Who Makes Frigidaire Appliances now? Don’t Buy any Before Reading This

We always want an experienced person for any job, in the same way, search for brands that are most experienced in that field. Can you tell me the name of a home appliances brand that has more than 100 years of experience in this field? I can say that it is Frigidaire Appliances.

People want to know about Frigidaire Appliances. There are so many questions that come from the customer’s end. One of them is who makes Frigidaire Appliances?

This discussion is dedicated to Frigidaire Appliances wholly. I will try to answer all the questions about this brand and with that, I will try to give a buying guide. If you want to know about this brand and want to clear your doubts then stick with me till the end.

Who Makes Frigidaire Brand Appliances?

The popular and experienced home appliances manufacturer Electrolux makes all the products of Frigidaire Appliances. This is the present owner of Frigidaire Appliances. Before Electrolux, there were two owners who controlled all processes of manufacturing appliances of Frigidaire Appliances.

Electrolux is a Swedish multinational. This has also been making home appliances since 1919. This is also vastly experienced. Their reputation as a manufacturer is on the top. Besides that, Electrolux is the second biggest home appliances manufacturer in the world. But very few people know about them. Because Electrolux sells their appliances under their brands’ name.

If you are someone who loves appliances of reputed brands and experienced manufacturers then I think Electrolux and Frigidaire Appliances are ready to satisfy you. Now you know who makes Frigidaire Appliances. Let’s see where their products are made.

Where Are Frigidaire Refrigerators Made?

Frigidaire is a big brand and its parent organization is also very big and both have lots of products. For all these products there is a different factory. For example, Frigidaire dehumidifiers are made in Cedarburg. This is a city in Wisconsin, USA. In the same way, Frigidaire air conditioners are made in Springfield, Tennessee. In this way, Electrolux makes all the products of Frigidaire Appliances at different places.

But one common thing about all these factories is common. That is all of them are located in the USA. So, we can say that Frigidaire Appliances are made in the USA. If you are someone who loves American manufactured appliances then Frigidaire Appliances should be the best brand for you. I think you will enjoy this brand.

Who Owns Frigidaire Appliances?

It has already been discussed that the Swedish multinational home appliances manufacturer Electrolux is the present owner of Frigidaire Appliances. But before them, there were two more owners of this home appliances brand. One of them was General Motors. It can be said to be the founding owner of this brand. Under their ownership, the name of Frigidaire Appliances was Guardian Frigerator Company.

After that, White Sewing Machine Company became the owner. But that company was also sold to the present owner Electrolux. Since then, Electrolux is the owner of Frigidaire Appliances.


Company name- Frigidaire Appliances

Established- 1919

Manufacturer- Electrolux

Headquarter- Wisconsin, USA.

Are Frigidaire Appliances Good?

I think this is the hardest question to answer for me because I haven’t used all their products. That’s why I have to depend on public opinion, customers’ reviews, and surveys. To gather information on these, I researched the products of Frigidaire Appliances. The result is very positive. The appliances of Frigidaire are one of the few best appliance manufacturers in the world.

A survey done by Ranker says that people who participated in that survey gave Frigidaire 2nd position in the list of best appliances manufacturers of the world. The customers’ reviews of their products on different digital selling platforms are very good. So, we can say that Frigidaire Appliances are good in quality and also customer support.

I want to suggest some of the best selling products of Frigidaire here to give you an idea of the quality of their products. If you want then you may buy from there or you may know about them.

Who Sells Frigidaire Appliances?

The main seller of any appliances is the appliance showrooms. They are just the shop owners of the selling organization. Because these non-branded and branded shops sell most appliances every year across the world. In the case of Frigidaire Appliances, this is true.

But, besides these appliances sellers, the company dealers are also active in selling Frigidaire Appliances. Frigidaire has its own dealers in most of the big cities. If your city does not have any dealer of Frigidaire then you may search for an Electrolux dealer. They also sell Frigidaire Appliances.

Besides these sellers, the online sellers are also selling a big amount of units of appliances. There are so many sellers of Frigidaire Appliances online. Among them, Frigidaire has its own online store. You may go for Amazon also. The above links are given for your help. They sell Frigidaire Appliances.

Who Repairs Frigidaire Appliances?

Frigidaire Appliances has a very good reputation for their customer services. So, if you are facing any problem with your appliances then you may get online service from the authority. To reach them, you may visit the official website of Frigidaire. Here is the servicing page of Frigidaire Appliances for customers. https://www.frigidaire.com/Owner-Center/Service–Repair/. You may call them too. Their customer service number is 1-800-374-4432.

After the online service, if your products require a physical visit of experts then they will provide that service too. That is the repair service of Frigidaire Appliances. You will get this type of service when your product has a warranty. After the warranty, you may take their paid service.

How Are Frigidaire Appliances Rated?

As I said, Frigidaire Appliances is the top two home appliances brand in the world. So, I think you get an idea who Frigidaire Appliances are rated. This is a highly rated home appliances brand in the present world. The average ratings of their products are around 3.9/5 or 4/5. This is very good from a brand that has so many products and a huge customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Is Frigidaire a good brand?

One of the most sold product categories of Frigidaire Appliances is their refrigerator. Moreover, Frigidaire is the inventor of a kind of refrigerator. So, undoubtedly Frigidaire refrigerators are good.

How long does a Frigidaire fridge last?

The lifetime of a Frigidaire fridge depends on its model and size. But whatever that may be, a well-maintained Frigidaire fridge will serve you for 15 to 17 years.

Does Sears sell Frigidaire appliances?

The easy answer to this question is No, Sears and Frigidaire are two different brands under the ownership of different parent organizations. So, there is no chance for Sears to sell Frigidaire appliances.

Is Frigidaire made by Whirlpool?

No, they are made by Electrolux.

Who makes Frigidaire Kitchen Appliances?

Electrolux, Whirlpool and General motors.


Dear readers, that was all for today. I hope the confusion you had is gone now. You can who makes Frigidaire Appliances. After reading the whole discussion, you should know why Frigidaire Appliances find the number 2 position in the world.

If you think this is a good brand that can meet your requirement then you may buy from them. I hope their products and support will give you a new experience. Thanks for reading from me.

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