Who Makes Amana Appliances? History and FAQs you didn’t know

Amana is a brand of appliances that are known for their quality and durability. The company has been making appliances since 1934, and it continues to produce some of the best products on the market.

In history, Amana Appliances’ owner changed a number of times. Now the owner is the most popular Home Appliances brand. Do you want to know who makes Amana Appliances?

Knowing the manufacturer and owner is very important because the quality depends on the manufacturing company a lot. Because the products are made by the technology of the company. So, let’s know about the maker of Amana Appliances.

Who Makes Amana Appliances?

The home appliances manufacturing brand Whirlpool Corporation makes Amana Appliances now. They own this home appliances brand in 2006. Now Amana Appliances are being manufactured by Whirlpool Corporation using its own technology.

Whirlpool Corporation is one of the most popular home appliances brands in the USA and other countries of Europe. This is a multinational brand. The customer base and product quality of this brand is out of any doubt. Whirlpool Corporation took ownership of Amana Appliances in 2006. Before that, Maytag Corporation, Amana Refrigeration, Inc., Raytheon owned this brand.

If I go back more in the history of Amana Appliances’ ownership then we will find the name of a person who manufactured all the products of this brand. His name is George Foerstner. At that time, Amana Appliances was known as The Electrical Equipment Co. But Amana Appliances gets the most success under the ownership of Whirlpool Corporation.

Where are Amana Appliances Made?

Amana Appliances is an American brand of home appliances. The headquarter of this brand is in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Like its headquarters, all the manufacturing hubs and plants are located in different parts of the USA. The products of Amana Appliances are a lot. With that, the manufacturing plants are also different for all their products.

Amana washers are made in Clyde, Ohio. Amana dryers are made in Marion, Ohio. Amana refrigerators are made in the birth city of this brand, which is  Amana, Iowa. The Amana air conditioners are made in Houston, Texas. In the same way, all the products of Amana Appliances are made in different cities of this country.

So, finally, we can say that Amana Appliances are made in the USA. Those who are concerned about the product quality of Amana Appliances thinking about the manufacturing places of this brand will be satisfied after knowing these names of manufacturing plants of Amana Appliances.


Company name- Amana Corporation

Owner- Whirlpool

Established- 1934

Headquarter- Houston, Texas

Who Owns Amana Appliances?

As the list of manufacturers and manufacturing places of Amana Appliances, there are a lot of owners of this brand. The present owner of his brand is Whirlpool Corporation. But let’s look at the founding owner and later owners of this brand. The founding owner of Amana Appliances was Mr. George Foerstner. He founded this brand in 1934.

After that, in 1950, many people bought this brand in share. Then the name of this brand was Amana Refrigeration, Inc. Then comes name names as the owner of this home appliances brand. Before Whirlpool Corporation, Maytag Corporation held the ownership. So, these are the owners of Amana Appliances.

But the most successful owner of this brand is Whirlpool Corporation. They are leading this brand towards the best position. The competitors of Amana Appliances are now respecting this brand and they are praising its qualities.

Are Amana Appliances Good Quality?

After researching so many products of Amana Appliances from the different online sellers, I found a clear idea about the customers’ opinion on their products and also about the quality of their home appliances. The customers’ opinion about the products of Amana Appliances is very much positive.

They are satisfied with product quality, product price, lifetime, and everything. They are giving positive reviews and good ratings. My personal opinion is also very good. The price of Amana Appliances is low enough. They are making appliances for all classes of people. The customer service of Amana is also satisfying.

All the sides of Amana Appliances are good. If you are searching for a brand that is good both in quality and service then you should go for Amana Appliances. Some of their popular products are given below. You may buy or know about them by opening the link.

Where to Buy Amana Appliances?

After reading the above parts of this discussion, if you are planning to buy a product from Amana Appliances then you might be thinking about where to buy their products. The solution to this question is very simple.

You will be able to buy Amana Appliances if you go to their retailers. There are so many retailers of Amana Appliances in most of the cities of the USA and other countries of North America and Europe. You will find the retailer of your location if you go to the link.

Besides the brand retailer, you will be able to buy Amana Appliances from appliances sellers in your city. If you find difficulty finding these sellers and retailers then the online sellers are best for you. They will deliver Amana products in most parts of the world. The product links given in the upper sessions will help you in that case.

Alternatives of Amana Appliances

There are so many brands that make home appliances. Among them, some are very popular. Compared to Amana Appliances, some brands are even bigger. If you think this brand is not best for you and fails to meet your requirements then you may go for alternatives. Here are some of the alternative brands of Amana Appliances.

By clicking on the names of these brands, you will be able to know about these brands. I also discussed these brands with the best-detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Amana Made by Whirlpool?

Yes, Amana Appliances are made by Whirlpool Corporation. Whirlpool started making Amana after 2006.

Are Amana Appliances Made in the USA?

Yes, all the appliances of Amana are made in different cities of the USA. So, we can say that Amana Appliances are made in the USA.

Who Makes Amana Dryers?

Like all other appliances of Amana, its dryers are also made by Whirlpool. Because they are the manufacturer of Amana Appliances.

What country makes Amana appliances?

Those are made in USA.


All the questions about Amana Appliances are answered including who makes Amana Appliances. Besides giving answers to these popular questions, I tried to give you some reasons to buy these appliances. With that, I tried to present the product qualities of this brand. If you are planning to buy appliances from the Amana brand then don’t waste the time. Thanks for reading from my site.

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