Who Makes Mesa Tires? History and FAQs

One of the less known but most effective tire brands is Mesa Tires. This is less known because of its growing nature and less marketing. As Mesa is not a very popular brand that’s why people want to know about them and also want to know who makes Mesa Tires in their countries. The manufacturer company of Meza tires is a big name.

They are doing tire and rubber business and manufacturing products for a long time. This discussion will be dedicated to Mesa tire by answering all the questions related to this tire brand. So, let’s start knowing this tire brand.

Who Makes Mesa Tires?

American Tire and rubber product manufacturing company Cooper Tire & Rubber Company makes Mesa Tires for people around the world. They have been manufacturing tires since 1960.

No doubt about the tire manufacturing company Cooper Tire about their tire quality. They are vastly experienced and that is widely acknowledged. This brand is making all the tires of the Mesa brand. No clear evidence about the starting of Mesa but it is not much old.

If you are searching the manufacturer of Mesa Tires to know the tire quality then I think you should not be worried about it. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company ensures the quality of their tires very seriously.

Where Are Mesa Tires Manufactured?

Mesa Tires are mainly produced and distributed in the USA. But some customers of this tire brand are from outside this country. For them, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company exports some tires or manufactures there. But the number of Mesa Tires that are manufactured outside America is very small.

Mesa Tires are made in the factories of Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. The main factory or manufacturing plant of Cooper Tires is in Ohio, USA. But this is not the only manufacturing plant where Cooper Tires makes Mesa Tires.

Some other factories are used. Some are in China, England, Taiwan, India, and many more countries. Even Cooper Tires rent other tire manufacturing plants in different parts of the world.

Are Mesa Tires Good?

The models of tires that Mesa has are huge. For all these models, user experience is different. Some are praising these tires thoroughly and some are a little moderate. But overall, Mesa Tires are good. Customers are satisfied with all the features these tires have.

There are so many good sides to Mesa Tires. The grip in the different conditions of the road of Mesa tires is really impressive. In the case of braking capacity, Mesa attracts people’s attention. With that, Mesa tires are good at cornering, off-road capabilities, visual appearance, and comfort level. The price and customer service are also very much satisfying.

With all these good qualities, Mesa deserves your attention to buy their tires. If you are satisfied with all the qualities that Mesa Tires has then you may visit the following links. These are some most popular tire models of Mesa.

Who Sells Mesa Tires?

Talking about the sellers of Mesa Tires is very hard. Because in different places, the sellers are different. If I talk about trusted sellers of Mesa Tires then I have to talk about the dealers of Cooper Tires. These dealers sell Mesa tires in most of the big and medium cities. If you live in a big city then search for Mesa or Cooper dealer writing the name of your city.

Another type of seller who sells Mesa Tires in most of the cities is the tire sellers or motor mechanics. You may visit them for Mesa Tires. Besides these real-life sellers of Mesa Tires, the online sellers are also trusted. You may buy from the online shops of Mesa Tires. The above products are from a popular online tire seller. You may buy from them.

Alternatives Of Mesa Tires

Except for Mesa Tires, there are so many tire brands for us. These brands have their own specialties. All these brands can be counted as alternative brands of Mesa Tires. If you want to know about these alternative brands to make a buying decision then the following will be best. These are the most popular tire brands of the present time.

  • Mickey Thompson Tires
  • Supermax Tires
  • Lemans Tires
  • Delta Tires
  • Radar Tires

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Mesa Tires made by Cooper?

Yes, Mesa Tires are made by Cooper Tires. Cooper Tires and Rubber Company is the parent organization of Mesa Tires. So, manufacturing this tire is their work.

Who makes Mesa ap2 tires?

Mesa AP2 Tire is a model of Mesa Tires. As Cooper Tires makes all the tires of the Mesa brand, this is also a Mesa product that Cooper Tires manufactures.

Are Mesa ap2 tires any good?

Mesa AP2 is one of the most popular tires of the Mesa brand. People love this model for so many reasons. So, this can be said to be a good tire from Mesa.

What is the expected life of a Mesa ap2 tire?

Mesa provides a 50,000 miles mileage warranty with their AP2 tires. So, we can say this is the expected life of this model. But it will surely give you 10,000 miles more services easily.


That is all about this tire brand. I hope now you know who makes Mesa Tires. The manufacturer of Mesa is undoubtedly one of the best in the tire industry. If your main intention was to know about the tire to buy one then I hope the outcome is positive. To buy a tire from the Mesa brand, please select one of the given tires. Thanks for reading from us.

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