Gladiator tires

Who Makes Gladiator Tires?

Gladiator tires are made by American Pacific Industries (API), a tire manufacturer and distributor based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Founded in 1982, Gladiator tires are produced for light trucks, commercial trucks, cars, ATV/UTVs, and high performance vehicles.

Where Are Gladiator Tires Made?

Gladiator tires are manufactured in China and Thailand at American Pacific Industries production facilities. Since Gladiator doesn’t have its own dedicated manufacturing plants production occurs within API’s global network.

It’s important to note that API does not publicly disclose the exact origin of each Gladiator tire model. However, quality control measures are standard across all facilities, ensuring consistency and adherence to their specific performance and safety requirements for tires.

Gladiator Brand Overview

OwnerAmerican Pacific Industries (API)
HeadquartersScottsdale, Arizona, US

Gladiator Tires Owner History

As mentioned earlier, Gladiator falls under the umbrella of American Pacific Industries (API). Here’s a glimpse into API’s journey:

  • 1982: Founded by API.
  • 1990s: Expands into private label manufacturing for various tire brands.
  • 2000s: Acquires Zenna tire brand and establishes X-Comp, venturing into performance tires.
  • 2010s: Launches the Gladiator brand, targeting light truck and off-road enthusiasts.
  • Present: Continues to operate as a leading tire manufacturer and distributor, offering various brands to cater to diverse market segments.

While Gladiator is a relatively young brand compared to some established tire companies, it leverages API’s experience and manufacturing capabilities to carve its niche in the market.

What Kind of Tires Does Gladiator Make?

Gladiator primarily focuses on making tires for light trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps, catering to drivers who value off-road capabilities, durability, and rugged aesthetics. However, Gladiator also makes tires for cars, ATV/UTVs, and high performance vehicles.

Their product line includes:

  • All-terrain (AT) tires: Designed for both on-road and off-road use, offering a balance of traction and comfort.
  • Mud-terrain (MT) tires: Provide superior grip and performance in challenging off-road environments.
  • Highway Terrain (HT) tires: Optimized for on-road driving, prioritizing comfort and fuel efficiency.
  • Truck/SUV tires: Cater to heavier vehicles, emphasizing load capacity and durability.

Gladiator tires are known for their:

  • Aggressive tread patterns: Offering traction and performance in off-road conditions.
  • Durability and puncture resistance: Built to withstand challenging terrains and potential hazards.
  • Affordability: Competitively priced compared to some premium off-road tire brands.
  • Variety of sizes and types: Catering to various truck and SUV models and driving needs.

Is Gladiator a Good Tire Brand?

Gladiator is a good tire brand that is known for handling a ton of abuse and still holding up well. Consumers report that Gladiator tires are also good-looking and have a much higher load rating and lower cost than its competitors.

Evaluating if Gladiator is a “good” brand for you depends on your individual priorities and driving habits.

Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of the Gladiator tire brand:


  • Off-road performance: Designed with aggressive tread patterns for superior traction and grip in dirt, mud, and gravel.
  • Durability: Built to withstand tough conditions, offering peace of mind for adventurous drivers.
  • Affordability: Offer value for money compared to some premium off-road tire brands.
  • Excellent warranty: 100% free placement for workmanship and material related conditions for the life of the original tread of a new tire less 2/32″.
  • Readily available: Typically accessible through various tire retailers and online platforms.


  • On-road performance: Might not offer the same level of comfort and noise reduction as dedicated highway tires compared to other brands.
  • Fuel efficiency: Aggressive tread patterns can impact fuel economy compared to smoother tires.
  • Brand perception: May not have the same established reputation as some major tire manufacturers.

Gladiator tires are a strong choice for truck and SUV owners who prioritize off-road performance, durability, and affordability. They offer good value for money and provide exceptional traction in challenging environments. However, if on-road comfort, or fuel efficiency, are top priorities, other established brands might be a better fit.

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Now that you know more about who makes Gladiator tires, where they are manufactured, the kind of tires Gladiator makes, and their quality, you may want to compare Gladiator to other tire manufacturers.

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Browse the tire maker guides to research popular brands and find information on a specific company.

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