Who Makes Roadone Tires? History and FAQs

Roadone Tire is also known as Road One Tire is a Chinese tire brand that can be said as a rising tire giant in recent times. Roadone makes tires for passenger cars, CUVs, SUVs, light trucks, trailers, and commercial vehicles. All their tires are very good quality and high performing. Because who makes Roadone Tire is an experienced organization.

People have a lot of interest in this tire brand. They want to know the manufacturer, manufacturing place, and a lot more. Thinking of public demand, I am going to expose Roadone Tire. This is going to be a highly informative discussion for all of you who want to know about Roadone Tire. So, let’s start.

Who Makes Roadone Tires?

The Chinese tire and rubber giant Tongli Tyre Co., LTD makes Roadone Tire by their own technology. As I said, Tongli Tyre Co., LTD is a manufacturing company that produces rubber and plastics products. They started their manufacturing business in 1989 and still, that is going on with full courage.

Tongli Tyre Co., LTD started Roadone Tires very recently. That year was 2003. This was a remarkable start by this organization. Now Roadone has a big customer base around the world. The manufacturing hub of Tongli Tyre Co., LTD is large. In this tire factory, all the tires are made. You might be thinking where Roadone Tires are made. I will talk about that next.

Who Owns Roadone Tires?

Knowing about the owner of a brand is as important as knowing the manufacturer. Because the product quality mostly depends on the manufacturer. In the case of Roadone Tires, that is true. The parent organization Tongli Tyre Co., LTD. They are the manufacturer and they are the owner. While we talk about the owner, the name is taken like Tongli Tyre Co., LTD family.

When the owner is the matter, we try to find the name of any person. Because this is a point of interest which we can not avoid. But no personal name was found in the list of Roadone owners. So, the organizational owner is the main owner of this tire brand.

In the bench of employees, some names come who control everything of Roadone Tires and Tongli Tyre Co., LTD. They are Jin Cui is a Director, Teng Niu is a Legal Representative, and Jinluan Guo is a Supervisor. In the achievements of Roadone Tires, their contribution is undeniable.

Where Are Roadone Tires Made?

There are so many tire manufacturing plants of Roadone Tires in different parts of China. All these plants are used to make this tire. Roadone Tires is completely a China-based tire brand. Where all its tires are made in China. The main hub of manufacturing Roadone Tires is in Yanzhou District Jining, Shandong. The headquarters of this brand is also there.

Recently Roadone started a new truck tire plant. It is also situated in China. So, every tire that Roadone Tires makes is in China. Not only manufacturing, research, distribution are also done from China. But they sell their tires in every part of the world.

Some people try to avoid Chinese products. Especially the people who live in America, don’t want to use these products if there is an alternative available. But if your concern is tire quality then you should not avoid Roadone Tires. Because the quality is maintained very strictly by the parent organization in the case of tires.

Are Roadone Tires Any Good?

Personally, I did not use Roadone Tires. But I researched this brand to give you a better idea about it. What I found is really mind blowing. First of all, you have to keep in mind that this is a brand of middle budget. So, the higher expectation may not be fulfilled. So, there are so many goods about Roadone Tires.

The better traction, high-quality performance on all kinds of the road in all seasons, and safe driving is the best quality of this brand. Moreover, this is a long drive specialist tire for passenger cars and light trucks. The high-speed controlling system of this tire is also good. These are the qualities that a tire must have. As a seller, Roadone Tires provide some quality services to the customers. These are also attractive.

So, if you are planning to buy a mid-range tire for your car and light truck then you may consider the Roadone Tires brand. All the qualities it has will give you the utmost comfort in driving and long service. The following tires are the best of Roadone Tires. You may consider them for you.

Alternatives Of Roadone Tires

Searching for an alternative is our right when planning to buy a tire. This will give us a chance to compare some brands and finally will help us to make a decision. So, you must read about the alternative brands of Roadone Tires. There are so many alternative brands of this Chinese tire manufacturer. Let’s see some of them on the list.

  • Lexani Tires
  • Sentury Tires
  • Mickey Thompson Tires
  • General Tires
  • Supermax Tires

You may know about these tire brands by clicking on the names. I discussed them on this website.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Is Roadone Tires a Chinese Brand?

Yes, Roadone Tires is a Chinese brand. All the products of this tire brand are made in China and its parent organization is also of that country.

What is the mileage of Roadone Tires?

The warranty mileage of Roadone Tires is lower than other brands. This is only 40,000 miles. But after the warranty ends, this tire will serve you 10,000 to 20,000 miles more.

Where are Roadone cavalry tires made?

Like all the tires of the Roadone brand, its cavalry tires are also made in China. That is the main manufacturing country of this brand.


Roadone Tires is a good tire no doubt. There are some good qualities of this brand. In the same way, some problems are also there. So, before making any buying decision, take these things into consideration. That was all for today. I hope you know who makes Roadone Tires and where they are made. Don’t forget to read about these alternative brands.

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