Who Makes Bryant Air Conditioners – Are they Any Good?

Nowadays, buying an air conditioner is easy with so many options ahead. But to cope up with climate change and claiming energy efficiency, what’s better than a Bryant air conditioner?

Now the question comes, who makes Bryant air conditioners? Bryant ac’s are made by Carrier, the giant hvac name that comes with 100 years of experience. The owner, Willis was the first inventor of dehumidifying technology and automated engine respectively.

In this article, I will walk you through all the aspects of Bryant air conditioners and the common confusions that arise with this. STay with me to know the details of every kind!

Who Makes Bryant Air Conditioners?

Carrier Global Corporation is the main producer and manufacturer of Bryant air conditioners. As of now, Carrier makes 17 models of AC’s having different specifications for each type. It is one of the most structured and thoughtful lineups that ranges between 13 SEER to 20.5 SEER.

If any of you haven’t heard of the Carrier corp., I’m sure you know about United Technologies, right?Ok, let me clarify this to you. Carrier Global has been under the territory of United Technologies since 1979. Going on with this specific speed- rushing brand, Carrier almost got the double of their earlier years’ revenue.

Both Bryant and Carrier Global have the same manufacturing plant, employees and products in the market. But if you put a comparison, their pricing varies from 5% to 10%. On a quicker note, Bryant is a much simpler yet affordable ac brand, whereas Carrier would cost you a bit more!

About the Manufacturer

Carrier Global Corporation was founded in 1915 through the hands of the American engineer Willis Carrier. But the implementation of Willis’s idea was put through long ago- in 1881. His manufacturing rules were patented by Keuffel & Esser after the innovation of calculators.

Then in 1902, Willis officially launched his first automated engine to circulate the air conditioning systems. Different newspapers made a headline out of this invention and thanked him. Not to mention, they were also the first to introduce the first “central station of humidifying”.

Finally in 1915, Carrier, Lyle and their five fellow colleagues cum engineers launched the Carrier Engineering Corporation. After the establishment, Willis spread out his branches from Asia,  North America , to Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America and called it a global sensation.

Where are Bryant Air Conditioners Manufactured?

Bryant air conditioners are now solely manufactured in Mexico. Earlier, the company had all their plants and employment in the Indiana county of the US. But after 2016, they moved those to Mexico due to the excessiveness of political pressure and capitalism issues.

Though the CEO of Bryant doesn’t reveal the inner cause of leaving the United States, he does show a great commitment to get back once he’s done with his plannings. At the beginning, mostly in 1902 when Willis invented the engine, their main plant was in Brooklyn, NY.

But as the situations changed, they preferred Indiana, and now all those ties are just over. Not to forget, in 2011 when Carrier’s Monterrey Commercial plant was established, it was known to be the first ever structural plant for any hvac company.

Are Bryant and Carrier Air Conditioners the Same?

No, they are different companies but have a common plant and employees to share.

To make it precise, Carrier the the owner and producer of Bryant hvac company. They bought the brand in nearly 1979. Also, Carrier is the working brand under UTC or United Technologies Corporation.

Currently, UTC manufactures all the hvac products for  Heil, Day & Night, Payne and so on. However, Bryant still needs to get recommendations from Carrier to market their goods and Carrier. On the other hand, Carrier has a particular range of pricing which is almost 10% higher than Bryant.

Is Bryant a Good Brand of Air Conditioner?

No matter if you are new as a buyer or just want to replace your old model of ac with the best performer in the market now, Bryant is your ultimate goal. Apart from the competitive point, there are some other reasons to love their ac’s. Here’s why-

Super- Saving Heat Pumps

With DuraGuard plus protection system, you can never expect better in this price range. These pumps have nearly 70dB sound output with 9 HSPF to ensure a calm environment.

Another good thing is, most of their heat pumps are star energy rated which means you’ll get a higher SEER.

Variable Capacity of Speed

While buying an ac, you must check out the energy efficiency and speed capacity both to ensure its durability. On that note, Bryant offers all the 3 types- single- stage, two- stage and variable ones.

Single stage motors, compressors or pressure switches are not that rare, and they fluctuate mostly. But the two stage system works more efficiently without fluctuating. They run at nearly 70% in the first stage, and 100% on the second stage.

Now for the best part, variable speed systems can adjust their capacity levels from about 25% to 100% in 1% intervals at a time. So, they create less energy and less noise.

Communicative Technology

Bryant offers you quite a handful of modern features like- remote control, wifi system, etc. You can also claim the automated ventilation system as well as moisture control immediately. So, with all the controlling power in hand, what’s more to get?

How Long Will a Bryant Air Conditioner Last?

Any air conditioner, if taken care of regularly, lasts at least up to 10 year. But Bryant has a long history of having durability up to 15 years or even more. That is because of its energy efficiency, high SEER rate and better condenser quality.

If you check for the warranty clauses, the company offers you a 10 years of warranty on limited parts. If you register the product you are buying within 90 days of installation, you can claim this offer. If you don’t, then you will get 5 years of limited warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who owns Bryant air conditioners?

Carrier Global corporation is their owner.

What is the warranty period of Bryant ac’s?

Up to 10 years on limited faculties.

When was Bryant founded?

In 1915.


Bryant does not compromise on anything when it comes to quality. So, if you are still in confusion whether or not to buy one, just go through this “Who makes Bryant air conditioner” article again.

Don’t hesitate to ask anything you want to know!


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