Who Makes Sentury Tires? A Detailed Brand Information

Sentury is a leading manufacturer of tires for automotive and aviation vehicles and equipment. They offer a wide range of tires, including performance, rally, and off-road tires. Their products are used in a variety of industries. This was the 50th largest tire seller around the world in the year 2015.

In this article, we will try to inform you about this tire brand. We will mainly discuss who makes Sentury Tires? Where are these tires made and how is the quality of Sentury Tires? This is going to be a very helpful article for these people who are planning to buy Sentury Tires for the first time.

Who Makes Sentury Tires?

Sentury Tires is made by Sentury, a leading manufacturer of tires for the automotive and agricultural markets. Sentury has two sub-brands called Landsail and Delinte. The products of these two brands are also made by Sentury.

Before using any product we should know the maker of that product because the quality depends on the maker a lot. Popular brands make quality products and people trust them but some rubbish companies make bad products. So, before buying anything, you need to know who makes that product. This is true in the case of tires too.

Sentury is a popular tire-producing brand that has a reputation for producing tires for 30 years. In this time, the reputation never went downward. They have no parent organization that makes these tires. So, they are the manufacturer of Sentury Tires. And the tire quality is also best.

Who Owns Sentury Tires?

The main owner of Sentry Tires is themself. But the name is often written as Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd. Because this is the main name of the Sentury brand. There are owners of Sentry Tires based on the shared ownership. Among these 10 owners, 9 are different companies and one is a person.

The most percentage of shares of Sentry Tires is in the hand of Wen Long Lin. He has 11.6% ownership of this tire brand. Besides this, he is the General Manager & Director of this tire brand. So, we can say he is a person who owns Sentry Tires. The other owners of this brand are different companies.

Some other responsible personages of this brand are given here. Long Qin is the chairman of this brand and Hua Shan Xu is the financial director of Sentry Tires.

Where are Sentury Tires Made?

Sentry is a leading manufacturer of bias-ply tires for commercial truck and trailer applications. Established in 1992, Sentry Tires has grown to become one of the largest independent tire manufacturers in China. Sentry’s headquarters are located in  Qingdao, Shandong, China.

Though this is a China-based brand and its headquarter is located in the city of China, its factory is scattered in different parts of the world. Some of its factories are in China and here they produce the most number of tires. They are regularly expanding their tire production hubs day by day.

In recent times, Sentry Tires established a factory near the airport of Qingdao. And they are claiming that this is the most automated factory that any tire factory has ever founded. They also have factories in Thailand.

Are Sentury Tires Good?

Sentury tires are being used in vehicles and aviation. There are a number of popular brands of vehicles that use Sentury tires in their products. Besides the companies, people are using Sentury tires individually.

The fact that Sentury tires are used in these industries is reason enough to trust their product. Tires have been proven to be durable and effective in these fields. Additionally, their customer service is top-notch. People who use Sentury tires often feel confident about their purchase because they know that their tires will meet or exceed their expectations.

Besides these, the customer’s reviews on the online selling platforms are very good about Sentury tires. So, observing these things, we can say that the Sentury tires have some special qualities. These qualities make Sentury tires a good one.

Where to Buy Sentury Tires?

Sentury Tires can be bought online or in a physical store. The number of online sellers is huge. But still, some people are afraid of online purchasing. The online purchase process is simple and straightforward. You simply enter your information, such as your vehicle make and model, and Sentury will provide you with a product list that includes the tires you need. So, this is a very good way of buying Sentry Tires.

The physical stores of tires are a very good option to buy Sentury Tires. The physical store experience is a little more complicated but no less fantastic. When you walk into a Sentury store, it feels like you’re stepping into a world of luxury. The store is spacious and well-stocked with all the supplies you’ll need for automotive repair, agricultural work, or just general maintenance. So, you may take this way too to buy a tire from Sentury Tire.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Who sells Sentury tires?

The producer of Sentury tires is Sentury itself. The seller of this tire is also Sentury. But there are two sub-brands of this brand. They also sell Sentury tires.

Who makes Sentury UHP tires?

This is a category of tires that increases the security or safety of you and your vehicle. Sentury UHP tires are made by Sentury itself.

Are Sentury Tires all-season tires?

There are many models of Sentury Tires. Among them, some are all-season tires and some are special for different seasons. There are some all-season tires of Sentury.


There are many factors to consider when purchasing Sentury Tires, including who makes them, where they are made, and what type of tires they are. To know all these things, this article helps you a lot. If you enjoy this article on Who Makes Sentury Tires by getting important information, that will be our achievement. Thanks for reading.

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