Bobcat tractors

Who Makes Bobcat Tractors?

Bobcat tractors are made by Doosan Group, a global leader in construction, grounds maintenance, and material handling equipment. Doosan acquired Bobcat in 2007 and became the world’s seventh-largest supplier of construction machinery and tractors.

Where Are Bobcat Tractors Made?

Bobcat tractors are manufactured in South Korea and the United States. Bobcat contracts the production of its compact tractors to Daedong Industries, a South Korean company, and has its own manufacturing facilities in North Dakota, USA for other tractor types.

Bobcat Brand Overview

OwnerDoosan Group
FounderBrothers Cyril and Louis Keller
HeadquartersWest Fargo, North Dakota, US
IndustryConstruction equipment and tractors

Bobcat Tractors Owner History

The history of the Bobcat brand began in 1947 as the Melroe Manufacturing Company, founded by the Keller brothers, Cyril and Louis, in North Dakota. They initially focused on farm equipment, but in 1960, they introduced the world’s first skid-steer loader, revolutionizing the compact equipment industry. This iconic loader was named “Bobcat” due to its agility and toughness, resembling the namesake wildcat.

In 2007, the Doosan Group, a South Korean conglomerate, acquired the Melroe Bobcat Company, forming Doosan Bobcat. This acquisition allowed Doosan Bobcat to leverage their global reach and resources, further solidifying their position as a leading manufacturer of compact equipment.

Doosan partners with Daedong Corporation, a South Korean agricultural machinery manufacturer to produce Bobcat compact tractors. Daedong is known for its Kioti brand of agricultural equipment, and its expertise in this area translates well into the Bobcat compact tractor line. This arrangement allows Bobcat to leverage Daedong’s experience while maintaining their brand presence and quality control.

See who makes Kioti tractors for more details on that tractor brand.

What Kind of Tractors Does Bobcat Make?

Bobcat makes compact, sub-compact, and articulating tractors designed for various applications, primarily targeting landscaping, property maintenance, and small-scale farming.

Compact tractors have 25–58 horsepower, sub-compact tractors have 21–25 horsepower, and articulating tractors have a max horsepower of 32.5.

Bobcat tractors come equipped with features like hydrostatic transmissions for smooth operation, open-station or enclosed cabs for operator comfort, and various attachment options for versatility.

Is Bobcat a Good Tractor Brand?

Bobcat is considered a good brand for sturdy tractors with high build quality and are easy to use. Consumers report that Bobcat tractors are durable, versatile, and fuel-efficient.

Here are some key points to consider about Bobcat tractors:

  • Quality: Daedong Corporation has a strong reputation for building reliable and well-engineered equipment, which translates to the Bobcat compact tractors. The USA facilities also are known for having high-quality standards.
  • Performance: Bobcat tractors are known for their power, maneuverability, and ease of operation, making them suitable for various farming and agricultural tasks.
  • Dealer Network: Doosan Bobcat has a well-established dealer network across the globe, providing access to sales, service, and parts support for Bobcat equipment owners.
  • Brand Recognition: The Bobcat brand is recognized for its quality and innovation, which can offer peace of mind to potential buyers.

However, it’s important to remember that no single brand is perfect, and choosing the right tractor depends on your specific needs and budget. It’s advisable to compare different brands and models, considering factors like horsepower, features, attachment compatibility, and dealer support, before making a final decision.

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