Who Makes Arroyo Tires? History And FAQs

Arroyo Tires is one of the newest tire brands in the USA that started its business in 2012. In this short time, this brand starts gaining popularity and people start talking about them. This brand is especially popular for its off-road tires. The tire quality of Arroyo is also good for passenger vehicles. But most of us don’t know where and who makes Arroyo Tires.

This article will give you a complete view of this tire brand including a buying guide for the new and would be customer of Arroyo Tires. We will know about the manufacturer, owner, product qualities, and some alternatives of Arroyo Tires. So, let’s begin the discussion.

Who Makes Arroyo Tires?

Arroyo Tire Co. Inc. makes Arroyo Tires in their own factory. Arroyo Tires is the main and only sub brand of Arroyo Tire Co. Inc. Some people say the marketing name of Arroyo Tire Co. Inc. products is Arroyo Tires. So, I can say Arroyo Tires makes their own tires.

To produce quality tires for performance, passenger and off-road, the small tire manufacturing company Arroyo Tire Co. Inc. started their journey. Their main product is tires and some other parts and accessories of vehicles. Arroyo is the marketing name of this brand tire.

Usually we find some brands import their tires and some brands take their products from their parent organization. But Arroyo Tire is different. They make their own products/tires. So, I can say that Arroyo Tire Co. Inc makes Arroyo Tire in their own factory and technology.

Who Owns Arroyo Tires?

The owner of Arroyo Tire or Arroyo Tire Co. Inc is still not open. No one knows about the owner. But we know that an organization is not owned by any person personally because they sell their shares to different people to collect funds. Same thing happens with Arroyo Tire Co. Inc.

There is no personal owner of this tire brand and its parent organization. The ownership is distributed to different organizations as a share. The name of these shareholders is not open. There is no information about this on the internet.

 But we know about one vital person of this brand. The person is the president of Arroyo Tire who is controlling this business. His name is James Nigra.

Where Are Arroyo Tires Made?

Arroyo Tire is still a small brand and it is growing very fast. We have seen a number of brands that produce their tires in different parts of the world to get product quality and expand their business in that area. But Arroyo Tire is different.

Arroyo Tire has a business only based in the USA and it can be said as one factory or office based brand. The main office, distribution center and manufacturing hub of Arroyo Tire is in Castaic, CA, United States. So, I can say that Arroyo Tires are made in CA. United States.

Are Arroyo Tires Good?

Arroyo Tires is a new tire brand in the market. The company was founded by a team of engineers who are passionate about off-road tires. They use the latest technologies and materials to make their tires high quality and durable.

In Arroyo Tires you will get good quality tires that will last for years. The brand also offers a wide range of services such as installation, repair, and aftermarket parts. Besides this the price of their tires is also low compared to other brands.

The answer of this question will be more clear to you if you can read customers reviews of their tires on different online tire selling platforms. These will give you an actual picture of Arroyo Tires. In my opinion, this is a good brand.

Some Good Qualities of Arroyo Tires

Before we think of buying a product, we should know why we should buy from a certain brand. We will get the reasons if we can find some qualities of that brand. Arroyo Tires is a very good tire brand in the USA. If you are thinking of buying a tire from them then you should know some qualities of them. Here are some good qualities of Arroyo Tires:

  • Driving comfort, braking grip, handling all are very good in Arroyo tires.
  • The quality of the tires is top-notch.
  • Off-road tires are very popular in the USA and Arroyo Tires is one of the best brands for this type of tire.
  • The tires are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • The company offers a wide range of warranties and customer service is excellent.
  • Arroyo Tires provides good value for your money.

For all these reasons, you should buy a tire from Arroyo Tires.

Alternatives of Arroyo Tires

If you think Arroyo Tires is not enough for you and want to choose an alternative, it can be difficult to determine which option would be the best for your vehicle. But still I am going to suggest some brands that would be good for you in all respects. Some potential alternatives of this tire brands include:

  • Yokohama
  • Fullway
  • Ohtsu
  • Sentury
  • Vredestein

Each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to tires. So, before you make a decision, it’s important to compare the different options and see what would work better for you. To know about them, please click on the name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who makes Arroyo grand sport tires?

All the tires of Arroyo Tires are made by them. So, the Arroyo sport tires are also made by themselves. Some people also say that Arroyo Tire Co. Inc makes Arroyo sport tires.

Are Arroyo tires made in the USA?

Yes, most of Arroyo Tires are made in the USA. This is the main manufacturing hub of this brand.

Are arroyo tires made in China?

No, Arroyo Tires are not made in China. It is open that Arroyo Tire Co. Inc makes all their tires in the USA.


That was all about the popular American tire brand Arroyo Tire. I hope now you know who makes Arroyo Tires and where they are made. Though the owner is not clear, but other things are open to you now. Thanks for reading from us. This was a try to give you information on Arroyo Tires.

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