Who Makes Lexani Tires? A Detailed Brand Information

Lexani Tires is a popular tire manufacturing brand that is widely popular. They mainly produce wheels or tires of different luxury cars. Their tires are popular but with that one question related to them is also popular. That question is who makes Lexani tires.

In today’s article, we will tell you everything about this tire manufacturing brand. Mainly we will know who makes Lexani tires, who owns this brand, where Lexani tires are made, and a lot more. All this information will be helpful for the new users or for the people who want to buy this tire brand in near future. So, let’s start.

Who Makes Lexani Tires?

Nexen Tires of South Korea makes Lexani Tires. Nexen Tires is a popular brand that has the aim of producing quality tires for luxury cars. Lexani Tires was formed to control their business in America.

They produce many kinds of tires including tires for automobiles, trucks, and planes, just to name a few. In 1996, this famous tire brand was established by the parent company in California. The main purpose of establishing this sub-brand in America was to expand the business.

After getting popular in South Korea, Nexen Tires aim at America because that was one of the biggest markets of vehicles, and people use tires more there. Thinking that they established this sub-brand and started producing quality tires.

Who Owns Lexani Tires?

Though it has Korean roots, Lexani is actually an American brand. Since its foundation, the company has been manufacturing tires for some of the most popular brands in the world. Most of the time, Lexani’s products are sold as standalone products but there is also a variety of tires that are manufactured under this brand name.

By doing these, Lexani became popular. And with the popularity of this brand, people want to know who owns the company. As a brand, the parent company Nexen is the owner of this tire brand. But there is personal ownership of Nexen tires. Kang Byung-Joong is the CEO and owner of this tire brand. Besides him, there are some shareholders of this brand too.

Where Are Lexani Tires Made?

Lexani Tires is made in the United States. It has a huge manufacturing plant in California. This is the main manufacturing hub of Lexani Tires. The main activities of this brand are partly controlled from the USA and some are controlled from South Korea.

But main production and distribution is in this state of the USA. It has a big place but it still remains small in its manufacturing plant. The plant is also known as the “Tire Plant”. This location is used for manufacturing tires for cars and sports cars.

Some people think that the portion of Lexani tires comes from Korea in America. But actually, this is a false notion. There is no export or import of Lexani tires between these two countries. So, if you love American products then you may buy this tire without any hesitation.

Are Lexani Tires Good?

Lexani tires are widely manufactured in the USA. This tire manufacturing company is mainly located in California, which is the biggest city in this country. This tire manufacturing company has a large number of employees, and it is one of the top companies that have been awarded with ISO 9001:2008 quality system certification.

This tire manufacturing brand is also certified by the US-based Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for being a trusted brand for its consumers. So, you can easily understand the product quality and trustworthiness of Lexani tires.

In fact, Lexani Tires has a well-established reputation among its customers and clients, who trust it to be reliable due to the luxury and prestige that this brand holds. The reviews of this brand’s products are really impressive. These reviews and ratings will give you the confidence to buy Lexani tires.

Where To Buy Lexani Tires?

When our existing tires become old and stop providing service then we feel the need for tire change. And one main task before changing the old tire is buying a new one. If you are planning to buy Lexani tires then from where you will buy them? There are so many ways from where you may buy Lexani tires.

The best option to buy this brand tire is e-commerce. Most of the popular e-commerce sellers sell Lexani tires. If you love online shopping then you may use this method to buy a Lexani tire. This is at a time reliable and you will be able to justify the product’s quality by reading customers’ reviews.

The offline sellers like motor mechanics, tire shops are also trusted and reliable to buy Lexani tires. These options are also very good for you as a buyer because you have a chance to watch the tire there. So, these are the ways of buying a Lexani tire.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Who makes Lexani wheels?

Lexani tires and wheels are the products of the same brand. So both are made of Nexen tires. Because this is the parent company of Lexani tire.

Why are Lexani tires so Popular?

The main reason behind the popularity of Lexani tires is their product quality. All the models of this brand are very high qualities and provide good service to users.

Are Lexani tires worth them?

If you see, the price of Lexani tires is not so high. They are reasonable. If you compare price with quality then you will find them really worthy.


That was all for today. I hope now you know who makes Lexani tires. Our article is mainly to guide the would-be buyers of this brand. We arrange the information to guide and provide enough information on this brand. I hope you enjoyed this writing. Thanks for reading.

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