Who Makes Yokohama Tires? History and FAQs

Japanese Tire manufacturers are world-famous and some of these manufacturers are top brands based on their popularity and product quality. Among these brands, Yokohama is one. Yokohama Tires are popular not only in Japan and the USA but also in every part of the world. But do you know who makes Yokohama Tires?

In this discussion, I will talk everything about Yokohama Tires, its manufacturer, its owner, and many more. All the information in this article will help you before you buy any product from Yokohama. So, without any delay, let’s start.

Who Makes Yokohama Tires?

The Yokohama Rubber Company, Limited makes Yokohama Tire mainly. But there are so many sub-brands of this company. If you talk about the maker of Yokohama Tire in America then you will see the name of Yokohama Tire Corporation. So, in different parts, the manufacturer of Yokohama Tire is different.

Yokohama Tire was founded in 1917 by Yosuke Yokohama, who was a tire manufacturer in Japan. The company has always been focused on producing high-quality tires and has been a mainstay in the industry for over 100 years. Today, Yokohama Tire produces more than 2,000 different types of tires and sells them in more than 150 countries.

This brand has a huge business so, based on the market area, the maker or producer of Yokohama Tire is different. But one thing you need to know is that, whoever makes whatever the area is, the quality of Yokohama Tire is always best.

Who Owns Yokohama Tires?

Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd is the manufacturer and owner of Yokohama Tire. But this is the organizational owner. If you look at the personal owner of this tire brand then you will find no name. Because the ownership is divided into a number of organizations based on share. Let’s see some of the names of the owners of Yokohama Tire.

Though Yosuke Yokohama was the founding and only owner of this tire brand, several organizations are now the owners of this brand. Among them, Zeon Corporation (9.59%), Asahi Life (6.43%), Japan Trustee Services Bank (5.47%), The Master Trust Bank of Japan (5.36%). So, these are the owners of Yokohama Tire.

Where Are Yokohama Tires Made?

Yokohama Tires are made in a few factories all over the world. The main factory is located in Japan. But all the tires that are produced in Japan are sold there and in other countries of Asia. Besides Japan, there are a number of factories of this tire brand in different parts of the world.

In the United States of America, around 2000 workers work to produce tires. The main factories in the USA are in Salem, Virginia, and West Point, Mississippi. All tires that are produced here are sold in the USA and other countries of North America.

Some more factories of Yokohama Tires are situated in China, Indonesia, and other parts of the world. These are also big in the case of production.

Are Yokohama Tires Good?

This is a tough question for me to answer because I have less of a chance of using Yokohama Tires personally. But I researched this brand and I heard of this one a number of times. From all these experiences, I am going to tell you about the good of Yokohama Tires.

Yokohama Tires got the most popularity with one product, the Aspec A300. After using this tire, a customer base started growing. And still, this is loved by people. Besides this, Yokohama has some more tires which are good.

The customer reviews, support, tire service, and their mileage all are impressive. Besides these, some more qualities make this tire brand a good one. So, I can say that Yokohama Tire is a very good brand of tires of all time.

Some Good Qualities Of Yokohama Tires

Yokohama Tires are a world-renowned brand that produces high-quality tires for a variety of purposes. I also told you that this is a good brand of tires. But you should know why this is best. Here are some of the qualities that make them stand out include:

  • The quality and consistency of their products are excellent.
  • This brand provides excellent value for its customers.
  • They have a wide range of tire sizes and shapes to choose from.
  • Their customer service is always good and they respond quickly to any questions or concerns
  • your customers may have.
  • Yokohama tires are offered in many different sizes and shapes.

If you compare Yokohama Tires’ qualities with any other brands and their products then you will find the worth of my remarks about this tire brand.

Alternatives Of Yokohama Tires

Yokohama Tires are world-renowned and some of the best quality tires on the market. However, there are other options for you to buy a good tire if you think Yokohama does not meet your requirements. Here are some alternatives of Yokohama tires:

  • Arroyo Tires
  • Sentury Tires
  • GT Radial Tires
  • Patriot Tires
  • Thunderer Tires

These tires are also good and super quality. If you want, you may know about them from our site. These articles will also help you to know about them better.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

What is the other name of Yokohama Tires?

Yokohama Tires has another name that is popular in Japan. Its name is ADVAN. Some people know Yokohama Tires by this name.

Are Yokohama Tyres Chinese?

There is a branch of Yokohama Tires in China that was established in 2005. The Chinese Yokohama also makes tires but they are for China only.

Which Tire is Best of Yokohama Brand?

Till now, Aspec A300 is said to be the best product that Yokohama Tires makes. Some say this is the driving force behind the popularity of this tire brand.

Are Yokohama Tires made in the USA?

Yes, some of the tires of the Yokohama brand are made in the USA. These are made in two factories in this country. These two factories are in Salem, Virginia, and West Point, Mississippi.


I hope the information I give here will help you in the future to make any buying decision of tires for your vehicles. I tried to give information on who makes Yokohama Tires and where they are made. That was all for today. Thanks for reading from us.

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