Who Makes Tiger Paw Tires? History and FAQs

If you search for an America-based tire brand that is popular as all seasons touring tire then you will find the name Tiger Paw many times. This tire brand is making tires of different categories. But do you know who makes Tiger Paw tires at the present time or who is the manufacturer? This article will tell you everything about this.

In this discussion, I will discuss everything about Tiger Paw tire. From its manufacturer to its tire quality everything will be here for your help. This information will give you a proper guide if you want to buy a tire of them. So, let’s start.

Who Makes Tiger Paw Tire?

The popular rubber company Uniroyal makes Tiger Paw tires. This is the present manufacturer of this popular tire brand. But previously a rubber company called United States Rubber Company did that. Now that organization change its name and is known as Uniroyal.

Uniroyal was founded in the year 1961. But before that, this organization was known as the United States Rubber Company. That was founded in 1892. Now Uniroyal sells a lot of their tires to North America, Australia, and Europe. But the biggest market of them is the USA. Their selling name is Tiger Paw.

Tiger Paw Tires is mainly known as a touring tire producer of all seasons. It makes tires like passenger car tires, light truck or utility vehicle (UTV) tires and off-road equipment tires like ATVs and dirt bikes.

Who Owns Tiger Paw Tires?

The owner of the Tiger Paw tires is Uniroyal tires or Uniroyal company. This is the parent organization of this tire brand. This is also the manufacturer of these tires. But this is the organizational owner of Tiger Paw tires.

There are some more brands that own the Uniroyal Rubber company. They are Michelin, a French multinational tire manufacturing company, and Continental AG, a German multinational automotive parts manufacturing company.

All the owners that we know about the Tiger Paw tires are the organizational owners. There is no name of any person or family who is listed as the owner of this tire brand. So, we can say that Tiger Paw Tires is owned by some multinational companies by shares.

Where Are Tiger Paw Tires Made?

A big question that people ask themselves is where are Tiger Paw tires made? Where does this company manufacture the tire with their expertise and experience? The answer is important because, to some people, factory location is the main for quality. They think the products are made in the USA are more qualitiful than others.

The Tiger Paw tires are made in the USA. Uniroyal manufactures its tires in the United States of America which means they have a lot of tools and resources which help them do their work efficiently.

The company has a production plant, warehouse, and offices in many cities of this country where all of their tires are made. Among these cities, Greenville, South Carolina, Naugatuck, Connecticut are the main ones.

Are Tiger Paw Tires Any Good?

Tiger Paw has been a popular brand for tire lovers since its establishment in America. It is one of the top-selling brands across the US, and it is also known for its quality tires. This makes them quite popular among the people who love to drive on the open roads with their cars. There is not any rather a number of good things about the Tiger Paw tires. Let’s see some good qualities of Tiger Paw Tires.

I mentioned that there are a number of good qualities that will force you to love this brand and its products. These good qualities make Tiger Paw a special one to all of its lovers. So let’s see the good qualities of Tiger Paw tires:

  1. The price is affordable.
  2. It has a high mileage for your car.
  3. It has a long life expectancy.
  4. It is easy to install and remove.
  5. It is made to last longer without being affected by the weather.
  6. Its lifespan is longer than its competitor’s.
  7. Its grip level is high even in wet conditions.

There are some Tire models that take Tiger Paw to the level of a good tire brand in the USA. If you are looking for some good tires of this brand then you should see the following tires.

Alternatives Of Tiger Paw Tires

If you are not much satisfied after knowing everything about Tiger Paw then you should look at the alternatives of this brand. There are a number of alternatives to Tiger Paw tires but all are not the best. The Yokohama Tire Company is the best alternative to this brand.

Yokohama Tire Company is also a popular America-based tire company with a wide range of tires that can be designed according to the brand’s quality standards and specifications. These products include different types of tires like the AVID ENVigor, AVID Enticer, and AVID Adventure.

Yokohama Tire Company has been providing its customers with good quality products over the years in order to keep their customers happy with its service as well as product quality. Some other alternatives of this brand are:

  • GT Radial Tires
  • Sentury Tires
  • Mickey Thompson Tires
  • Vredestein Tires
  • Supermax Tires

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long do Tiger Paw tires last?

The mileage of Tiger Paw is very impressive. So, it will last for a long time. The average lasting time of a Tiger Paw tire is 75,000 miles. After running 75,000 miles, an average Tiger Paw tire has to be replaced.

Are Tiger Paw tires made by Michelin?

No, Tiger Paw tires are made by Uniroyal. The brand Michelin is a parent organization of Uniroyal but they are not the manufacturer of Tiger Paw Tires.

Are Tiger Paw tires directional?

No, most of the models of Tiger Paw tires are not directional. They are made non-directional and for all seasons.

Are Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires noisy?

The user experience of the Tiger Paw tires is very good. There is no complaint against this brand of having noise on the road. So, we can say that Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires are not noisy.


Dear readers, that was all about who makes Tiger Paw tires and many more. I hope you get everything that you expected from this article. I tried to give you all the necessary information that you need to know to make any buying decision. That was all for today. Thanks for reading.

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