Ironman tires

Who Makes Ironman Tires?

Ironman Tires are made by the Hercules Tire & Rubber Company, a tire manufacturer, distributor, and retailer. Ironman tires is a private brand that was launched in 2008 to provide quality tires at a good price to Hercules customers.

Where Are Ironman Tires Made?

Ironman tires are manufactured in China at the Hercules Tire & Rubber Company facility. This location offers lower labor costs and allows Ironman to maintain affordable tire prices.

Ironman Brand Overview

OwnerHercules Tire & Rubber Company
HeadquartersHuntersville, North Carolina, US
Parent CompanyAmerican Tire Distributors, Inc.

Ironman Tires Owner History

The ownership history of Ironman tires can be traced back to the founding of the Hercules Tire & Rubber Company in 1952. The company initially focused on retreading tires before expanding to manufacturing private-label tires for various brands.

In 2008, Hercules introduced Ironman tires to give customers a greater choice of options, no matter their budget. Ironman includes the most popular styles and sizes of tires at an affordable price.

Since then, Ironman tires has steadily gained recognition for its affordable and dependable tire options, particularly within the budget-conscious segment. The brand continues to expand its product line and cater to various vehicle types and driving needs.

What Kind of Tires Does Ironman Make?

Ironman offers a diverse range of tires for various vehicles and driving applications, including all-season, highway, all-terrain, mud-terrain, and winter tires.

Their product portfolio includes:

  • All-Season Tires: These tires are designed for year-round use in moderate climates, offering a balance of treadwear, handling, and wet/dry traction. Popular Ironman all-season tires include the All Country A/T, GR906, and Imove Gen2 SUV.
  • Highway Tires: Focused on on-road comfort and fuel efficiency, these tires offer smooth rides and low rolling resistance. Examples include the All Season Touring and Aspire Touring A/S.
  • All-Terrain Tires: Designed for both on-road and off-road use, these tires provide enhanced traction on light off-road trails. Popular choices include the All Country AT2 and All Terrain A/T.
  • Mud-Terrain Tires: Engineered for aggressive off-road performance, these tires offer deep treads and superior grip in challenging terrains. Ironman’s All Country M/T is a notable example.
  • Light Truck Tires: These tires cater to SUVs and trucks, offering durability and load-carrying capacity. Ironman offers various light truck tire options, including the All Terrain A/T LT and Radial LT.

Is Ironman a Good Tire Brand?

Ironman is a good tire brand that has become quite famous for its budget tires. Consumers report that Ironman tires are decent for the price and provide good traction all year round.

Whether Ironman is a “good” brand for you depends on your individual needs and priorities.

Here’s a balanced view of their strengths and weaknesses:


  • Affordability: Ironman tires are generally priced lower than many premium brands, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Variety: The brand offers a wide range of tires for different vehicles and driving styles, increasing the chances of finding a suitable option.
  • Performance: While not top-tier, Ironman tires offer decent performance in their respective categories, providing adequate traction, handling, and comfort for everyday driving.
  • Warranty: Ironman tires come with standard mileage warranties backed by Hercules Tire and Rubber Compan, offering peace of mind to consumers.


  • Brand Recognition: Compared to established premium brands, Ironman might lack the same level of brand recognition and trust among some consumers.
  • Performance Limitations: While decent for everyday use, Ironman tires might not offer the same level of performance and handling as premium brands, especially in extreme conditions.
  • Limited Reviews: Compared to major brands, Ironman tires has fewer user reviews available online, making it harder to gauge real-world experiences.

Ultimately, the decision of whether Ironman is a good tire brand for you depends on your priorities and budget. If you’re looking for an affordable tire for everyday driving, Ironman might be a good option. However, if you prioritize ultimate performance or brand recognition, you might want to consider other brands.

It’s always recommended to research and compare different tire brands and models before making a purchase.

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