Mickey Thompson tires

Who Makes Mickey Thompson Tires?

Mickey Thompson tires are made by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and remains independently operated since its founding in 1963 by legendary drag racer Mickey Thompson. Mickey Thompson tires is headquartered in Stow, Ohio, USA.

Where Are Mickey Thompson Tires Made?

Mickey Thompson tires are manufactured in the United States. As a subsidiary of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Mickey Thompson tires are made by Goodyear in different plants across the country; however, the main factory for production is in Akron, Ohio.

Mickey Thompson Brand Overview

OwnerGoodyear Tire & Rubber Company
RetailerDiscount Tire Co.
HeadquartersStow, Ohio, USA
Parent CompanyCooper Tire & Rubber Company

Mickey Thompson Tires Owner History

The history of Mickey Thompson tires is intertwined with the life of its founder, Mickey Thompson, a pioneer in drag racing and motorsports. Frustrated by the limitations of existing tires, he took matters into his own hands, establishing Mickey Thompson Enterprises in 1963.

Thompson’s dedication to pushing boundaries led to numerous innovations in racing tires, including the first commercially available slick tire and the iconic Baja Claw off-road tire. He established Max-Trac Tire Co., Inc. to manufacture tires under the Mickey Thompson name.

In 2003, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company purchased Max-Trac Tire Co., Inc. and became the sole manufacturer of the popular Mickey Thompson tire brand. But then the brand exchanged hands again in 2021 when Goodyear acquired Cooper for $2.8 billion in cash and shares to strengthen its presence in North America and China. The merger created Cooper as a subsidiary of Goodyear which also made Mickey Thompson tires a subsidiary of Goodyear.

What Kind of Tires Does Mickey Thompson Make?

Mickey Thompson caters to a diverse range of drivers and terrains, offering tires for:

  • Performance vehicles: Drag radials, street performance tires, and track tires designed for speed and handling.
  • Off-road vehicles: Mud-terrain, all-terrain, and Baja Boss tires built for tackling challenging terrain.
  • Light trucks and SUVs: Truck tires offering a balance of on-road comfort and off-road capability.
  • Racing: Competition-specific tires for various motorsport disciplines, including drag racing, desert racing, and short course racing.

Furthermore, Mickey Thompson categorizes their tires into distinct lines:

  • Baja Boss: Premium off-road tires for extreme adventures.
  • Baja Legend: Rugged all-terrain tires for diverse off-road conditions.
  • ET Street: High-performance drag radials for both street and track use.
  • Sportsman’s: Value-oriented tires offering good performance at an affordable price.

This approach to tire manufacturing enables you to choose the perfect tire for your specific needs and driving style.

Is Mickey Thompson a Good Tire Brand?

Mickey Thompson is a good tire brand for enthusiasts who seek high performance and durability on various terrains. The brand was founded by a legendary race driver and has a history of innovation and excellence in the tire industry with features such as directional SideBiters, PowerPly technology, and silica-reinforced compounds.

Mickey Thompson tires have received positive feedback from customers and experts for their traction, handling, and reliability. These tires have also showcased their excellence in various motorsports like NHRA and NMCA Muscle Car Nationals.

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