Who Makes Radar Tires? A Detailed Brand Information

From my experience with tires, people have many choices of tires for their vehicles. The choices are different. But in the case of one brand, my opinion is completely different. This is popular in Asia and America equality. The drivers also like this brand for the tire’s performance. Can you guise the brand? Yes, it is Radar Tire. I will talk about one popular question about this brand that is who makes Radar Tire.

That will not be the end, our discussion will go deeper to the manufacturing place, owner, some good qualities, and with that some close alternatives of this brand. If you are new to buy a Radar Tire then a guide will be there for you. SO, let’s start knowing this popular tire brand.

Who Makes Radar Tires?

Popular tire manufacturing company Omni United Pte. Ltd makes Radar Tires. This manufacturer makes tires not only of this brand but also some more brands. The experience level of Onmi United as a manufacturer of tires is not like other elite but they are advancing very fast. From 2003 to now, this organization keeps its fame everywhere.

The tire quality depends on the manufacturer a lot. So, Radar Tire will be good in quality because the manufacturer is Omni United Pte. Ltd. Patriot Tires is another popular brand that is also made by this organization. So, as a buyer, you should love Radar Tire’s manufacturer.

Who Owns Radar Tires?

Radar Tires is not a single-person-owned brand. So, as an owner, we find no name of a person or family. Some names of organizations come on the list when we talk about the owner of Radar Tire. Initially Omni United is the owner organization of Radar Tire. Not only owner, Radar Tire s the flagship brand of Omni United.

But that is not the end. Another organization comes in the list of owners of Radar Tire. That is G.S. Sareen. Though this is not the direct owner. G.S. Sareen owns Omni United and Omni United owns Radar Tires. In that sense, G.S. Sareen is the indirect owner of Radar Tire.

Where Are Radar Tires Made?

This is another important question for the people who are planning to buy a tire from the Radar brand. Because this will give you the confidence to buy a tire. The parent organization or manufacturer of Radar Tires Omni United is from Singapore. And all its tires are made in Singapore. So Radar Tires are also made in Singapore.

After knowing the manufacturing place of Radar Tire, you might be thinking that Radar is not as good as an American manufactured tire. But you are wrong. There are almost 7 brands of Omni United. All these brands selles around two million units of passenger and light truck tires every year. Among these brands, Radar Tire is on the top. So, nothing to be warred about the quality.

Are Radar Tires Any Good?

In the year 2013, Radar Tire enters the off-road racing competition. They own a very good position that year and after that, the performance of Radar Tires was impressive. So, I think the quality should be out of any doubt. There are so many good things about the Radar Tire. Some of the qualities of Radar Tire that you need to know before buying are:

  • Radar Tire will ensure stable driving for you. By doing that, your journey will be safe and driving will be comfortable.
  • Another thing is well maintained by Omni United in the case of Radar Tire. That is the design of the tread pattern is also perfect for proper traction.
  • The handling performance of Radar Tire is world-class both in dry and wet conditions.
  • The customer support and price of Radar Tire is also satisfactory.

All the qualities of this brand that I mentioned above are not my personal opinion. Rather they are taken from customers’ reviews and research. I think you will enjoy these qualities about Radar Tire. If you want to use this tire for your vehicle then the following tires will be my recommendation. They are top-rated tires from Radar.

Alternatives of Radar Tires

The qualities Radar Tire has are enough to make a buying decision. I think most people will buy this tire for their vehicles. Because everything about this brand is impressive. But yet we all are not the same and our choices are different. So, disliking this brand is not any fault. If you think this is not enough for you then go for an alternative brand.

There are a number of alternative brands of Radar Tire. You may select one from. Which brand you will select depends mostly on what you want for your vehicle. If you want an American brand then go for General Tires, Uniroyal, GT Radial, and many more. But if you want low priced brand then select Arroyo Tires, Tiger Paw any others. Some more alternatives of Radar Tire are given below:

  • Patriot Tires
  • Fullway Tires
  • Ohtsu Tires
  • Yokohama Tires
  • Mickey Thompson Tires

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Are Radar Tires made in China?

No, Radar Tire is a Singaporean brand. The parent organization of this tire is based in Singapore and its headquarter is also there.

How long do Radar Tires last?

The average mileage of a Radar Tire is around 60,000 miles. So, we can say this is how long a Radar Tire lasts.

Who makes Radar renegade?

Like all the tires of Radar Tires, Omni United makes Radar renegade. This is a popular model of Rader Tires.

Where are Radar Tires manufactured?

Radar Tires are manufactured in Singapore. This is the hub of this tire and many other tires of the Omni United brand.


There is no doubt that Radar Tire is good for passenger cars and light trucks. Both off-road and on track, this is on the top for performance. I think you will agree with me after using this tire. I cleared the main question of who makes Radar Tire at the beginning of the discussion. With that, I tried to provide some more helpful info for you. I hope you enjoy my discussion.

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