Who Makes Ducane Air Conditioners?

Most of the time, we don’t get to have an Air Conditioner that suits our requirements and remains quiet. Here is where Ducane AC comes with its premium cooling method and sound system. But till now, people are confused about the origin that Ducane has.

So, who makes Ducane Air Conditioners? Lennox is the sole manufacturer of Ducane HVAC products. Though they both have a specific process in terms of installation, it still falls under Lennox or the Allied Air Division of Lennox.

In this article, I will walk you through the most confusing and unanswered queries about Ducane AC’s that you had these days. WIthout any further ado, let’s get started!

Who Makes Ducane Air Conditioners?

Lennox acquired the Ducane HVAC authority more than 5 years ago. Since then, Lennox’s Allied air division has been making all their air conditioners as well as related electronic gadgets.

Apart from AC’s, Ducane offers oil furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers, traditional coils and ductless systems. But if I suggest you, then their AC’s are comparable to none.

The company is way more reliable than any of the ordinary hvac units as you’ll enjoy dependability, efficiency and quality -all in a single product.

About the Manufacturer

Lennox International was founded in 1895 by its first CEO and owner Dave Lennox. He started as a climate controlling products provider.

Lennox usually produces ventilation, heating, pumping and refrigeration compressors. It is based at the core of Texas- Dallas.

Residential HVAC, Commercial HVAC and Commercial refrigeration are 3 of the divisions of their HVAC equipment. As for AC units, they provide- Elite, Ducane and Merit series.

Where are Ducane Air Conditioners Manufactured?

Ducane Air conditioner is one of the 6 brands that is owned by Lennox Allied air. So, like other hvac gadgets, AC’s are also made in South Carolina.

Earlier in the late 1900’s, Lennox used to produce all its subsidiary machinery products at their headquarter, Texas. But after 6 brands came under their authority, they shifted it to Carolina.

Now, they produce gas and oil furnaces, compressors, heating and cooling equipment- all in South Carolina.

Is Ducane Better than Goodman?

Though both of the brands offer the same kind of quality and efficiency, they’re not identical. In fact, in terms of pricing, warranty and infrastructure, there’s quite some differences.

Here’s how-

  • Ducane has a vast production of gas and oil furnaces whereas Goodman offers only gas equipment.
  • Nextly, both of the brands are equal in giving high efficiency of AFUE furnaces. But Goodman wins here with 98% efficiency where Ducane has 96% of that.
  • Then, the building materials are quite the same. Both use aluminized steel.
  • Finally, if you want a tech- based, qualitiful Ac unit, but on a budget, then it’s Ducane.

Are Ducane Air Conditioners Quiet?

Ducane Air conditioners have gained fame more or less for their unique additions in Compressor and structuralism. Following that, their soundless feature is one.

Ducane AC units have a sound limit as low as 66dBA. Normally, it ranges for about 80 dBA or even more.

As it pleases the whole residence area and ensures good health, people have given the highest reviews on this addition of Ducane.

Is Ducane a Good Brand for Air Conditioners?

Ducane was founded in 1947 and since then, it has never been outlisted from the first 10 favorites. Every product they make has its own design, verification and factory- test.

Following are some reasons why you need one-

High Efficiency (Up to 18 SEER)

SEER is known to be the scale of rating efficiency. So, the higher the SEER is, the better it is for the durability of your AC’s.

For example – 4AC16LT offers you 16 SEER that lasts at least up to 10 years. Some models have 18 SEER too that offer options for residential and commercial areas both.

Energy Star Rated

Energy star is a print of excellent efficiency. It is generally rated in between 50% to 75% or above.

If an ac is energy star rated, it means that it has crossed the excellence of 75%. And thus, Ducane stands ahead.

10 Years Warranty

When you buy an ac for fresh air but don’t get a good amount of warranty period, it’s just a waste of money. Remember, it’s easy to feel convincing, but durability is more important.

Ducane offers a variety of warranty conditions here. But they offer the limited parts (not installation) as they want to ensure a proper installation from your side.

For selected parts, the warranty is 10 years. But you have to be within your tentative time for that!

What is The Price Range of Ducane Air Conditioners?

Price actually varies depending on the size of your Air conditioner. Mostly, Ducane AC’s vary from 1.5ton to 3 tons, so pricing goes along like that.

For 1.5ton size ac, your cost would be between $1500 to $3800. Then if you go for a bit large, like- 2ton, it would cost you nearly $3900.

2.5ton AC, for 1600 sf house area will cost about $2000 to $4200 and the same with 3 tons would be like $4400.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long is the Ducane warranty?

10 years for limited parts.

Are Ducane Air conditioners quiet?

Yes, its sound is as low as 66dBA.

How long does the Ducane furnace last?

Nearly 30 years.

Is Ducane a good brand?

In terms of warranty, efficiency, and performance, it surely is a good brand.

Is Ducane as good as Lennox?

Ducane is now a brand of Lennox. So, it’s not a matter of comparison actually.


Concluding my own thoughts in these few words seems a bit tough. But as you need to know the review on who makes Ducane air conditioners, I guess I must share my opinion!

Well, if you are thinking on your budget, then Ducane is quite good. But if your expectation is for high-end AC’s, go through our other articles and then decide!

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