Who Makes Delium Tires? History and FAQs

There goes a huge discussion on tires for cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles. But what about the tires of bikes like motorcycles and bicycles? This should also get some attention. That’s why we are going to talk about the popular bicycle tire manufacturing brand Delium Tires. Our discussion will be on some popular questions like who makes Delium Tires and many more.

Besides answering these questions, we will guide you to make a buying decision on Delium Tires and will suggest some alternatives for this tire brand. So, without any delay, let’s start explaining this tire brand.

Who Makes Delium Tires

Delium Tires makes its own tires. That means this is a brand that controls all its activities like manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and selling.

Delium Tires started making tires in the 1970s. Since then, this brand is producing quality tires for long riding and also for rough riding. The tires Delium makes are enriched by high-quality grip, stability, and some more qualities. After the success in the tire industry, Delium Tires is now making bicycles for all of us.

The moto of this tire manufacturing brand is producing low-cost tires for all the riders around the world. They want to make tires available for all rides not only for the riches. If you are planning to buy a tire from Delium Tires for your bicycle then you must know about the manufacturing place. Let’s see that in the next section.

Where Are Delium Tires Made?

Delium Tires are made in tire heaven Indonesia. This is the hub of manufacturing tires. Hundreds of brands make their tires in this country of South East Asia. That’s why Indonesia is called the heaven of quality tires. Delium Tires is an Indonesian tire brand and it is doing all its manufacturing activities here. This is the headquarter of this tire brand.

Besides Indonesia, Delium Tires has some regional offices in different parts of the world like the Philippines, Australia, the United Kingdom, and many more. But these are only offices where they control business. No production is there. Delium Tires makes tires only in Indonesia.

Are Delium Tires Good?

The quality of Delium Tires is proved so many times. From riders to mechanics all like this tire brand in their bicycles. So, we can say this is one of the best bicycle tires that you will find at a low cost. The performance of Delium Tires in different types of tracks is impressive. In wet or muddy conditions, the grip of Delium Tires is impressive. Lifetime is also more than average tires.

But not everything is good about Delium Tires. It would be wrong if I thoroughly praise this tire brand. The hardness of the tire is considered to be a con. Some users of Delium Tires blame it to be a hard tire producer. Some people also accuse that Delium Tires is a weighty tire. It reduces the bike speed.

But the biggest quality of Delium Tires is its price. The price of all tires of this brand is lower than average. That’s why people like this brand. If you are searching for a low-budget tire for your bicycle then don’t hesitate to select Delium Tires. The following tires are most popular from this brand.

Delium Tires Price (How is Delium Tires Price?)

There are so many tire models of Delium Tires. They are different in many respects. But one main difference that we find from one tire to another is in price. The point where Delium Tires is unique and special than other tires is price. The price of Delium Tires is lower than other brands.

If you want to buy a tire from this brand then you have to spend from $30 to $45. But based on place and seller, the price varies. So, giving you a price idea accurately is very hard. Their official website is providing this price list of their tires. So, this should be around the price we have given here.

Delium Tires Origin (What is Delium Tires Origin?)

If you search for the origin of Delium Tires then you will find only this name. Because Delium did not get its birth from any other company or tire manufacturer. This is the founder of this brand. In 1956, Delium Tires started its journey. But it started producing tires and tubes in 1970. Since then, they are one of the top tire manufacturers for bicycles. This is the origin of Delium Tires.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Is Delium Tires an American Brand?

No, Delium Tires is an Indonesian tire brand. They are manufacturing bicycle tires from Indonesia and sell them all over the world.

What is the Warranty System of Delium Tires?

The warranty system of Delium Tires is the same as other tire brands. They provide around 3000 miles warranty. This is the warranty system of Delium Tires.

What is the Life Time of Delium Tires?

According to the authority, their tire’s lifetime is more than 5000 miles. But they only provide a warranty for 3000 miles. The lifetime changes are based on tire types.


The buying guide and question answering about Delium Tires are over. Our main purpose is done. Now we know who makes Delium Tires. The plan of buying a low-cost tire for your bicycle will be successful by the help of this tire brand. So, without making any delay, take a buying decision. Thanks for reading from us.

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