tools and products directly to professional mechanics, enthusiasts, and individuals who appreciate excellent automobile equipment through a network of independent franchised mobile tool dealers.

Their franchisees are clearly identifiable by their white trucks with the Matco hex eagle emblem on them. Matco distributors can now be found in all 50 states, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. Since Matco Tools was founded in 1979, they have not been linked with Mac.

Similar to Snap-on, Cornwell, and many Mac Tools dealers, Matco Tools are distributed by a local tool distributor who owns a region by means of a franchise. In 2016, Danaher, the former corporate owner, split out many companies, including Matco, to form Fortive.

Where Are Matco Tools Made?

Matco usually has tools that are made in both USA and elsewhere usually Taiwan. They have a standard line and then a precise torque line, for example. Its standard products are normally built in the United States, but their precise torque is made elsewhere.

All of Mast’s pliers, screwdrivers, impacts, and other tools are created in the United States. Then talking of the smaller tools, Matco offers lot more goods created largely in Taiwan. They do, however, have both. All of their standard Matco sockets are made in the United States, but all of their Matco advanced sockets are made in Taiwan.

Taiwan produces the majority of its pliers. Taiwan produces the majority of its ratcheting wrenches. Screwdrivers are created by willie which is the same firm as Knipex. And that is all made in Germany. Matco’s adv sockets are pretty darn good and cost about $60 for a set of 3/8 impact sockets. vs. $200 for their sockets made in the United States.

Who Makes Matco Infinium?

Matco Tools is a division of Danaher Corporation, a Fortune 500 business with a presence in a variety of areas, including tools, environmental, and industrial processes and control. Matco can be reached at (866) 289-8665, or by writing to 4403 Allen Rd., Stow, Ohio 44224.

Matco Tools Franchise Owners earn $91,000 per year, or $44 per hour, which is 41% more than the national average of $60,000 per year for all Franchise Owners and 32% more than the national wage average for all working Americans.

A set of Mac wrenches made in the United States costs a few hundred dollars more than their precision torque wrenches.

Snap-on Vs. Matco- Which One Is Better?

You’ll spend the majority of your time with 1/4″ drive sockets; Snap-on has the narrowest diameter and can reach places where other sockets can’t. Snap-on high torque ratchets is likeable on that note, but not the huge head ones with the revolving disk.

You’ll need several, so start with long and short, then floppy, fine-tooth, gearless, hi-look (has to hole for Allen wrench), and wobble extensions, which are used all the time, but some people don’t like them and only use them when they need the wobble for clearance.

So regular extensions, like craftsmen, are fine. But when you’ll need deep sockets, which you can pick up later if needed, Matco is your way to go!

Are Matco Tools The Best?

When it comes to brands, some cater to a specific trade, and Matco is one of them. Matco is pretty good stuff. It’s at least as good as Mac and the prices are pretty similar. Their air tools all appear to be I/R. Most of their pliers are really excellent quality, far better than Mac pliers which don’t seem any better than Craftsman.

They have a 3″ impact gun that can go into the smallest of spaces. A 2200 foot-pound impact gun is also available. But for school, I’d purchase the stubby and a mid-size impact, perhaps 1/2″, with a torque of roughly 250 ft-lbs, which should handle most diesel applications.

Matco Tools has the greatest customer service in the business. They’re dedicated to establishing a reputation for customer service that matches the high-quality standards they’ve established with the tools. Your Matco experience will be unrivalled, whether you use the Internet or traditional means.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Who are Matco Tools made by?

Matco is a subsidiary company of Vontier Corporation.

Are Matco Tools rebranded?

Yes, they are. Snap-on, Mac, and Milwaukee generally rebrand them.

Are Matco Tools the best?

Matco’s tools are of exceptional quality. Their toolboxes, in my opinion, are likewise of greater quality than Snap On’s.

Final Words

When you get out for travel and need to break some rusty bolts loose, you obviously need a handy tool. And if that tool gives you a 10-year worth warranty, then why not Matco? We have discussed all the relevant topics about who makes Matco tools.

Now it’s all on you whether to buy it or not!

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