Who Makes Trailer King Tires? History and FAQs

Like its name, Trailer King Tires is the king of modern trailers. As a tire brand, Trailer King has a wide customer base. The achievement of Trailer King Tires is massive in the recent past. And all its achievements have a partner because that makes Trailer King Tires a great one. That is the manufacturer of this tire brand. Do you know who makes Trailer King Tires?

 This tire brand is manufactured and distributed by a giant organization of tire fields. They are making and selling tires for RV and other vehicles in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. This discussion will be on Trailer King Tires, its manufacturer, manufacturing place, and something more. So, let’s start exposing Trailer King Tires.

Who Makes Trailer King Tires?

TBC Brands L.L.C. makes Trailer King Tires. This tire manufacturer is also known as TBC Corporation. Talking about TBC Brands L.L.C or TBC Corporation will be easy because this brand has been doing business in the tire field for a long time and people know about them a lot. The tire manufacturing and distributing history of TBC Brands L.L.C is vast.

From 1956, TBC Brands L.L.C is doing this business but at that time, the name of this organization was different. This organization changed its name so many times under the ownership of different parent organizations. But now this name is getting stability. From the time of Trailer King Tires’ start, this became more popular.

Who Owns Trailer King Tires?

Talking about the owner or parent organization is important while the quality is key. Because the quality of a product depends on the owner. Most of the time the products a brand sells are made by the technology of the owner organization. That’s why knowing about Trailer King Tires’ owners is important if you are planning to buy a tire from them.

TBC Brands L.L.C is the direct owner of this tire brand. Under their surveillance and ownership, Trailer King Tires are made. And these tires are sold by them. So, this is the owner of Trailer King Tires. Two other organizations can be called the owner of Trailer King Tires. Because these companies own TBC Brands L.L.C. These are Michelin North America and Sumitomo Corporation.

The key person who is controlling everything of Trailer King Tires is Laurent Bourrut. He is the President, CEO, & Chairman of the Board of TBC Brands L.L.C. or TBC Corporation. He can be said to be another owner of Trailer King Tires. The achievements and failure of this tire brand also go on him too.

Where Are Trailer King Tires Made?

This is a confusing question because nothing about the factories of Trailer King Tires is given officially. But it is known that the tires of Trailer King Tires are made in the factories of Michelin North America and Sumitomo Corporation. Because these are the main partners of this tire brand. Some people say that some of the tires of this brand are made in Japan. There is a factory of this rubber industry in Japan.

Some other tires of this brand are made in China too. Because there are some Michelin North America factories in China. Those factories are also used to manufacture Trailer King Tires. Though Trailer King Tires is an American brand and its customers are all from North America but the tires are made in the USA.

Are Trailer King Tires Any Good?

Talking about the good qualities of Trailer King Tires is very easy because this brand has some unique and special features that make this tire a special one. From my experience, Trailer King Tires is a good brand for all kinds of vehicles. This tire performs very well in all seasons and road conditions.

The traction, driving comfort, safety, and long life of Trailer King Tires will impress you. Some of the models of this tire brand are special for off-road driving, some are good for long and speedy driving. Trailer King Tires gets a special rating in RV vehicles. Besides this, the warranty, customer service, and dealer behavior all are very good about Trailer King Tires. You will get a better idea about the qualities of this tire brand if you look at the customers’ review section of this brand on different e-commerce websites.

After reading this and your research on Trailer King Tires, if you think this brand is for you then I think you should go for some popular modes of Trailer King Tires. The following tires are the best of Trailer King Tires. Make sure you go through them.

Alternatives of Trailer King Tires

There are so many alternative brands of Trailer King Tires. If you think you need something more than this brand has then you must know about the alternative brands. I make a list of some popular tire brands that will perform as an alternative to Trailer King Tires. By clicking on these links you may read about them too.

  • Yokohama Tires
  • Fullway Tires
  • Patriot Tires
  • Sentury Tires
  • General Tires

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Trailer King tires made in the USA?

No, Trailer King Tires are made in China and Japan. But these brand tires are sold in North America mainly. But some of the tires of Trailer King Tires may be made in the USA.

Are Trailer King tires China bombs?

Yes, you can say that because some of the tires of Trailer King are made in China. But the negative sense that comes with the word China bombs is not true in the case of Trailer King.

Who sells Trailer King Tires?

The manufacturer and distributor of Trailer King is TBC Corporation. So, they are the seller of Trailer King Tires.


As a producer of RV tires, Trailer King is the king. It has a very good name in this field. So, if you buy a tire from them then the chance of getting a worthy tire is high. The question that you have in mind of who makes Trailer King Tires is clear now. Like that, the quality of this brand is also clear now. So, make the proper decision of buying a tire or star searching for an alternative. Thanks for reading about Trailer King Tires.

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