Who Makes GT Radial Tires? A Detailed Brand Information

GT Radial is one of the most popular auto tire and parts manufacturing companies. This brand earns name and fame from every part of the world. People who have experience with tires know GT Radial Tire. But very few know who makes GT Radial Tires.

As GT Radial Tires is a famous brand, we all should know who makes them, quality, manufacturing sites, and many more about GT Radial Tires. That’s why I am going to discuss everything in this article. So, let’s know who makes GT Radial Tires.

Who Makes GT Radial Tires?

Giti Tire makes GT Radial Tires but the parent organization of this brand is GT Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd. At present Enki Tan and Lei Huaichin represent this brand as a person.

That was the brief of the manufacturer of GT Radial Tires. But as this is a huge brand, we can not say about any specific person who makes this. There is a group of people who make these tires. Mainly the brand Giti is the manufacturer of these tires. They first started their production in 1951.

If you want to know about the responsible persons behind the GT Radial Tires then we have to talk about the Executive Chairman and Managing Director of this brand. Now Enki Tan performs as the Executive Chairman of Giti Tires and Lei Huaichin as the Managing Director. In that sense, we can say them as the maker of GT Radial Tires.

Who Owns GT Radial Tires?

The owner of the GT Radial Tires is very clear in one sense and very vague. If you search for the owner organization of GT Radial Tires then you will find some big names. That is the GT Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd. This is the parent organization of this brand.

Nuri Holdings (S) Pte. Ltd is the owner organization of GT Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd. So, there is no name of any person. May these companies have no single owner.

But if you search for the personal ownership of Nuri Holdings (S) Pte. Ltd then the name of the Liem family comes. So, in that sense, they are the owner of GT Radial Tires. They have a 53% share in Nuri Holdings (S) Pte. Ltd.

So, we can say that there is no single owner of GT Radial Tires. The ownership is distributed to several parent organizations. And these organizations are controlled by different families of people.

Where are GT Radial Tyres Made?

At the beginning of GT Radial Tire, Indonesia was the hub of them. That was the manufacturing center and Singapore was the headcounter. But by the passage of time, this brand gained popularity and spread its business.

Now they have regional offices in different countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, China and many more. They have research and development centers in different parts of the world. But the factories they have are the main point of Tire production.

Now GT Radial has a total of 8 factories in 3 different countries. Most of them are located in China. Then they have factories in Indonesia and the USA. South Carolina is the last factory of GT Radial that they made outside of Asia. So, the GT Radial Tires are made in China, Indonesia, and the USA.

Are GT Radial Tires Good?

The people who are going to use GT Radial tires for the first time, have a common question in their mind. that is “Are GT Radial a good tire brand?”. This is one of the toughest questions for me to answer as a whole. But I can answer this question from my personal opinion and from my research of GT radial tire’s customer reviews.

In my opinion, GT Radial is a very good brand. If you want to buy this brand tire for your vehicle then this is a very good pick. I have very good experience with this tire brand. I have been using them for a long time.

If you look at the customer’s review then the answer will be positive again. I have seen that the customers are very satisfied with the service GT radial tire provides to them. Most of the people talking about the price and the service. Compared to other brands, GT Radial takes less price but their service and quality are very good. So we can say that this is a very good brand.

Where to Buy GT Radial Tires?

If you want to buy any quality product, you have a number of options. And if the product is a GT radial tire then you have some extra options to buy them easily. There are two main ways to buy GT radial tires. One is offline and another is online.

Offline Sellers

There are a number of tire shops and auto mechanics in every part of the world. If you want to buy GT Radial Tires then you may select them. Some vehicle servicing centers also sell tires. These are the options to buy GT Radial offline.

Online Sellers

Now people are comfortable to buy products online. If you want to buy GT Radial Tire online then you may take Amazon, Walmart, and other local e-commerce as the best option. This brand has no own online selling platform. So, you may buy GT Radial Tires in these ways.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Who Makes GT Radial Maxtor Tires?

Giti brand makes GT Radial Maxtor Tires. All the sub-brands of GT Radial Tires are produced in the same factory.

Who Makes GT Radial Champiro Tires?

Giti makes GT Radial Champiro Tires with all their other sub-brands in the same factory.

Are Champiro Radial GT Tires Directional?

Champiro Radial GT has both types of tires. Some are directional and some are non-directional. It depends on the models.


That was all about the maker and the GT Radial Tire brand itself. I hope now you know who makes GT Radial Tires. With that, I also tried to give you some more information on this tire brand. That was all from this article. There are some more articles on more tire brands. You may read them.

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